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Friday, January 31, 2014

Marsh And Shively Families From Henry County, Indiana

William T. Shively Home, Henry County, IN
This blog was created for the purpose of sharing Shively family information.  It is appreciated when other Shively researchers are interested in sharing their work. The subject of the 26-July-2013 Shively blog was William T. Shively and wives who lived in Henry County, IN. Richard D. Brainard,  of Portland, Oregon, has recently been corresponding and has the following article regarding William T. Shively and Shively Park to be shared: 


William Edward Marsh was b. 11 Nov. 1836, Cincinnati, OH. He attended Harvard University from 1858-60, and Harvard Law School from 1859-61. It is unknown if he graduated either program. He married while in college to Ellen _____. She was b. _ July 1839 in MA. He was associated with Galt House Hotel in Cincinnati, from where he retired in 1892. They lived for a time in Indianapolis, IN. She died ca. 1910-1911 at Newburyport, MA. He then lived with his son at Shively’s Park, Mt. Summit, IN until his death 1 Nov. 1922.
i. William E. H. Marsh; b. _ May 1860, _____, MA.

William E. H. Marsh supposedly attended Harvard University. However, no record of this has been found. He married in the early 1890’s in Indiana, to Margaret Shively. She was born _ May 1861, Prairie Twp., Henry Co., IN, dau. of William T. Shively and Mildred H. House. Mr. Marsh supposedly owned, or operated, hotels in Cincinnati, OH, Petoskey, MI, Muncie, IN, and Monticello, IN at different times.. They lived at Shively’s Park during much of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Margaret (Shively) Marsh, along with her sister Ella Shively, had inherited Shively’s Park upon the death of their father in 1917. When Margaret died, William E. H. Marsh inherited the property. He supposedly fell on hard times financially and gave financial control of the property, before his death, to a New Castle attorney named Yergin. He died after June 1937, probably at Shively’s Park.
i. William Shively Marsh: b. 8 Aug. 1896, Muncie, Delaware Co.

William Shively Marsh lived his early life with his parents. He served with the U.S. Army during WW I, from 2 Sep. 1918 to 9 Dec. 1918, as a private in the 2nd. Company, 2nd. Candidate Battalion, I.C.O.T.S. He married ___ 1930, Muncie, IN, to Bertha Golden (Priddy) Hayes. It was his only marriage. They lived at Shively’s Park, along with her daughter Kathryn Trevelle (Stierheim) Hayes by a previous marriage, until the property was taken from them between 1938 and 1943, sometime after his father’s death. They relocated to a home two miles north of New Castle on State Highway 3, across from a portion of the American Legion Golf Course. Their property backed up to the abandoned New Castle-Muncie Interurban right-of-way. He worked at the Chrysler factory in New Castle. He was handy at woodworking and machine repairing, and had a long work bench in the garage. They both loved gardening, sold flowers, plants and strawberries, and raised chickens on a portion of their three-acre property. He had a motor scooter with a sidecar which he made. He died 5 Feb. 1947, at home, of lung cancer. He is buried in the Shively Family Plot at Mt. Summit Cemetery east of Mt. Summit.. She died 9 Aug. 1973, Henry Co. Hospital, New Castle, IN, and is buried in the Priddy Family Plot at Memorial Park Cemetery north of Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. They were both long time smokers.
Kathryn T. (Stierheim) Hayes used the Hayes name of a former step-father. She was not adopted by him. She graduated from Mt. Summit  High School about 1932. She married 20 June 1937, at Shively’s Park to Paul Richard Brainard.
Shively’s Park was available to private occasions as early as 1902 when the Bouslog Family Reunion was held there. It was a well-know resort facility during the 1920’s and 1930’s. It was originally developed by a Shively ancestor as a place to fish. It had one (or two) ponds in front of a woods. The pond was used for swimming and boating. It had a pavilion extending into the water which was used for dancing. East of the pond was the two-story family home. In the 1950’s, Kathryn’s son’s Dick and Jack Brainard received permission from the then owner to camp overnight in the woods behind the ponds. By this time, the pond was overgrown and had been unused for many years.

