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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Morgan Shively, Son Of Christian Shively And Lydia Mohler, From Lancaster County, Nebraska

While researching in the California records this week the name of Morgan Shively was mentioned in a news article.  A search in the census records located a Morgan Shively in the household of his parents in Lancaster County, Nebraska.  Search in the newspapers in Lancaster County located news articles with more personal details regarding the life of Morgan Shively than were posted in the California articles.
The following article was located in The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, Nebraska, Tuesday Morning, January 4, 1910, Page 1, Columns 5-6:
Lincoln Man Slain
Morgan Shively Stabbed To Death At San Gabriel
Police Hold Two Suspects
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Stone Put Under Arrest
Couple Also Former Residents Of Lincoln, But Claim To Have LIttle Knowledge Of The Tragedy
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Jan. 3. -- It developed today that Morgan Shively, who yesterday morning was mortally wounded in what the police believe was a knife fight in the dark, jumped through the kitchen window of his home and naked ran about 500 yards before dropping dead, came from Lincoln, Neb., where his home is.  His body was found in the road lying face down, the hands clawed in the dirt.  Sheriff Hammel arrested George A. Stone and his wife and locked them up in the county jail pending an investigation.  Stone denies having had anything to do with the cutting, as also does the wife.   Shiveley was twenty-six years of age, a quiet young man, with no enemies and many friends.
From intimate, friends it is learned that Shively came to Los Angeles several years ago from Lincoln, Neb.  He made three trips back to his home.  Shively told friends that he had been with the Stone family for a number of years, and that Stone met the woman now his wife, at Shively's home in Lincoln.
Installed Stones In Home
Shively was a conductor on the San Gabriel division of the Pacific electric.  He rented a pretty little home on San Gabriel boulevard.  The Stones went there to live and fixed up the place. Banners of the University of Nebraska decorated the walls, together with photographs of Lincoln scenes.
A neighbor, Fred Donaldson, was awakened early by a frantic hammering on his door.  Stone and his wife, scantily clothed, were there terribly excited.
"Thev've got Morgan," they shouted.  They then said that Shively had been stabbed to death by robbers.  Stone had hysterics and was walking about, in the road greatly excited.  When Stone was taken to the body he jerked out his revolver and shouted that he knew who did the work and that he would kill them.  Stone was taken back to the house where the murder occurred.  Hammel stated that he wanted to take Stone there in order to get come clothing for him.  The accused, sheriff and a deputy entered the house.  Stone came out much whiter than when he entered and seemed extremely nervous.
The house tells a story of a terrible battle, where men struggled and fought, the one seemingly trying to escape, the other bent on murder.  The kitchen was wrecked, chairs overturned, windows crushed and the sink torn from the wall and great pools of blood marked the ebbing life of the doomed man.  The wound that caused the death of Shively nicked the ulna artery. In the fury of the fight the man literally pumped his heart out trying to get away from his assailant.
Parties Well Known In Lincoln
George A. Stone and Morgan Shively were well known in Lincoln.  Both were young men. For a long time Shively was a railway mail clerk.  Stone came here from Kansas City and for a time worked at the planing mail at Twenty-first and X streets, where his father was a foreman.  Stone married in Lincoln or soon after leaving Lincoln, and for a time was located in Seattle, where he worked for a packing company.  Shively left Lincoln about a year ago and went to Seattle, and those whom knew him heard he was rooming with Mr. and Mrs. Stone.  Stone and Shively were boon companions in Lincoln and before Stone's marriage were together much of the time.  After quitting the planning mill Stone worked in a number of places, at one time being a clerk in the grocery at Tenth and P streets, then run by the Sutter-Henry company.
Stone's father was a widower when the son came here from Kansas City, and remained so for a year or more afterward, but later married and moved to South Omaha, where it was said he worked for a packing company.  The son was a spendthrift, and while he worked most of the time he frequently was unable to meet the obligations.
News Reaches Shively's Parents
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Shively, parents of Morgan Shively, live at 2232 Z street.  They received notice of the murder by telegram Sunday evening.  Their messages were very brief and lacked detail.  The parents at once telegraphed Mr. Stone at San Gabriel asking for the details of the murder and received a reply saying that Mr. Stone was in the county jail.
Morgan Shively was twenty-six years of age.  The parents say their son Morgan and Mr. Stone were great friends while Mr. Stone was in Lincoln.  In fact it was Mr. Stone who persuaded Mr. Shively to go to Seattle when Stone and his wife were living there.  This is how Mr. Shively happened to go to the west.  When he reached Seattle he lived with the Stone family and went with them when they moved down to San Francisco and later to Los Angeles.  He has been living in their house all the time since he has been on the coast.  Somewhat over a year ago Mr. Stone, while working at the planing mails in the city, boarded and roomed at the home of the Shively family, and was a continuous chum of Morgan Shively.
The parents say that their son was not in the habit of carrying much money nor any very valuable jewelry.  He wrote a letter to his parents every week.  He sent most of his money home as he earned it after he had paid his board and room bills.  His mother said that he had no valuables on his person except an $18 watch and a ring of no great value.  He had never written of any quarrels nor trouble with anyone and all his letters had indicated the most perfect harmony and happiness existing between him and the Stones.
About two years ago Mr. Stone, while still working in Lincoln, met Miss Clara Barnheiser whom he afterwards married and who is now under arrest with him at San Gabriel. Miss Barnheiser came here from Illinois and stayed at the home of her uncle, Moses Keefer 2222 Dudley street. Miss Barnheiser became acquainted with Dr. Amy Robinson who persuaded her to take training in a Hastings hospital for the profession of nurse.  This Miss Branheiser undertook for a time, but soon returned to Lincoln.
After G. A. Stone had been in Seattle for some time Miss Barnheiser went there also, where they were married.
During the early part of last spring Mr. Stone, who corresponded with his old friend Morgan Shively in Lincoln, began to urge the latter to come to Seattle and get work there in order that the two might be together.  Mr. Shively was at that time postal clerk running out of Lincoln.  Much against the wishes of his parents he secured a leave of absence and went to Seattle last April.  There he secured work for a time, but when the Stones moved to California he went with them.  At Los Angeles Mr. Stone secured a position with a large stone quarry company.  Mr. Shively began work for a street car company as motorman, and continued to board with the Stones.
Morgan Shively and Mr. Stone became acquainted a few years ago when both worked at a planing mill in Lincoln.  Milton, an older brother of Morgan Shively, was engineer of the mills at the time.  He got his brother a position there and Mr. Stone was shipping clerk at the mill.  When the two young men became acquainted and became close friends and Stone went to live at the home of Shively's parents.  It was often remarked by persons acquainted with the two that Morgan Shively seemed to think as much of Stone as he did of his own brother.
Those who knew Stone while here say that he was a mild mannered and not at all the kind of man who would do anyone physical harm.

