This site was created by Larry Shively who is researching the history of the Shively families. The goal is to have a site where all Shively researchers can share and ask questions in regards to their Shively lines. The largest majority of the Shively family records are located in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. There are early records of Shively's also in Virginia and Kentucky. There are not many established Shively lineages back to Europe. There are documented lineages to Switzerland and Germany. Through the sharing of information from all of our research it is desired that all can learn about our Shively families.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Michael Schauffele, A Schauffele Researcher And Co-Administrator Of The Shively/Schauffele Family Tree DNA Project

The Shively DNA project has grown and had success with many DNA matches. Earlier this year Michael Schauffele agreed to become co-administrator of the project. The project considers itself very lucky to have Michael's participation and interest in genealogy and also his knowledge of German history and the historical records.  This is especially important because his Schauffele DNA matched others in the project who had the surname Americanized to Shively.  Michael has written the following article as a means of introducing himself to the Shively researchers.

News from the Schauffele - Schaufele – Schaufelin - Scheifelin - Scheifele – Shively (and more) Branch of the Shively Family Name Project at Family Tree DNA.  
                    By co-administrator Michael Schauffele, Visalia, California.

As this is the first time that I am contributing to the admiring work of the main administrator Larry Wayne Shively which he is doing for all members of the Shively Name Project, I think that it makes sense to introduce myself to the members of the project.

I am Michael Schauffele, born 1942 in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. During my time as a student in the 1960-ies on the University of Stuttgart Germany I started with genealogical researches on my ancestry about 50 years ago, when it was still possible to visit local priest’s offices to retrieve personal data from ancestors out of the original church books!

At this time, beside special literature about families of celebrities, nothing existed what could support quick findings about ones ancestors as it is possible today through the Internet and websites like

To study those records it was even necessary being able to read the old German writings like “Sütterlin”.

If someone is interested to learn how this writing looks, he should just look up the following link:

I was so fortunate having learned this writing from my parents and that I took time to practice it more or less as a hobby during my time on high school.

However some of the priests from centuries ago practiced their writing in a way which made it very complicated and time-consuming to understand the records. Their language was also sometimes different to the today’s common language.

Sometimes it was even necessary to lay a sheet of parchment paper over the original document to copy the records letter by letter to separate the text of your interest from the overlapping of the writing between two and sometimes three lines!

By the end of 1970 the records of the data of my personal ancestors consisted in about 900 persons including about 400 records of ancestors from my mother’s side which I could get from an uncle!

With the researches of my direct fatherly line I run into my “Brick Wall” with the data of my forefather of 11 Generations back in history with the name Hans Scheifelin, who I called “the elder” born about 1580 in a town in Germany which I was reading in the records of his son’s Hans Scheifelin “the younger” wedding on September 20, 1642 in Cannstatt, Dukedom of Württemberg, as “Ginz”. 

After graduating from the University of Stuttgart as a structural and civil engineer I had to take care of my business career and therefore I couldn’t spend time for more intensive genealogical researches.

2003 at the age of 58 and 61 my wife and I moved for good from Germany to California.

During 2007 and 2008 I started to register personal data of my ancestors on Short after that I was contacted by Larry Wayne Shively who informed me about the existing family name project Shively on Family Tree DNA.

Larry told me that the name Shively was, for easier pronunciation, an Americanized form of German names Schauffele, Scheifele and the like. There was even a Michael Schauffele among the ancestors of some members of the Shively project.

In 2013 Larry could finally convince me to join his project and I signed in with Family Tree DNA, ordered my test kit and turned in my Y-DNA test. The result was a surprise! I found a 100% Y-DNA12 match with Daniel II Shively from Texas. And sometimes later this match was confirmed by a match with Daniel’s 1st grade cousin Mike Shively from Ohio.

Until then the two cousins Daniel II and Mike Shively knew only the name and data of their great grandfather Leonhard Anton Scheiffele/Shively, born 7. Feb.1843 in Steinenkirch, Kingdom of Württemberg, Germany, who emigrated 1867 together with a brother from Germany to the United States, married Mary Horn and died in Youngstown, Ohio, USA on 19. May 1910.

A professional genealogist from Germany traced the ancestors of Leonhard Anton Scheiffele/Shively for 11 more generations back to Hans Scheiffelin born about 1500 most likely in the town Gingen upon the river Fils then still Dukedom of Württemberg, Germany.

These findings were very exciting news for myself because after a half century since I run into my “Brick Wall” I could realize that I was wrongfully reading the name of the town of origin of my ancestor Hans Scheifelin “the elder” as “Ginz” instead of “Gingen”!