      In response to the request in Vol.34, Number 1, Spring 2007 issue of The Henry County Historicalog  (Henry County Historical Society) for more detailed information concerning Shively’s Park & the Shively home, I am submitting the following data.
      My mother Kathryn Trevelle Stierheim/Hayes (Stierheim-birth name; Hayes-unofficial adopted name from her mother‘s fourth husband), lived in the Shively’s Park  home as a teenager while attending Mt. Summit High School during her junior and senior years. Photos of her (using the Hayes surname) can be found in Mt. Summit High School yearbooks for the years 1930-1932. At age seventeen, she states she was rescued while swimming in the lake by Ralph “Red” Renegar, who during college summer break, was serving as lifeguard at Shively’s Park. Many years later, in 1946, he became her second husband.
        Kathryn was married first in the Shively’s Park family home to Paul Richard Brainard on 30 June 1937. She came down the staircase in her wedding dress for the ceremony. My parents met in Dayton, OH where they both lived in the mid-late 1930‘s. At the time my mother was a model for  Elder’s Department Store in Dayton, and her photograph regularly appeared in the Dayton newspapers. She received numerous invitations to dances and parties at the major hotels in downtown Dayton. That is how my parents met.
      Kathryn’s mother, Bertha Golden (Priddy) Marsh, also lived in the Shively’s Park  home with her fifth husband William Shively Marsh. However, she was often gone for extended periods due to her beauty shop business in Dayton, OH. Times were economically difficult, and her husband had been laid off from the Chrysler factory in New Castle. My mother spoke of being very lonely in the big house out in the country. She would sit at her window and watch for cars to pass along the gravel road, hoping one might stop and take her away. Also living in the home was William E. H. Marsh, the father of William Shively Marsh, who was referred to as “old man Marsh.” He inherited the home and property after the death of his wife Margaret (Shively) Marsh. He is listed in the 1930 Census as park manager (of Shively’s Park).
      William E. H. Marsh was born in May 1860 in Massachusetts. He supposedly went to Harvard, but no record has yet been found to support this. According to my mother, at one time he owned a hotel in Cincinnati. According to various census records, he also owned hotels in Muncie, IN, Monticello, IN, and Petoskey, MI at different times. He went bankrupt in the stock market crash of 1929, or during the following depression in the 1930’s.
      After William E. H. Marsh died, sometime after June 1937 ( he was present at my mother‘s wedding), a New Castle  attorney by the name of Yergin took possession of the home and property. In April 1993, I spoke with a Mrs. Eakins (sp?) who once worked for the attorney Yergin. She acknowledged she knew the story that Mr. Yergin had taken the property from the estate of William E. H. Marsh. Attorney Yergin evicted William Shively Marsh and Bertha Golden (Priddy) Marsh. They found a home on Mt. Summit Road, which later became State Road 3, and later yet North Memorial Drive. The home is located directly across from a portion of the American Legion Golf Course just north of Memorial Park, and is now (2007) part of a religious complex.
      As a very young child in the early 1940‘s, I seem to recall seeing a rail car on the Muncie-New Castle Interurban Line which ran directly behind the property on Mt. Summit Road. In 1945, I moved from Dayton at age 7 to live in the home with my divorced mother, younger brother, and William S. and Bertha (Priddy) Marsh. I regularly explored along the old interurban right-of-way (which by then had it’s tracks removed) from New Castle north to the Indiana State Epileptic Village.
      I attended Sugar Grove Elementary School, located on State Highway 38 west of New Castle, from the first through fifth grades. It was a two room brick schoolhouse built in 1850, with a big coal-fired boiler in the back of each room for heat during the winter. Water was hand-pumped from a well in the front of the building. Outhouses served toilet needs. First, second and third grades were in one room, and fourth and fifth grades were in the other room. My first grade teacher was Mrs. Cassidy. Mrs. Polk taught fourth and fifth grades, and was the school principal. The next year Mrs. Polk transferred to the first three grades, and Mr. Hornback became principal and taught fourth and fifth grades. He was a stern teacher, and was not well-liked by students, or parents. The school closed after the 1949-50 school year, and Sugar Grove students were transferred to Westwood Elementary School. The Sugar Grove building is still standing at the corner of State Highway 38 and Westwood Road. It is currently used as a residence.
      Back to Shively’s Park. According to the article in the Spring 2007 issue of The Henry County Historicalog the park was created by William T. Shively and several friends as a local fishing lake for when they were “too old to go north and fish.”
      William T. Shively was born 5 Nov. 1833 in Indiana, and died 7 April 1917 in Henry County. His parents were Philip Shively and Margaret Tibbett, both born in West Virginia according to census records (I recall  “Grandpa & Grandma Marsh” taking a driving trip to West Virginia in the mid-1940’s to visit some of his distant relatives). William T. Shively had an older brother, John Shively, who married, had children, and lived in Prairie Township.
      William’s first wife, Rebecca (_____) died in 1855 after only one year of marriage. His second wife, Mildred “Millie” H. House was born 30 Nov. 1834 and died 23 February 1898. They are buried in the Shively Plot at Mt. Summit Cemetery, along with grandson William Shively Marsh (d. 5 Feb. 1947 at home on Mt. Summit Road), and Sarah R. Shively (unknown relative b. 1 July 1842 and d. 19 December 1909).  William and Mildred had at least two children, Margaret “Maggie,” born in 1861, and Ella “Dutch“, born 22 Oct. 1864 and died in the 1930’s, unmarried.
      Margaret and Ella inherited the Shively’s Park property from their father. Margaret married William E. H. Marsh.  Upon the death of Margaret, the property was inherited by her husband. Their one child, William Shively Marsh, was born 8 Aug. 1896, Muncie, IN.
      I have in my possession two silver flasks from Tiffany & Co., engraved as follows; “Mrs. Mildred Shively,” and “Miss Margaret Shively.” I also have two Tiffany & Co. silver napkin rings engraved as follows; “WSM May 20, 1914” (William Shively Marsh), and “MSM May 21, 1914” (Margaret Shively Marsh). My brother John E. Brainard, has a number of other small items from the Shively family home.
      Article researched and written by Richard D. Brainard, Portland, OR.
      November  2007.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Samuel S. Shively And Wife Lydia Ullery Who Lived In Miami County, Indiana