Morgan Shively was the son of Christian D. Shively and Lydia Mohler.  They were married in Wabash County, Indiana on 31-March-1861.  Christian Shively was born on 23-Feb-1839 and died on 14-Feb-1916 in Lancaster County, Nebraska.  Lydia Mohler Shively was born on 11-Aug-1843 and died on 3-Mar-1917 in Lancaster County, Nebraska.  They are buried in the Wyuka Cemetery.  Christian D. Shively was the son of Christian Shively (1809-1898) and Barbara Ulrey (1806-1880).

Friday, January 20, 2012

Luther C. Shively From Henry County, IN To Riverside County, CA

Sometime between 1910 and 1920 Luther C. Shively moved from Henry County, Indiana to Hemet, Riverside County, California.  Located in The Riverside Daily Press, Riverside, California, Monday Evening, July 25, 1932, Page 8, Column 6:
Has 75 Tons 'Cots He Will Give Needy
(Special Correspondence)  HEMET, July 24 -- L. C. Shively, Hemet apricot grower, has about 75 tons of 'cots at his ranch at the southwest corner of State street and Johnston avenue which he will give away to needy people of the valley.  Those wishing the apricots should bring their boxes or other containers to the ranch and pick what fruit they want, hauling them away themselves.
Mr. Shively had been drying his big crop, but decided that he was losing money on the deal and has since been giving his fruit to all worthy people who will pick them and haul them away.

Luther Shively is living with his parents in Henry County, Indiana in 1880.  Listed on the census in Prairie Township are John age 53 stock dealer, Mary age 51 keeping house, daughter Lina age 25, son Philip age 23, son William J age 22, son Frank age 20, son Charles age 18, daughter Millie age 16, son Luther age 14 and son Salem age 12.  
Approximately 1897 Luther Shively married Lillian Byrikit.  Luther and Lillian are listed on the 1900 and 1910 Henry  County, Indiana census records.  Lillian's mother, Charlotte Byrkit, is living in their household in 1910.

