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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Daniel Shively Who Lived in Franklin County, Virginia

A Shively researcher working on the Daniel Shively lineage in Franklin County, Virginia is asking for help.  There are two Daniel Shively's listed on the 1850 Franklin County census records with the same names in each household.  After 1860 only one Daniel Shively family appears on the records.  If you have additional information and can help with this research please reply to blog article.

On the 1850 Franklin County, Virginia census, dated 29-Oct-1860,Written 269, Stamped page 135, Family Number 1109 is Daniel Shively (Daniel's son) age 56 (born ca 1794), wife Catharine age 56 (born ca 1794), daughter Sarah age 15 (born ca. 1836)  Interesting that for some reason the census taker identified this Daniel Shively as Daniel's son.  The entry before Daniel is Sparell Janney age 42 and wife Elizabeth age 37 and family.    The second entry for Daniel Shively is dated 29-Oct-1860, Written 270, Family Number 1117 with entry Daniel Shively age 60 (born ca 1790), wife Catharine age 50 (born ca 1800), and daughter Sarah age 20 (born ca 1830).  The household listed after this Daniel Shively is Fleming Shively age 27 and his wife Celia A. E. age 16.
Listed on the 1860 S. W. District, Franklin County, Virginia, Post Office Long Branch census is Daniel Shiveley Sr. age 63 (born ca 1797) and wife Catharine age 61 (born ca 1799). 

Listed on the 1880 Franklin County, Virginia census is the household of Fleming Shively age 46, wife Elender age 37, daughter Octavia age 13, daughter Josephine age 11, daughter Victoria age 9, daughter Adline age 6, daughter Sarah age 4, Flemings father Daniel age 74 (born ca 1796) and Flemings mother Catharine age 68 (born ca 1802).

Catherine Shively is listed on the 1880 Franklin County, Virginia census in the household of Norman Sigman age 48, wife Sally age 46 (born ca 1834) with children and mother-in-law Catharine Shively age 82 (born ca 1798).  From the records Sarah Shively born 7-Jun-1833 died 29-Jul-1908 married Norman Taliaferro Sigman(Sigmon).

The following information is found in Across The Blue Ridge by Billie Redding Lewis, Page 126 is the following:
Daniel Shively born ca. 1794; died after 1870 census; married on 13-Jan-1818 to Catharine RIchards, daughter of John, surety by P. Howard.   Daniel lived in Montgomery County, Va in 1820; returned to Franklin County and in 1870 he and his wife with living with son Fleming.
Son, Fleming Shively was born ca. 1823; married 17-May-1850 married to Celia Ann Janney.
From Page 124 it is written that this Daniel Shively was the son of John Shively, progenitor of Franklin County, Virginia Shivelys was born ca. 1755 in Penn. or Maryland; died between August and November, 1834, in Franklin County; married 1st unknown; married 2nd Susannah (Crist) Gusler (said to have been born on 13-Aug-1763) widow of Christian Frederick Guslter.  Susannah died sometime between 1834, at the time of her husband's will and 1853, when the estate was being divided among the four sons.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Susan Shively, Daughter Of William And Nancy Shively, Who Lived In Jefferson County, Kentucky

George C. Smoot Death Certificate
Susan Shively was born ca. 1834 in Jefferson County, KY and may have died in 1873. She was the daughter of William Shively and Nancy Erickson (Earickson). Susan was a brother to Norborn E. Shively who was the subject of last weeks blog. Susan married George C. Smoot who was born 6-Sep-1833 and died 28-Jan-1917. George Smoot was the son of Philip Barton Smoot and his first wife Mary Elizabeth King. The Shively and Smoot families were neighbors in early Louisville.  Note that on the death certificate for George C. Smoot that his mother is listed as Susan Shively. This was his wife and not his mother.

Children of George C. Smoot and Susan Shively include William M. born 16-Nov-1864 died 22-Apr-1916, Philip B. born 20-Apr-1865 died 16-Sep-1923, John K. born 1867 and died 20-Nov-1951, Nannie born 1870, Mary B. born 9-Aug-1871 died 30-Mar-1943, and Emma born 31-Oct-1873 died 22-Jan-1897.  

The following information was found in The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky, Friday, July 5, 1912, Page 10, Column 3:
Aged Man Hurt When Platform Gives Way
George Smoot, 78 Years Old, Seriously Injured, But No Bones Are Broken
George Smoot, aged 78, a farmer, was seriously injured at 9 o'clock last Wednesday night when the stairway of his residence in Pleasure Ridge Park gave way, carrying Smoot, who was standing on the landing at the time, with it. Smoot fell fourteen feet and was rendered unconscious by the fall.
Relatives inside the residence heard the crash of the falling stairway, and upon investigating saw the old man lying unconscious on the ground. He was carried inside and a physician was called to attend him.  Although no bones are broken, Mr. Smoot may be internally injured.
The stairway runs along the outside of the residence, and leads to a small doorway. The platform at the top, on which Mr. Smoot was standing, was weak and gave way from his weight. After being taken into his home he was unconscious for about three hours.