Samuel S. Shively/Lydia Ullery Marriage
Samuel S. Shively was born 31-Mar-1818 and died 12-Jan-1881 and buried in Sharpee Cemetery in Miami County, IN.  Samuel was married on 30-Apr-1840 in Montgomery County, OH to Lydia Ullery.  Lydia was born 14-Jan-1824 and died 1-Jan-1873.   Samuel S. Shively was the son of Christian Shively (1770-1836) and Susannah Gripe (1776-1859).

Samuel S. Shively is listed on the 1860 Miami County, IN, Pipe Creek Township census:  Samuel S. Shively age 42 farmer, wife Lydia age 36, son Samuel age 18, son Solomon age 14, son Christian age 6, and daughter Mary E age 2.  On the 1870 Miami County, IN, Pipe Creek Township census is listed Samuel Shively age 52, wife Lydia age 46, son Christopher age 14, daughter Mary age 13 and daughter Anna.  On the 1880 Miami County, IN, Pipe Creek Township census in the household of George Bowman age 30 is the boarder Samuel Shively age 62 and his son Christopher Shively age 23.

The tragic death of Samuel S. Shively was recorded in at least three different newspapers. The tragedy of Samuel’s death is not the reason for this article rather the different telling of the tragedy in each newspaper. 

Extracted from the Logansport Weekly Journal, Logansport, IN, Saturday, January 22, 1881, Page 8, Column 3:
Wednesday evening Samuel Shively and another man, both farmers, started home in a wood wagon, after first absorbing a good supply of whisky.  They had only driven about one mile and a half from Peru when Shively fell out of the wagon; his head was caught behind the spokes of the hind wheel, breaking his neck instantly.

Recorded in the Rochester Republican, Rochester, IN, Thursday, January 20, 1881, Page 2, Column 2:
Samuel Shively, a farmer living near Peru, fell of his wagon while drunk, and met his death.  His head caught between the spokes of one of the wheels, breaking his neck instantly.

Located in the Peru Miami County Sentinel, Peru, IN, Thursday, January 13, 1881, Page 3, Column 4:
Shocking Accident
Yesterday evening about 6 o’clock, Samuel S. Shively, an old and well known resident of Pipe Creek township, was going home with William Bowman, and when they were near the railroad bridge one wheel of the wagon dropped into a deep rut and Mr. Shively, who was sitting on the seat directly above the wheel, was pitched out, his head catching in the spokes and breaking his neck, causing instantaneous death.  Help was procured at Wallick’s mill and the body brought to Peru and taken to the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. Jackson, to be prepared for the rites of interment.  Immediately after the accident deputy coroner Scott was notified, who decided it would only be a useless expense to the county to hold an inquest.  Mr. Shively was near seventy years of age, was the owner of considerable property, and was respected by all who knew him.  He leaves quite a large family, all of whom are grown and in comfortable circumstances.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Children Of Joseph Shively And Susanna Overmyer Who Lived In Sandusky County, Ohio

Joseph Shively was born 30-Mar-1812 in Union Co., PA and died 31-Aug-1881 in Sandusky Co., OH.  He was married on 18-Jan-1835 in Sansusky Co., OH to Susanna Overmyer.  Susanna died in Sandusky Co., OH on 8-Jan-1887.