Equipped with this information I traveled to Germany in summer 2014 convinced to be able to find more data in the archives in Germany. I also traveled to the town of Gingen searching for possible descendants of my forefathers from there.

I found and visited Horst Scheifele in Gingen and could win him for the Y-DNA 25 test. Some days ago I received the result: It was a perfect match with my own Y- DNA!

This result confirms that my match with Daniel II Shively from Texas and Michael Shively from Ohio is a fact.

Horst Scheifele will soon join the Shively project.

The Schauffele - Schaufele – Schaufelin - Scheifelin - Scheifele – Shively (and more) Branch within the Shively family name project is growing. I am staying in contact with many close and far relatives in Germany, Switzerland, USA, Argentina, Chile and Australia.

I think that everybody who is interested to learn more about his ancestors will be inspired by the results of this findings and how they came together as a combination of researches in documents, archives and testing the Y-DNA.

Therefore I want to ask everybody with a family name of this name group to make the Y – DNA test and to join the Shively family project. I also ask everybody who knows about living males among his relatives with such a family name or the like to try to win them for the test.

Our great goal is to find as many as possible lines tracing back to a common forefather with whom our name began.

On the other hand I have to report that the permanently growing Y-DNA database contains a lot of zero distance matches to the Y-DNA of our name group but with completely different names and even more interesting in many other countries like in Scandinavia, all over the European main continent and on the British Islands.

This is the reason why I also joined other projects in Family Tree DNA like the German and the Viking project!

Over one thousand years ago young Viking warriors, the younger sons who inherited nothing from their fathers, spread out over northern and central Europe and even into the Ukraine seeking for women and for opportunities to settle. It is quite possible that our male ancestors are descendants of these adventurers!

I hope I could win your attention for exciting themes. I have the intention to report from time to time on our project’s website about new findings in the name branch mentioned above and other interesting news.

For everybody in our project who is interested in serious and reliable researches for ancestors in Germany I can recommend the professional genealogist with which I am working together. He is a far relative on my mother’s side and he is actually the president of the German Association of professional genealogist. Depending on the goal of the customer such researches take time and cost money but sometimes it can be less than you think because those professionals have access to documents and data which they and colleagues have already researched for other customers.

If someone is interested I can forward his description of desired researches. He will get an estimate and probably already an answer regarding the chances of possible findings.

Thank you for being a member of the Shively family project!
Sincerely yours!
Michael Schauffele

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Andrew J. Shively And Wife Sarah A. Jones In Mahoning County and Summit County, Ohio

Andrew J. Shively was born on 1-July-1835 in PA and died 14-May-1916 in Jeannette, Westmoreland County, PA. The PA death certificate lists his parents as Mr. Shively born in Germany and Mary Best born in Germany.  Andrew J. was married on 23-April-1857 in Summit County, OH to Sarah A. Jones (Vol. B, Page 775).  Sarah A. Jones was born on 20-February-1847 in England and died 5-October-1913 in Hudson, Summit County, OH.  She was the daughter of Joseph Jones and Mary Eckroid.  Sarah A. Jones Shively is buried in Markille Cemetery, Hudson, Summit County, OH.

Andrew and Sarah Shively are listed on the 1860 Milton Township, Mahoning County, OH census.  Andrew's occupation is listed as a blacksmith.  They are listed on the 1870 and 1880 Hudson Township, Summit County, OH.  Andrew and Sarah Shively were the parents of at least the following children:  Mary E. born 27-November-1857 died 26-January-1922 in Hudson, Summit County, OH and married to E. E. Lewis; Perry Nicholas born 21-November-1859 died 26-February-1933 Lakewood, Cuyahoga County, OH and married to Mary J. Carroll; Emma born 1862 died 1946 Lake County, OH and married to Herman Martin; Ida Mary born 27-September-1865 died 30-March-1922 in Orrville, Wayne County, OH and married to T. B. Reid; Frank Henry Shively born 24-June-1868 died 25-January-1933 in Cuyahoga County, OH; George Wilbur Shively born ca 1871 married to Grace Lillian Grover; Sarah born ca 1875 died 19-August-1956 PA and  married to Charles G. Morrill.