By 1920 Luther and Lillian Shively had moved to Hemet in Riverside County, California.  Lillian Shively passed away in 1928.  From the Riverside Daily Press, Riverside, California, Friday Evening, September 28, 1928, Page 13, Column 5:
Funeral Lillian B. Shively
Funeral services are to be held this afternoon at the Roulston & Harford funeral home for the late Mrs. Lillian B. Shively who passed away Wednesday after an extended illness.  Rev. WIlliam I. Newman of Pilgrim Congregational church will officiate at the service and music will be by members of the choir of that church.  Interment will be made in the Valley cemetery, pallbearers being John L. Woolry, Charles Grainger, L. E. Brockman, H. Cooper, B. F. Trapp and Fred Garbani.
Mrs. Shively was 60 years old and had been a resident of Hemet for the past decade.  She is survived by her husband, L. C. Shively.  The deceased had been seriously ill for some time and had undergone two major operations in the past six months, the second one about six weeks ago, and when she was brought home two weeks ago from the Riverside Community hospital but little hope was held for her recovery.  Mrs. Shively had a large circle of sincere friends who will miss her very much indeed.

Located in The Riverside Daily Press, Friday Evening, January 18, 1929, Page 11, Column 1:
Vital Statistics - Intention To Wed
Luther C. Shively 63, Hemet and Emma Aden 53, Champaign, Illinois
On the 1930 Riverside County, California census in Hemet is the listing for Luther C Shively age 64, Farmer-fruit ranch and wife Emma age 54.

The marriage for Luther Shively and Emma Aden was the second for each.  From the Riverside Daily Press, Saturday Evening, November 29, 1913, Page 1, Column 6:
Worry Over Husband Drives Woman Insane
Sad Case Comes to the Attention of the Court This Morning --Mrs. Aden of Hemet the Victim--Committed to Patton
Worry over the serious illness of her husband and completely exhausted in caring for him during his present illness, was too much for Mrs. Emma Aden, of Hemet, and this morning she was committed to Patton in a serious condition.
Mrs. Aden is a young woman of 35 years, while her husband is 65.  For some time past he has been suffering from gangrene, and the announcement that his case would prove fatal was too much for the patient and loving companion, and she broke down, becoming violent.
She was removed to the county hospital, where it was believed good care and kind treatment would improve her mental condition.  Yesterday, however, it was decided that Patton would be the better place for her, and this morning Doctors Martin and Van Zwalenburg conducted an examination and on their testimony the court committed her to Patton.  It is believed in time she will recover her mind.  The husband, it is said, has but a few days to live so serious in his condition.

The death of Emma Aden's husband, Mimke Aden, is recorded in the Riverside Enterprise, Wednesday, December 17, 1913, Page 2, Columns 4-5:
Death Of Resident
Mimke Aden, for the past three years a resident of Hemet, died at his home on Carmalita street Friday afternoon about 5 o'clock.  The cause of his death was arteriosclerosis with gangrene as a contributing cause.  He had been ill for more than a month and his life had been despaired of for some time.
The deceased retired three years ago from active life and came to Hemet to live.  Last summer he was compelled to undergo and operation on one limb from which he never entirely recovered.  He is survived by a wife and ten children.
The funeral was held Monday afternoon in the First Methodist church and Rev. Harkness conducted the services.  After the funeral services the body was removed to the undertaking parlors of Owen & Turner, where it remained until Tuesday morning, when it was taken to Garrison, Neb., the former home of the deceased.

From the California death records it is listed that Luther C. Shively was born 25-September-1865 and died 4-September-1948.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Frederick Shively And Elizabeth Ream From Stark County, Ohio

The early newspapers in Stark County, Ohio have many articles relating to the surname Shively.  Frederick Shively was born about 1798  and died in Stark County on 29-Oct-1883.  He was married to Elizabeth Ream on 3-Sep-1828.  Frederick was the son of Conrad Shively and Mary Moyer.  The parents of Conrad Shively were John Shively (born 24-Jul-1748, later carried away by Indians) and Eve Shively.
The death of Frederick Shively was recorded in The Canton Daily Repository, Canton, Ohio, Monday evening, 29-Oct-1883, Page 1, Column 6:
Suddenly Called
Mr. Frederick Schively Died After A Few Minutes Sickness
About noon to-day the startling news that Mr. Frederick Shively, of No. 294 South Market street, had dropped dead was current on the street.  A Repository reporter repaired to Mr. Joseph Shively (his son’s) residence, No. 66 East Tuscarawas street, to learn the truth of the rumor, and there, lying cold in death, was the corpse of the well  and favorably known citizen.  He had been up town this morning, and while walking on Seventh street suddenly fell to the pavement.  A passer-by helped the old gentleman up and with difficulty he walked to his son’s residence, and was met by Mrs. Joseph Shively and helped up stairs, this being about 11:15 o’clock.  He sat in a chair for a few moments and then laid down on a bed, saying he was not feeling well.
Dr. Johnson was sent for, but before he arrived he died.  The doctor attributed the sudden demise to paralysis of the heart.
Mr. Shively has been a resident of this city for a great many years and is known by nearly every one, and stood high in the estimation of all who knew him.  He leaves five children to mourn his loss.  The children all well advanced in years.  Mr. Shively was nearly eighty years of age.