Located in The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky, Monday, January 29, 1917, Page 6, Column 7:
George Smoot, Shively's Oldest Resident, Dies
George C. Smoot, the oldest resident of Shively, Ky., and one of the best known farmers of Jefferson county, who was taken ill last Sunday while on a visit to his daughter, Mrs. Frank Ashby, 1212 South Fifteenth street, died shortly before 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon of pneumonia at the city hospital. Mr. Smoot was the father of Philip Smoot, police chauffeur at Central Police Station. The funeral will be held at 9 o'clock to-morrow from the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Ashby, with burial in the old Smoot burying ground near Shively, Ky.
Mr. Smoot was born near Shively eighty-four years ago and had lived in that section all of his life. He was a blacksmith and farmer, having retired a few years ago. His wife was the daughter of the late Col. Shively, after whom the town was named and whose home place adjoined that of the Smoots. Mr. Smoot was a lifelong Democrat. He is survived by two sons, Philip and John K. Smoot, of this city, and his daughter, Mrs. Ashby.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Norborn E. Shively And Wife Parmelia Williamson Who Lived In Jefferson County, Kentucky

Shively/Williamson Marriage 
A Shively researcher is asking for additional help locating when and where Norborn E. Shively might have died. If anyone has additional information please add a comment to this post. Norborn E. Shively was born ca. 1824 in Jefferson County, KY.   He was the son of William Shively and Nancy Erickson.  Norborn married Parmelia Williamson born ca. 1828 and died 12-Aug1885.  She was the daughter of Joseph Williamson and Susan.  

Parmelia Shively August 1885 Death Record
Listed on the 1860 City of Louisville, 8th Ward, Jefferson County census is the household of Joseph Williamson, his wife and children and Norbin Shively age 35 and a factory hand, wife Permelia age 33 and a seamstress, daughter Blanche age 5 and son John age 2.  Listed on the 1870 Shiveleys Precinct, Jefferson County, KY census is the household of N. Shivley age 45 and a farmer, wife Amelia age 41, daughter Blanche age 15, son John age 12 and son William age 9. Listed on the 1880 Johnsontown Mag. District, Jefferson County, KY census is the household of Norbon Shively age 56 and a farmer, wife Parmelia age 51, daughter Blanche age 23 and son John age 21 a farm laborer.

The August 1885 Jefferson County, KY Mortuary Records list Parmelia Shively on the August 1885 deaths.  Parmelia's sister Ellen D. Williamson Saltmarsh is the entry preceeding Parmelia's entry.  Following is the second page which lists the place of burial for Parmelia but cannot be determined by this researcher where this cemetery is located.  The following

newspaper death was located in The Courier Journal, Louisville, Kentucky, Thursday, August 13, 1885, Page 2, Column 2:
Died On A Visit
Mrs. Shively, who resided in the county, died at 8 o'clock last night, at the residence of her sister. Mrs. Saltmarsh, who lives on the corner of Twenty-ninth street and Portland avenue. Mrs. Saltmarsh has been suffering from consumption, and her sister came to visit her. A week ago the latter was attacked by acute diarrhea, which resulted in death last night. Night before last Mrs. Shively took too heavy an injection of laudanum, but her physician, Dr. Ray, thinks it had nothing to do with her death, as the injection was not heavy enough to make her lose consciousness.

A will was probated in Jefferson County, KY for Parmelia Williamson Shively's sister, Ellen D. Williamson Saltmarsh.  The following was extracted from The Courier Journal, Louisville, Kentucky, Tuesday, August 25, 1885, Page 8, Column 2:
Ellen D. Saltmarsh, bequeaths $300 each to her sisters, Elizabeth F. and Emma Williamson; her gold spectacles and watch and $100 to her sister, Margaret Whittingham. She gives her sister, Permalia Shively, $50, and her brother, John Williamson, $100. She gives her household effects to her sisters, Elizabeth and Emma. J. U. Shaffer is appointed executor and instructed to erect a $50 tombstone at her grave. He is also instructed to retain $50 to defray the funeral expenses of her father, Joseph Williamson.

From the KY Death Certificates it is listed that John Shively, the son of Norborn and Parmelia Shively, was born on 27-May-1858 in Jefferson County, KY.  He died 4-Jul-1941 in the home for aged and infirm in Jefferson County.  The daughter of Norborn and Parmelia Shively was Blanche Erickson Shively who was born on 24-Oct-1856 and died 6-Aug-1947 in Jefferson County, KY.  She was married to Murray Wilkerson on 27-Dec-1880 in Jefferson County, KY. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Claude Houston Shively Who Lived In Iowa, Florida, California And Arizona

Help has been requested by a Shively researcher.  If anyone can help find when and where Claude Houston Shively died please reply to this blog.  The following information was found for this genealogy search.