The following newspaper obituary was extracted from the Courier Crescent, Orrville, OH, Friday, May 19, 1916, Page 4, Column 5:
A. J. Shively, who had made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Burr Reid, the past winter, but since the first of March with his son George W. at Jeanette, Pa., died Sunday morning, May 14, at 5 o'clock.  The body was brought to Hudson, O., to the home of a daughter, Mrs. E. E. Lewis, where the funeral services were held.  He is survived by four daughters and three sons, 32 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren, all of whom were present at the funeral. Deceased was laid to rest in the Hudson cemetery by the side of his wife, who preceded him in death by two and one-half years.  Mr. and Mrs. Burr Reid and Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Prechtel and son, of this city, attended the funeral on Tuesday.

The following newspaper article was extracted from the Orrville Courier, Orville, OH, Friday, July 28, 1905, Page 4, Column 3:
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Shively, uncle and aunt of Mrs. T. B. Reed, of Evansville, Wis., spent from Friday to Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Reed and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Leeds, the latter a sister of Mr. Reed.
(Note:  if interested in more information on a Lawrence Shively see the Shively blog written on August 13, 2011.)

Friday, August 14, 2015

James B. Shively And Wife, Emma Pollock, Who Lived In Mason County, West Virginia

James B. Shively was born Oct-1857 and died 25-Mar-1916.  He is buried in Beale Chapel Cemetery, Apple Grove, Mason County, WVA.  He was the son of Phillip B. Shively (born 7-Sep-1818, died 20-Nov-1873) and Mary Wright (born 25-May-1826, died 31-Jan-1894). James B. Shively was married to Emma Pollock, daughter of Thomas Pollock and Elizabeth Kennedy, on 3-Feb-1897.  Emma Pollock was born on 27-Mar-1858 and died 9-Jun-1938 in Gallia County, OH.  Listed on the 1900, Hannan District, Mason County, WVA census is the household of James Shiveley age 42 occupation postal clerk, wife Emma age 43 and son James age 1.   On the 1910 Mount Olive Precinct, Mason County, WVA is the family of J B Shively age 53 occupation railway postal clerk, wife Emma age 52 and son Morton J age 12.

This article was extracted fro The Weekly Register, Point Pleasant, WVA, Wednesday, June 24, 1896, Page 4, Column 1:
Postal Clerk Hurt
Had A Very Narrow Escape From Death
J. B. Shiveley, a postal clerk on the O. R. R., met with an accident Sunday morning which nearly resulted in his death and which will confine him to his home for time at least.
On the morning of the accident Mr. Shiveley had just come from home and attempted to board the south bound mail at Ben Lomond, while it was passing the station at a high rate of speed.  He missed his footing, however, and fell between the platform and the ends of the tracks of the cars.  The space was very small and he was pretty badly squeezed and bruised before the train passed.  How he escaped being crushed beneath the wheels is almost a miracle.
During the absence of Mr. Shiveley, Geo. Gambrill, from Parkersburg and Grafton division has been given the run; while E. M. Doll, from the Baltimore and Grafton division, takes Gambrill's place.

The following newspaper article was extracted from The Weekly Register, Wednesday, February 10, 1897, Page 4:
Home Wedding
From Thursday's Daily
Wednesday, Feb. 3d, at high noon, at Gallipolis, Rev. d'Argent pronounced the words that united in bonds of wedlock, Mr. Jas. B. Shively, of Apple Grove, this county, and Miss Emma Pollock, of the firm of C. B. Hanson & Co.  The marriage was solemnized at the home of Mrs. Capt. John Holloway, on Front street, in the presence of the immediate relatives and a few particular friends.  It was a quiet wedding and the ceremony was the impressive words prescribed by the Presbyterian church that bind together man and wife in scared vows of love and fealty.  Immediately after the ceremony they left via Point Pleasant, over the K. & M., for Apple Grove, where a handsomely furnished house await their arrival.  They go to house-keeping at once and make that place their permanent home.
The Gallipolis Journal in speaking of the affair says:  "The bride is the third daughter of the late Thomas and Elizabeth Pollock, of Bush's Mill.  She came to this city in 1885 and accepted a position in the dry goods store of Montgomery & Smith, subsequently with Hanson & Williams, R. A. Jack, of Huntington, and C. A. Smith & Bros.  By her perseverance and industry she saved quite a little sum, which two years ago she used to become a member of the firm of C. B. Hanson & Co.  She was a zealous worker and by her many admirable traits won a legion of friends.  Until Saturday last she retained her interest in that establishment, when it was disposed of to C. B. Hanson, Miss Maud Summers and Sidney Cowden, who have always been identified with that firm and will strive to maintain its present good reputation as one of the leading dry goods stores.  Mr. Shively is a young man of sterling habits and worthy of the estimable lady he has captured.  His vocation is that of postal clerk and in this capacity he has served on the Ohio River Railroad ever since President Cleveland's first administration. May their future be bright is the wish of the Journal".