Frederick is listed on the 1850 Stark County, Ohio, Nimishillen Township census .  In the household are Fred Shively age 42 a shoemaker, wife Elizabeth age 38, son Seraphin age 13, son Josiah (also listed as Joseph in the records) age 10, son Ed age 5, and daughter Ellenora age 2. 

The obituary for Seraphin Shively was found in The Evening Repository, Monday, August 8, 1892, Page 4, Column 2:
An Aged Citizen Dead
Seraphine Shively Dies At His Home On Jackson Street This Morning – His
Family In Goshen, Ind. And The Time Of The Funeral Not Decided Upon
Mr. Seraphin Shively, aged about 60, an old resident of Canton, died at his home, No. 8 Jackson street, at 10:30 o’clock this morning from neuralgia of the stomach.  Mr. Shively is well known in this city and his many friends will learn with regret of his demise.  His family, excepting his daughter Carrie, are in Goshen, Ind., and until their arrival the time of holding the funeral cannot be decided upon.  He was a man of generous heart and had gained for himself hosts of friends.  To them and his family this will be a sad blow.

The obituary for Josiah Shively was found in The Repository, Wednesday, December 6, 1911, Page 16, Column 4:
Josiah Shively Is Dead At 71 Years
Josiah Shively, 71, died Tuesday night at his home, 219 Hazlette avenue. Bronchial asthma caused his death.  Mr. Shively had lived in Canton since early youth, coming here from Louisville.
He is survived by his wife and two daughters, Mrs. George Sweatt, 721 Fulton street, and Mrs. Ed T. Johnson, 1025 West Fourth street, and three grandchildren.
Funeral services, which will be private, will be held at the residence Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock.  Burial will be in Westlawn cemetery.

Seraphin Shively was married to Francis F. Cunningham.  Her obituary is recorded in The Evening Repository, Wednesday, February 11, 1908, Page 1, Column 6:
Death Of Mrs. Shively From Paralysis – Former Teacher In Public Schools
Mrs. Francis F. Shively, relict of Seraphim Shively died at 5 o’clock, Wednesday morning at her home, 532 South McKinley avenue from paralysis, her father, Thomas Cunningham, was one of the principal builders and contractors many years ago.  Her mother, Mrs. Cunningham, died at Mrs. Shively’s home a few years ago, the oldest person in Canton then.  Mrs. Shively for more than 12 years, was a teacher in the public schools and was popular and efficient, in that capacity.  In 1865 she was married to Seraphim Shively who died in 1892.  Mrs. Shively had four children, Nora C., Caroline E., Fred and Thomas C. Shively, who are living with their mother, the two daughters being school teachers in the city.  When Mrs. Shively was 15 years old she joined the First Baptist church and had at all times been active in Christian work.  One sister, C. B. Campbell, of this city, and Oliver and Henry Cunningham of Indiana, survive.

The children of Seraphin and Frances Shively remained in the Stark County, Ohio area.  The dates of their deaths are recorded as:  Nora C. Shively died 22-June-1940 with burial in Westlawn Cemetery, Canton, Ohio; Caroline E. Shively died 4-May-1952 with burial in Westlawn Cemetery; Fred M Shively died 25-March-1921 with burial in Westlawn Cemetery; and Thomas C. Shively died 24-June-1947 with burial in Westlawn Cemetery.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Anna C. Rhodes Baker Shively Shaw, Wife of David W. Shively, Located Linn County, Kansas In 1900

Anna C. Shively
This 1912 post card was postmarked in Springfield, Missouri.  From the Lawton Constitution-Democrat, Lawton, OK, Thursday, October 8, 1908, Page 11, Column 3:      Woman Preacher Doing Good Work
(article includes picture of Anna C. Shively)
Rev. Anna C. Shively
The Holy Ghost Evangelist
The above is the likeness of the woman evangelist now at the Methodist Protestant Church holding revival meetings.  Mrs. Anna C. Shively is a woman of wide experience in bringing souls to Christ.
She was born in Southeastern Ohio and came to Kansas in 1889 and was licensed to preach in 1897 and ordained in 1904.  She is now a member of the North Illinois conference of the Methodist Protestant Church and was appointed by that body as "Evangelist at large".  About half of her work as a minister began in the evangelistic field and she is by no means a beginner in the work.  She has also served some of the strongest churches of her denomination in Kansas and Illinois.
She was pastor of a very aristocratic church in Chapia, Illinois and it was there a long protest that she persuaded her people that it was best for her to go into the evangelistic field.