Children of Joseph Shively and Susanna Overmyer included:  1) Sarah born 10-Jul-1835 died 1929; married 1-Jun-1854 in Sandusky Co. to Nehemiah Engler 2) Elizabeth born 10-Sep- 1837 died 2-Jan-1930; married 22-Apr-1866 in Sandusky Co. to H. Jacob Kramb 3) Henry M. born 23-Jan-1840 died 1936; married 21-May-1863 to Savilla Boop  4) John born 15-May-1842; married Elizabeth Ribble  5) George Alfred born 23-Mar-1844 died 28-Jan-1916; married 18-Feb-1868 to Catherine Kuns  6) Solomon born 3-May-1845 died 19-Mar-1934; married Mary Hufford  7) Joseph Franklin born 30-Jun-1848 died 1929 Garfield Co., OK; married Alice A. King  8) William Hansen born 8-Mar-1852 died 6-Oct-1929 Mt  Vernon, Franklin Co., TX; married several times   9) James Allen born 19-Jan-1860   10) Lewis W. born 21-Jan-1866 died 1946; married Sarah A. (last not known).

Extracted from The Sandusky Star Journal, Monday, May 20, 1929, Page 10, Column 8:
Friend And Neighbor Of Indians Is Dead
FREMONT, May 20—Mrs. Sarah Shively Englert, aged 93 years and ten months, one of Sandusky-co’s oldest women, is dead at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George A. Waggoner.  She was the widow of Nehemiah Englert to whom she was married in 1854.
Mrs. Englert – known to her many friends as “Grandma” Englert – was the friend and neighbor of Indians who lived in Sandusky-co, in her girlhood.  In recent years she had been the oldest representative of five generations.  Six brothers and a sister and two  sons and a daughter survive.

The Fremont Daily News, Monday, 13-July-1936, page 1, column 2 records the death of Henry M. Shively:
Retired Farmer, 96, Is Stricken In Home
Henry M. Shively, 96, a Sandusky county pioneer and one of the oldest and most widely-known Fremont residents, died in his home, 1243 West State street, Monday at 4:30 a.m., following a prolonged illness of heart ailment.  Mr. Shively had not been seriously ill, however, until about a month ago when dropsy also developed.  Mr. Shively was born Jan. 23, 1840, a son of Joseph and Susan Overmyer Shively, on a farm in Ottawa county, just across the Sandusky county line, north of Lindsey.  One of 10 children, he spent the early years of his life on his father’s farm, removing with the family to Sandusky township in 1855.  He attended the township schools and received instructions from his mother in the language of his parents’ fatherland.  He married Miss Harriet Susan Boop, May 21, 1863, the late Rev. Lang, a Lutheran pastor performing the ceremony and the couple moved to their own farm, two miles west of Fremont, near Muscalonge creek.  One child was born to them, Mrs. Anna E. Hiett, with whom Mr. Shively lived in the last years of his life.  The first Mrs. Shively died Oct. 28, 1886, and Nov. 3, 1887, he married Miss Abbie Kaiser, of Fremont.  They moved to Fremont in 1893, taking up their residence in the home in which he died.  The second Mrs. Shively retired from the farm in 1893 but for a number of years he also worked at various occupations in Fremont.  Mrs. Shively, who belonged to Fremont Encampment, I.O.O.F., was the oldest paid-up member, being a member of the lodge more than 50 years.  He is survived by the daughter, Mrs. Hiett; one brother, Lewis Shively, living west of Fremont; two grandchildren, Mrs. Muriel Smith, of Cleveland, and Howard E. Hiett, of Toledo, together with a number of nieces and nephews.  Funeral services will be held in the home Wednesday at 2:30, the Rev. A. H. Paffly, past of Grace Lutheran church, officiating.  Burial will be in Four-Mile House cemetery by Ochs Bros.  The body will be returned to the home late Monday. 