The following was located in The Weekly Register, Wednesday, January 11, 1905, Page 3:
A Most Enjoyable Affair
One of the most enjoyable social functions given in Mercer's Bottom in years, was a dance given by Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Shively at their beautiful home "Elmhurst", Wednesday January 4, 1904.  The house was profusely decorated with holly and mistletoe, the color scheme throughout being red and green.
Throughout the evening a bouffet lunch was served.  Mrs. Shively is an adept in the culinary art and on this occasion excelled herself.
Those in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Keister, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hogsett, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brown, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. George, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Stribling, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Hogsett, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Lew Wallis, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Wallis, Mrs. O. Worthington Lusher. Misses Elizabeth Sayer, Nora Carter, Oretha Keister, Bonnie Lusher, Bertha George, Hattie Keister, Willie Keister, Kate Hogsett, Anna Hunter, Hattie Wallis, Jessie Wallis, Mary, Rudolph and Marie Kirk. Messrs. Tilden Thorn, of Parkersburg, Will Stribling, Henry Hogsett, Chas. Hayman, Homer Small, Randall Hogsett, Joe Hogsett, Leland Lusher, Lee Brown, Howard Brown, James Barker, Edward Harbor, Grover Harbor, Robert Seely, and Ed. Putney.
                                                              A GUEST

Friday, August 7, 2015

George Schaible (Shively) And Wife, Katherine Helfra Beidleman (Biddleman), In Luzerne County, PA

The subjects of this weeks Shively blog are a work in progress. Any additional information that can be added to this family will be welcomed as records found were limited. 
George Schaible (Shively) was born ca 1825 in Germany.  He was married 6-January-1868 in Wilkes Barre, PA to Katherine Helfa Beidleman (Biddleman). She was married first to Jacob Beidleman.  Jacob Beidleman and Katherine had two sons, Joseph Henry Beidleman born 30-Aug-1855 and Martin William Beidleman born 11-Mar-1856.  A Civil War Pension for the children of the veteran, Jacob Beidleman, was submitted by the widow and her second husband George Schaible (Shively). 

At the left is a document from the Civil War pension papers.  This document supports the relationship between the surname Schaible and Shively:
State of Pennsylvania
County of Lucerne           Personally appeared before one Prothonotary for said County George Schaible to me known to be entitled to credit and on oath declared he is the identical Person named as Guardian of minor children of Jacob Beidleman late of Co. G 47th Reg Pa Vols and named in Pension Claim No 162.806.   That no widows claim has ever been made in this case previous to this one.  That his Attorney made a mistake in spelling claimants name in the original Papers.  He spelled it George Shively. It should have been spelled by him George Schaible. George Schaible is a German name and in English is pronounced the same as Shively.  The signatures of deponent to former Papers and to these will be found to be the same.    George Schaible

Located on the 1870 City of Scranton, Lucerne County, PA is the family of George Shivelly age 45, born in Germany, works in black smith shop; wife Catherine  age 34, born in Germany; Henry Bediman age 15, making cigars; Martin Bediman age 14, making cigars; and John Maddigor age 16, making cigars, born in Germany.    No other census information could be found for George Schaible or George Shively.

A PA death certificate for Martin William Biddleman was located.  He died in Newton Township, Lackawanna County, PA on 7-Feb-1930.  He was a widower and his wife was listed as Helen Burgon.  His parents were Jacob Biddleman and Katherine Helfra.  He was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Lackawanna County.  

The following was extracted from The Scranton Republican, Scranton, PA, Wednesday, August 17, 1892, Page 5, Column 1:
George Shively died of old age at the Hillside Home at 9 o'clock yesterday morning.
It is not known if this is George Schaible (Shively).  If it is the same he would have been 67 years of age in 1892.

No additional information could be found on George Schaible (Shively), Katherine (Catherine) Helfra Beidleman, Joseph Henry Beidleman or Martin William Beidleman.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Elias F. Shively, 1st Wife Sarah E. Flora, 2nd Wife Amanda Myer Who Lived In Carroll County, Indiana

Elias F. Shively was born 4-Aug-1860 and died 12-Mar-1950.  He was the son of Henry Shively (1838-1880) and Nancy Huff.  Henry Shively was the son of David Shively (1809-1843) and Elizabeth Metzger (1816-1843).  Elias Shively was married 1st to Sarah E. Flora who was born 15-Jul-1860 and died 3-May-1890.  He married 2nd to Amanda Myer who was born 9-Jul-1861 and died 4-May-1943. Elias and wives are buried in the Moss Cemetery, Carroll County, IN.  Elias is listed on the 1900 Monroe Township, Carroll County, IN census.  In the household are Elias F. born Aug-1860, wife Amanda born Jul-1861, daughter Fannie C. born Jan-1883, daughter Cora E born Feb-1886, step-son Raleigh W Cripe born Aug-1883, step-daughter Maud Cripe born Feb-1886 and 2nd cousin Bessie Zook born Aug-1896.