Claude Houston Shively was born on 19-Feb-1876 in Iowa, the son of Joseph H. Shively and his second wife, Elnora E. Simpson.  His grandparents were John B. Shively and Sarah Heaverin from Taylor County, Kentucky.  Claude Houston Shively had one sister Helen A. Shively who married Albertus Lafferty.  He had three half sisters; Corda Mae Shively who married David Barton Penniman, Gertrude Shively who married Lowell H. Jones and Alma D. Shively who died young.  They were the daughters of Joseph H. Shively and his first wife, Nancy Elizabeth Shipp.  

Claude is listed in the household of his parents on the 1880 Town of Shelby, Shelby County, Iowa census as Joseph H. Shively, age 35, postmaster, wife Elnora E. age 25 and son Claude H. age 3.  Listed in the 1900 20th Precinct, City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida census Claud Shively is a boarder, age 24 and working in a box factory.  The 1907 newspaper obituary for his half sister, Corda Mae Shively Penniman lists that Claude is living in Santa Monica, CA.  Listed on the 1910 Yavapai County,  Arizona census Claude H. is a roomer, age 32 and a farm laborer.  Listed on the 1920 Florence City, Pinal County, Arizona census Claude is a roomer, age 43 and a carpenter.  On the 1930 Parker Precinct, Yuma County, Arizona Claud H. is age 53 and a building foreman. Claude H. Shively could not be found on a 1940 census record.

The following newspaper article was extracted from The Tampa Tribune, Tampa, Florida, Tuesday, November 4, 1902, Page 1, Column 5:
Symmes Victim Of Accidental Shot
Popular Merchant Instantly Killed While Hunting Sunday - His Bookkeeper Stumbled And Gun Was Discharged - Deplorable Tragedy Resulted
C. H. Symmes, of the Symmes' Hardware Company, one of Tampas leading merchants, was accidentally shot and instantly killed Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, while with a camping party thirteen miles north of the city. A heavy charge of shot from the gun of C. H. Shively, the bookkeeper of the Symmes business, entered the body of the unfortunate man near the left shoulder, penetrating his heart.
The camping party, which was marred by the sad tragedy, left the city early Sunday morning to hunt game.  In the party were Isaac Maas, Chas. A. McKay, James West, C. H. Shively and Mr. Symmes.
While endeavoring to get a shot at a squirrel, Mr. Shively's foot caught in a bush, and he fell. Just as he fell his gun was discharged, and Mr. Symmes, who was walking about six feet in advance of his bookkeeper, received the entire load, falling instantly dead.
Brought To The City
The body was brought to the city and placed at the undertaking establishment of Undertaker Reed. Mr Shively, who was prostrated with grief, was given medical attention, and Messrs McKay and Maas went to the home of the deceased and broke the sad news to Mrs. Symmes, who sorrow was pitiful to behold.
The funeral will occur this morning at 9:30, from the residence, corner of Sixth avenue and Morgan street. Rev. J. G. Anderson, of the First Presbyterian church, will conduct the service. Hillsborough Lodge of Masons, of which the deceased was a prominent member, will officiate at the grave, in Oaklawn cemetery.
Deeply Deplored
The deplorable tragedy has caused universal expressions of regret, and Mr. Shively, who had been one of Mr. Symmes' closest friends, is grief-stricken almost to the verge of madness.
Mr. Symmes leaves a wife and little daughter. He was the son of Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Symmes, of Peru, on of the most prominent families of Florida. Three brothers survive him. His mother arrived yesterday morning, and Dr. Symmes, the father, arrived last night.