The following was copied from the Fremont Daily News, Friday, January 28, 1916, Page 1, Column 2:
Death At Lindsey
Of Life Long Resident Of Sandusky County, George A. Shively
Grip Was The Immediate Cause, Although Deceased Had Been IN Ill Health
The Past Three Years----Funeral Sunday.
Special To the News.
Lindsey, Jan. 28.—George Alfred Shively, a life long resident of this county, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. C. Adams, Friday morning  at 9:15.  The immediate cause of his death was the grip, but Mr. Shively had been suffering from a complication of diseases and dropsy for about three years.   He was aged 71 years, 10 months and 5 days, and was born in this county.  Mrs. Shively died 23 years ago and since that time the deceased had made his home with his children, the greater part with Mrs. Adams.  The surviving children are Mrs. Adams, of Lindsey; Mrs. Will Hess, of Rosebush, Mich.; Mrs. George Murphy, of Pemberville; Irvin Shively, of Rosebush, Mich., and Frank Shively, of Hessville. There are also two brothers and two sisters, Solomon Shively, of Hessville; Louis Shively, of the Four-Mile House, Mrs. Sarah Engler and Mrs. Jacob Kramb, of Fremont. The funeral services will be held some time Sunday at the Reformed church, Rev. Henning, of the United Brethren church, with which the deceased was united to officiate.  Interment will be made in the Four-Mile House cemetery.

The following was found in Fremont Daily Messenger, Monday, March 19, 1934, Page 2, Column 4:
Pioneer Dies At Hessville
Solomon Shively, 88, is Called; Rites To Be Wednesday
Solomon Shively, 88, native pioneer of Washington township, Sandusky county, died at his home in Hessville at 1 o’clock Monday. Death was due to dropsy and complications.
The funeral services will be held from the late home at 2:30 o’clcok Wednesday afternoon.  Rev. Harold Yokum, of the Hessville Lutheran church, will officiate and burial will be made at Oakwood cemetery, Fremont.
The deceased, a son of Joseph and Sue (Overmyer) Shively, early pioneers, was born in Washington township on March 3, 1846 and he practically spent his entire career in that vicinity.
Mr. Shively took up agricultural pursuits at an early age and followed them successfully until 1914 when he retired from active service and moved to Hessville.
He was one of the best known residents of his community and a man of sterling worth whose passing will be mourned by a large circle of friends and relatives.
The widow and two sons, Melvin C. Shively, of Fremont, and Benjamin L. Shively, of Washington township; three brothers, Henry Shively, 94, of Fremont; William Shively, of Fremont, and Lewis Shively, of Greensburough, Texas; four grand children and three great grandchildren survive.

Fremont News-Messenger, Thursday, March 7, 1946, Page 1, Column 1:
Lewis Shively, 80, Dies In Hospital
Lewis W. Shively, 80, of Washington township, died at Community hospital at 8:30 a.m. Thursday.  He had been bedfast since November 14, 1945, and had been admitted to the hospital Frebruary 27.
A life-long resident of Washington township, he is one of the best known farmers of that district.  He was born there January 21, 1866, a son of Joseph and Susan Overmyer Shively.  He is the last member of the family, having been preceded in death by 10 brothers, two sisters and the parents.  On November 15, 1885, he married Miss Sarah Ann Rafferty, also of Washington township.  She preceded him in death 19 years ago.
Surviving are two sons, Ivan D., of Fremont and Oliver B., of Washington township; two daughters, Mrs. Mary Williamson, Lindsey, and Mrs. Alva Swinehart, Washington township.  There are 18 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.  He was preceded in death by a son, Lloyd, and by two grandchildren.
The body will remain at the Weller-Wonderly funeral home.  Services will be held there at 2 p.m. Saturday, and at 2:30 p.m. from the Salem Lutheran Four-Mile House church, of which he was a lifelong member, Rev. Paul Gerlach officiating.  Burial will be at the Four-Mile House cemetery.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Joseph Franklin Shively, Son Of Joseph Shively And Susanna Overmyer, From Sandusky County, Ohio

A Shively researcher recently enquired about the lineage of Joseph Franklin Shively who lived in Sandusky County, Ohio.  There were at least two men in Sandusky County, Ohio with the name of Joseph Franklin Shively.  There are several men with the name Joseph Shively in the Sandusky County records thus these Shively histories requires close attention.  An excellent source of information for the Shively obituaries in the Sandusky County area is the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont, Ohio.  Many thanks are due  to Sharon Barnett who works at the library and who recently extracted some of the newspaper obituaries that follow at the end of this article.

It was determined that the Joseph Franklin Shively who the Shively researcher was looking for was Joseph Franklin Shively, born 1848 died 1929 in Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.  He married Alice A. King who was born in 1854 and died 1946 in Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.  In the records most usual he gave his name as Frank Shively.  Located on the 1870 Eaton County, Michigan census in the household of Charles Tossey is Franklin Shiveley age 22 who is a farm laborer.  On the 1880 Jackson County, Michigan census is the family of Frank Shively age 31 a farmer, wife Alice Shively age 26 and son Linus age 4. On the 1900 Presque Isle County, Michigan census is the family of "James" F Shively born July 1848 age 51 a carpenter, wife Alice born June 1854 age 45, son Linus born August 1876 age 23 and daughter Pearl born March 1881 age 19.  In 1910 Joseph Shively is found in Garfield County, Oklahoma listed as Joseph F age 61, wife Alice A age 55, daughter-in-law Bell W Shively age 32 and grandson Carlton W Shively age 11.  Joseph and Alice are still in Garfield County, Ok in 1920 where listed is Joseph F Shively age 71 a carpenter and wife Alice age 65.