Extracted from the Iola Daily Register, Wednesday, September 6, 1905, Page 7, Columns 1-2:
Preachers Met
The Methodist Protestant Conference Opened at LaHarpe Last Night
Hundred Ministers Expected
.....The Ottawa Republic has the following to say of Rev. Anna C. Shively, who is attending the convention:
Rev. Anna C. Shively, pastor of the Methodist Protestant church for four years, left today for the conference at LaHarpe, where it is expected that she will be assigned to a more important field.
In her honor all of the North Ottawa churches united in a union service at her church Sunday evening.  Over 400 persons were present.  Mrs. Shively preached from "The Divine Call", and in  the course of her remarks, by special request told of the manner in which she was called to ministry.
Mrs. Shively's ministerial work here has been one of record-breaking results.  When she came here four years ago the church had a membership of seven; it now affords over 100.  In all its affairs, temporal as well as spiritual, conditions are now very satisfactory.  Under Mrs. Shively's efforts a large debt has been paid off and in addition the church buildings and the parsonage have been extensively repaired.
Mrs. Shively has not confined her efforts for humanity exclusively to her denominational charge; she has been an active co-worker with all who are engaged in reform and charitable effort.   She has been especially of great help to the W.C.T.U.  She has many warm friends throughout the city.

Anna C. Shively is found on the 1900 Linn County, Kansas, Sheridan Township, Prescott City census.  Listed in the household are David W. Shively born July 1859, wife Anna C. born April 1856, stepdaughter Myrtle Baker born April 1882 and William L. Baker born April 1887.  
Rev. Ann Shively is listed on the 1905 Franklin County, Kansas state census.  Listed in her household is William Baker.  
By 1910 Anna C. Shively has moved to Illinois.  On the 1910 census she is listed as a widow and occupation of Pastor of a church.  She is listed on the 1910 Hancock County, Illinois, Rock Creek Township, Ferris Village census.  

David W. Shively is located on the 1880 Daviess County, IN, VanBuren Township, census.  He is enumerated in the household of Andrew J Smiley and is listed as a farm laborer.
David W. Shively is located in the household of his parents on the 1870 Daviess County, IN, VanBuren Township census.  Listed are Henry S Shively age 23(but should be 33), wife Mary age 23 (but should be 33), David W age 11, Willet age 9, Mary age 8, Jane age 4 and Henry B age 74.
On the 1860 Daviess County, IN census David W age 1 is listed with his parents Henry age 23 and Mary age 22.
The father and grandfather of David W. Shively are found on the 1850 Daviess County, IN census.  In this household are Henry Shively age 51(grandfather of David), Mary age 49, Susan age 27, John age 21, William age 17 and Henry age 14(father of David). From documented research it is known that Henry S. Shively, son of the Reverend Henry B. and Mary Hunter Shively, was born 4 September 1836 in Orange County, IN.  He married Mary Herron on 29 August 1858 in Daviess County, IN.   Henry B. Shively was the son of Henry Shively and Mary Banta and was born 1 January 1799 in Shelby County, KY

The death certificate for Anna C Rhodes Baker Shively Shaw was located in the Missouri records.  She died in Greene County, Missouri on 16 October 1937.  She was born 25 April 1857.  Her parents are W. W. Rhodes born in the District of Columbia and Cynthia Morris born in Ohio.  The informant for the death certificate was Mrs. Myrtle Parkhurst (Myrtle Baker).  
It has been suggested but not verified that Anna C Rhodes married 1st Gameliel Baker in 1875 in Noble County, Ohio.  It is has not be located where Anna C. married 2nd David W. Shively. Her 3rd marriage to a Mr. Shaw has not been located.  

Anna C. Shaw is located on the 1930 Greene County, Missouri, city of Springfield, census.  She is listed as being 73, a widow, married at age 19.  This age of marriage agrees with the marriage date in Noble County, Ohio.