The following was extracted from the Hoosier Democrat, Flora, IN, Saturday, July 21, 1906, Page 1, Column 2:
Mr. And Mrs. Shively Celebrated Sixteenth Wedding Anniversary
About fifty friends of Elias and Mrs. Shively gathered at their home Sunday to celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary.  Mr. and Mrs. Shively were the recipients of a number of nice presents among which were a set of silver knives and forks, a rocking chair and a number of nice dishes.  Those from a distance were Lewis Shively and family, of Frankfort, and Walter Holmes and family, of Tippecanoe county.  A big dinner was a feature and all enjoyed the day.

Located in the Hoosier Democrat, Flora, IN, Saturday, August 18, 1917, Page 1, Column 7:
Elias Shively Sells Farm
Elias Shively, well known farmer residing east of Bringhurst, sold his farm the first of the week, to C. F. Woods, formerly of west of Flora.  The consideration for the 80-acres was $16,000 or $200 per acre.  Possession will be given October 1.  On Wednesday he purchased the Fred Woods place, consisting of a fine residence and 3 acres of ground on the Flora and Bringhurst road, the consideration being $5,000.

In the Delphi Citizen, Delphi, IN, Saturday, April 25, 1925, Page 5, Column 5 is written:
A large force of men is busy on the construction of the road between Flora and Bringhurst. This is the first concrete county road to be constructed in the county and it will be watched with interest as the concrete surface rods may become common in the future.  The new road is to be 20 feet wide and will require 3400 yards of gravel and 8000 barrels of cement to build it.  Elias Shively is the road inspector and it is his duty to see that the work is done according to specification. The cost of the road will be about $30,000.

Following is a news item found in The Logansport Press, Logansport, IN, Sunday, August 31, 1930, Page 2, Column 4:
Mrs. L. D. Allen of south of Delphi, gave a birthday dinner recently in honor of the anniversaries of her brother, Rollie Cripe of Denver, Colorado; her sister, Mrs. Grace Tripp of Logansport; her father Elias Shively of Bringhurst and her own anniversary.  The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Cripe, Mrs. Howard Jones and son Carl, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones west of Flora; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tripp of Logansport; Mr. and Mrs. Elias Shively of Bringhurst and the L. D. Allen family.

The obituary for Amanda Shively was found in The Delphi Citizen, Delphi, IN, Thursday, May 6, 1943, Page 8, Column 6:
Mrs. Elias Shively Is Dead At Flora
Mrs. Amanda J. Shively, 81, wife of Elias Shively, died Tuesday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Howard Jones.
Surviving are her husband, to whom she has been married 53 years; two children by a former marriage, Mrs. Jones and Ralph Cripe of Denver, Colo.; two step-children, Mrs. Fannie Lair and Mrs. Cora Lair, of Ohio; a foster daughter, Mrs. Bessie Allen, of Delphi.
The body is at the residence.  Funeral services will be held Friday morning at 10 o'clock in the German Baptist church of Flora.  Carter funeral home, Flora, is in charge.

The obituary for Elias F. Shively was located in The Delphi Journal, Delphi, IN, Thursday, March 16, 1950, Page 5, Column 5:
Elias Shively, 89, Dies At Lafayette
Elias F. Shively, 89, retired farmer, died at the Scott nursing home, Lafayette, at 11:45 a.m. Sunday.
Born Aug. 4, 1860, east of Flora, he was the son of Henry and Nancy Hoff Shively. He was wed to Sarah Flora who died May 3, 1890.  Later he was wed to Amanda Myer who passed away May 4, 1943.
Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Fanny Lair, Brockville, Ohio; Mrs. Clara Lair, New Carlisle, Ohio; one step-daughter, Mrs. Maude Jones, Flora; stepson, Ralph Cripe, Denver, Colo.; and a foster daughter, Mrs. Bessie Allen, route 4, Delphi; ten grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.
Final rites were conducted Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the Flora German Baptist church by Brother John M. Brusker.  Burial was made in the Flora cemetery.