Extracted from The History Of Sandusky County, Ohio written by Homer Everett, H. Z. Williams, Cleveland, Ohio, 1882, page 769 is an article about the parents of Joseph Franklin Shively:                              Joseph Shively, an old settler and a worthy citizen, departed this life in the latter part of the summer of 1881.  He was born in Union county, Pennsylvania, in 1812, and came to Sandusky county and settled in this township in 1834.  The following year he was united in marriage to Susanna Obermoyer, daughter of George Obermoyer.  They reared a family of ten children, viz: Sarah (Engler) and Elizabeth (Kramb), Washington township; Henry, Sandusky; John, Michigan; George A., Sandusky; Solomon, Washington; Franklin, Michigan; William H., Texas; James A. and Lewis W., Washington.  Mr. Shively was by trade a wagon maker.

The newspaper obituary for a sister of Joseph Franklin Shively, Elizabeth Shively Kramb, further supports the lineage.  Extracted by Sharon Barnett from The Fremont Daily Messenger, Thursday, January 2, 1930, Pages 1 and 5:
Aged Pioneer Passes Away
Mrs.Elizabeth Kramb Unable To Fight Off Ravages of Disease
Mrs. Elizabeth Kramb, 92, widow of the well-known H.J. Kramb, at one time recorder of Sandusky county, and one of the oldest women in Sandusky county, died this morning at her home, 1208 west State street, of a week's illness with bronchial pneumonia, which started with a cold, but with which she took to her bed a week ago.  Before that time Mrs. Kramb had been in good health for one of her advanced years.
The funeral will be held Saturday afternoon at the late home, conducted by the Rev. Dr. W. H. Lehmann at 2 o'clock, and burial will follow in the family lot at Four-Mile House cemetery at the side of her husband.
Elizabeth Shively was the maiden name of the deceased, a daughter of Joseph and Susan Overmyer Shively, born on her father's farm north of Lindsey, September 10, 1837.  On April 22, 1866, she was married to Henry J. Kramb, the death in 1912.
The young couple first took up their home on a farm for a short time near Lindsey and later the husband moved to Lindsey with his family and operated a well-known Kramb hardware store.  They remained there until the late 80's
(Turn to No. 5, Page 2, Please)(No. 5   Started On Page One)
when Mr. Kramb was elected recorder of Sandusky county, which office he held for two terms, a period of six years, altogether.  The family them moved to Fremont, to west State street, which place has been the family home ever since.
Mr. and Mrs. Kramb were the parents of eight children, five of whom are living, Charles Kramb, Mrs. A. G. McMillan, Mrs. A. C. Moore, Mrs. Carl F. Steinle, all of Fremont, and Mrs. G. F. Benner of Norwalk.  Three daughters preceded in death, one, an infant, and Misses Ida and Anna Kramb, who were young women at the time they passed away.  There are eight grand children; also three bothers, Henry and Solomon Shively, of Fremont, and Lewis Shively, of Washington township.
Within the last year, two of Mrs. Kramb’s brothers, and one sister died.  James Shively, 69, of Toledo, Frank Shively, 85, of Oklahoma, and Mrs. Sarah Engler, 93 who made her home with Mrs. Kramb.  Ever since the death of Miss Ida Kramb, a number of years ago, the daughter, Mrs. McMillan, and family have resided at the Kramb home in order to look after the aged woman, and they tenderly and faithfully cared for her.
Mrs. Kramb was always a member of the Lutheran faith and belonged to Grace Lutheran church, which she attended regularly as long as she was able.  She was essentially a home woman, entirely devoted to her family, to whom she was ever a loving and devoted wife and mother.  All her life she was a resident of Sandusky county, either at Lindsey or Fremont, and she was one of the well-known,  and beloved pioneer women.  Her quiet unassuming character won her hosts of friends who will regret to learn of her death, even though she was full of years when the final summons came.  Their sympathy will be extended to the bereaved children.

The death of Joseph Franklin Shively was reported back to Sandusky County as noted in The Sandusky Star Journal, Tuesday, August 20, 1929, Page 7, Column 3:
Frank Shively Dies
FREMONT, Aug. 20--Relatives and friends here were advised today of the death at Enid, Oklahoma, of Frank Shively, 82, a former well known Fremonter.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Children Of Abraham Shively And Barbara Kibler In Allen And Hardin Counties, Ohio

Abraham Shively was born ca. 1815, died 24-Dec-1861.  His wife was Barbara Kibler born ca. 1817, died 15-Dec-1899.  Barbara married a second time on 14-Sep-1871 in Allen County, Ohio to David Spellman. Barbara Kibler Shively Spellman filed for divorce from David Spellman in Allen County, Ohio in 1891. Children of Abraham and Barbara Shively were:  Adam born 1840, Isaac born 1842, Daniel born 1846, Lucinda born 1849, Caroline born 1851, Solomon born 1852 and Jemima born 1855.  

From the Ohio Death Certificate for Adam Shively it is known that he was born 28-Dec-1840 and died at age 73 years, 3 months and 8 days in Alger, Hardin County, Ohio on 7-Apr-1914. He was buried in Preston Cemetery.

From a family album with no source listed is the obituary for Isaac Shively.  
Issac Shively, son of Abraham and Barbara Shively, was born in Seneca county, Ohio, April 6, 1842, and died at his home in Alger, Hardin county, Ohio, March 15, 1910, aged 67 years, 11 months and 8 days.
He moved with his parents to Allen county, Ohio, when 15 years of age, where he lived until 1898, when he moved with his family to Alger where he has since lived.
He was united in marriage to Sarah Hipsher, April 23, 1865.   To this union were born five children, two sons and three daughters; Jessie, who died early infancy, George W., Charity, Charity Ellen Fisher, Nancy Rosetta Sauner, and Nora Belle Klingler.
He enlisted in Co. G, 57th Reg. of Ohio Volunteers, in 1861 and for three years and eighteen days was a faithful defender of his country.  He was honorably discharged. 

Samuel Shively was born ca. 1844.  He died of measles on 28-February-1863 at Young's Point, LA while serving in Co. G, 57th Reg Ohio Inf. Volunteers

The following information was found in Ingersoll’s Century History, Santa Monica Bay Cities, Prefaced with A Brief History of the State of California A Condensed History of Los Angeles County 1542 to 1908, Luther A. Ingersoll, Los Angeles,1908, pages 414-416.
DANIEL SHIVELY – The names of Daniel Shively, with that of his most estimable widow, are intimately associated with the history of the city of Sawtelle.  Mr. Shively was a native of Ohio and was born in Hardin County, October 24th, 1846.  At the age of nine years he was compelled to assume responsibilities to aid in support of the family that usually come to men only.  Upon the breaking out of the Civil War he enlisted in the 130th Indiana Infantry and served in the ranks for a period of three years, participating in many of the bloodiest battles of the conflict.  He was twice wounded, an injury to his head causing him pain up to the day of his death.  After mustering out of the army, Mr. Shively followed contracting in brick work near Lima, Ohio.
In 1876 he married at Fort Wayne, Indiana, Miss Sarah Lucelia Booth, a daughter of Sidney Smith and Mary Jane (Whaiples) Booth, of Mentor, Ohio.  Mr. Booth was of English parentage, a son of Sir John Booth, Earl of Booth Ford, North of England, a landlord of wealth and high social standing.  He came to America and located at Mentor.  Sidney Smith Booth latterly located with his family at Paynesville, Ohio, and it was here that Mrs. Shively spent her girlhood.  She was educated in a private school under the care of a governess.  Mrs. Mary Janes Whaiples Booth was a direct descendant of William Whaiples, who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Immediately after marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Shively came west to Peru, Kansas, where he engaged in farming and she, meantime, taught school.  Later they lived at Dedan, Chanute and finally at Chard, Kansas, where they engaged extensively in merchandising and where he held the office of postmaster.  Here they suffered severe loss by fire—the store with a valuable stock of merchandise all going up in smoke.  Mr. and Mrs. Shively then went to Coffeyville, Kansas, and she engaged in the restaurant business, while he conducted a photograph gallery.  In 1888 they came to California and for a time lived on Spring Street, Los Angeles.
In 1901 they located at Sawtelle when the now thrifty little city was in its infancy.  They invested in town property and became a factor in its industrial , social and civic advancement.
Mr. Shively was in every way a most exemplary and useful citizen.  He was a devout member of the religious order of Dunkards, was broad in his piety and tolerant of the religious beliefs of others.  He was an honored member of Burnside Post, No. 188, G.A.R., of Sawtelle, and the following tribute to his memory is quoted from a Memorial Address of the Post published in the Sawtelle Sentinel:
“In the death of Daniel Shively, another name is stricken from the ever lessening list of G.A.R.   He was a man of generous impulses and never forgot the hospitable ways of the pioneer.  The stranger and the beggar never failed to find food and shelter at his hands.  He was often at the bedside of the sick, and he delighted in the performance of all kinds of neighborly offices.  He was a man of sound sense and strong convictions.  He was candid and outspoken in his convictions.  He lived nobly and died peacefully.”
Mr. Shively died June 26th, 1907, the result of a stroke of paralysis about six months previous thereto.  The funeral obsequies took place at the Baptist Church, the Rev. George Taylor preaching the sermon which was followed by the service of the G.A.R. and the W.R.C.  Interment was in Sunset Cemetery, at which a choir rendered his favorite hymn, Only Remembered By What I Have Done.

From the family album with no source listed was the obituary for Lucinda Shively Mumea.
Lucinda Shively Mumea, was born in Billtown, Hardin County, Ohio, February 14, 1849.  She died at her home in Columbus Grove, Ohio, August 29th, 1912,  at the age of 63 years, 6 months and 15 days.  She was married to John T. Mumea, April 23rd, 1865.  To this union was born six children, George D., Barbara B., Daniel W., John T., Jemima R., and Charlottia M.  Two of these children preceded her to the heavenly home.  She leaves to mourn her decease, a husband, two sons, two daughters, nine grandchildren and two great-grand children, two sisters and two brothers.  In addition to these of her own family, a host of friends and neighbors, who knew her intimately as a modest, unassuming, but kind hearted christian woman, who with loving heart and helpful hand was always read to do what she could to minister to the necessities of others and make their lot in life a pleasant one, bear testimony to her faithfulness and kindness in all possible way.  Her funeral services were held at the home Saturday morning, August 31st, her pastor, Rev. Dr. Carter, speaking from the words, "She hath done what she could"--Mark 14:18.  Her remains were laid to rest in the Bogart cemetery.

The following newspaper obituary was extracted from The Lima News, Lima, Ohio, Thursday, November 5, 1931, Page 4, Column 2:
Mrs. Caroline Fisher Dies At Col. Grove
(Special to The Lima News)
COLUMBUS GROVE, Nov. 5--Mrs. Caroline Fisher, 80, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George Eversole, south of Columbus Grove, Wednesday afternoon.  Services will be held Friday at 2 p.m. at the Christian church and burial will be at the Bogart cemetery.
Rev. Jacob Frazier will officiate. The following children survive:  Mrs. Charles Fetter, of Lima; Mr. Sol Fisher, of Bluffton, O.; Daniel and Newton Fisher, of Columbus Grove; Mrs. Bertha Mumea of Plymouth, O.; Mrs. O. C. Scott of Chardon, O.; Jesse Fisher, of Monroe, Mich.; Michael Fisher, of Lansing, Mich.; Mrs. Jesse Mumea of Monroe, Mich., and the daughter, Mrs. Eversole, at whose home Mrs. Fisher had resided recently.

Extracted from the Lima Sunday News, Lima, Ohio, Sunday, December 17, 1933, Page 2, Column 2:
Saul Shibely
ALGER, Dec. 16--Funeral services for Saul Shibely, 80, who died at 1:30 p.m. Friday in his home here, will be held today at 2 p.m. in the Alger M. E. church. Burial will be in Woodlawn cemetery at Ada.  Shibely, who had been a resident of Alger and vicinity all his life, is survived by a son, Ezra, of Ada; one daughter, Mrs. Etta Gossard, of Alger; a sister, Mrs. Jeamia Peoples, of Roundhead; five grandchildren, and three great grand-children.

Extracted from the Lima News, Lima, Ohio, Wednesday, December 16, 1936:
Mrs. Jemima Peoples
ALGER, Dec. 18--Mrs. Jemima Peoples, 81, of Plesant Hill, north of here, died at 5 p.m. Tuesday in her home after a week's illness of bronchial pneumonia.  She was an active member of the Methodist Episcopal church.  She had lived practically all her life in this district.
Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. John Preston, McGuffey Route 1, Mrs. Della Tidd, Belle Center; one son, John Peoples, Harrod Route 1 and 12 grandchildren and five great grandchildren.
Funeral services will be conducted at 2:30 p.m. Thursday from The Methodist Episcopal church by the Rev. Tucker, pastor. Burial will be in Preston cemetery.The Hanson funeral home has charge of service.