The following article was found in The Tampa Tribune, Tampa, Florida, Wednesday, January 21, 1903, Page 2, Column 1:
Are Not Married
Reports Having Been Circulated That Mrs. Symmes And Man Who Accidentally Killed Her Husband Had Married, Tribune Obtains Positive Denial
Tribune Bureau,
1411 Seventh Avenue,
There has seldom, in the history of Tampa been a tragedy that has caused more widespread regret than the accidental shooting of G. H. Symmes by his confidential clerk and close personal friend, Claude H. Shively.  Both parties well-known if Tampa and throughout South Florida, and have numerous friends, who were shocked at the occurrence of this deplorable accident.
For some time previous to the tragedy, Mr. Shively had been closely connected with Mr. Symmes in the capacity of a confidential employe. He entered into the closest confidence of his chief, and on all occasions proved that confidence had not been misplaced. Never, in any business house in the city was to be found an employe more devoted to the interests of his employer, and Mr. Shively occupied the position more of a younger relative than of an employe.
Since the occurrence of the deplorable accident, Mr. Shively has continued to conduct the business of the Symmes Hardware Company, and has discharged every duty incumbent upon him in the management of its affairs with the same faithfulness and care that previously characterized his every effort. That the position and surroundings were anything but congenial, can be surmised, but Mr. Shively has manfully continued to use his best efforts to continue the business to the best interests of the widow and her children.
The fact that Mr. Shively continued as the nominal head of the Symmes Hardware Company, has occasioned at times some little comment and surprise. Latterly, rumors have been extant to the effect the Mr. Shively and Mrs. Mattie H. Symmes, the widow of the dead man, had been married.
The records of the county judge were searched for the record of a marriage license having been issued for the parties named, but without avail. For a time, this satisfied public gossip, but latterly the statement had been circulated that they had gone to another county, and had there been married.
Yesterday a Tribune man called upon Mr. Shively at his place of business, and after explaining his errand, as a newspaper man, asked Mr. Shively if he was aware of the circulation of rumors regarding his alleged marriage to Mrs. Symmes.
Mr. Shively was deeply affected by the queries as propounded by the reporter, and displayed considerable emotion in answering.
"I have been aware that such rumors were in circulation," said Mr. Shively, "and they have caused me much sadness and annoyance. I have been tempted at times to correct the rumors through the medium of the press, but personal friends, who felt as deeply as myself the rather unpleasant view in which these rumors placed me before the public eye, persuaded me to let them die a natural death, when time should have shown how utterly without foundation they were. Not to me alone have these rumors been the cause of much disquietude, but to Mrs. Symmes and her children, the latter having experienced some of the effects of the reports in their school.
"I am more than pleased that you have called upon me, and now that you have stated the reason of your visit, I freely invite you to ask any question that would tend to settle this matter conclusively."
"Is it a fact, Mr. Shively, that you have been out of Hillsborough county recently?" was asked.
"No, sir" was the prompt repsonse, "I have not been outside of Hillsborough county in two months."
"Do you know whether or not Mrs. Symmes has been out of the county recently?"
"It is my opinion that she has not."
"Have you and Mrs. Symmes, together, been out of the county recently?"
"No, most emphatically, no."
"Mr. Shively," said the Tribune man, "I would now like to ask you a point blank question: Are you and Mrs. Symmes married?"
"No, most emphatically, we are not, and what is more, are not likely to be. I hope that you will make this answer emphatic that the public may know the actual truth of the matter. It has caused both Mrs. Symmes, her family, myself, and our friends untold suffering and sadness, and I trust that you will so place my answer before the public that there will be no further question. The continuation of such rumors as these can only reflect upon my integrity as a man, and I sincerely trust that with this denial that the public will rest thoroughly satisfied. I cannot but feel that an injustice has been done all parties concerned in the circulation of these rumors and I sincerely thrust that the publication of these statements, will forever settle the matter in the public mind."

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Henry Shively And Wife Christina Engler Who Lived In Sandusky County, Ohio

Henry Shively was born 5-Oct-1816 in Union County, PA and died 30-Aug-1903 in Fremont, Sandusky County, OH.  He was married on 31-Dec-1844 to Christina Engler. Christina was born on 9-Sep-1824 in Fherstaedten, Baden, Germany and died 15-Sep-1892.  

Listed on the 1850 Fremont Dist. No 132, Sandusky County, OH census is the household of Henry Shively age 34 a carpenter, his wife Christina age 26, daughter Catharine H age 3, Melina age 1, Jackson Berry age 22 a carpenter, Jacob Berry age 20, Jefferson Berry age 17 and Rasine Shoemaker age 16.  On the 1860 town of Fremont, Sandusky County, OH census is the household of Henry Shively age 48, wife Christina age 38, daughter Catherine age 13, daughter Emile age 11, son Joseph age 9, son Henry age 5, son Joseph F age 3, Moses age 32 a carpenter and Samuel Miller age 19. Found on the 1870 2nd Ward City of Fremont, Sandusky County is the household of Henry Shively age 58 a carpenter, wife Christena age 46, son Frank age 19, son Samuel age 15, daughter Sophia age 12, son George age 10 and son Sherman age 4.  Listed on the 1880 2nd Ward City of Fremont, Sandusky County, OH is the family of Henry Shively age 55 a carpenter, wife Amelia age 50, son Samuel age 26, son George age 19, son Sherman age 15 daughter Amelia age 27 and daughter Sophia age 23, G A Francis age 40 a carpenter and his wife Louise age 27.  

Extracted from the Fremont Daily News, Monday, August 31, 1903, Page 2, Column 4:
An Aged Pioneer Dead
Henry Shively, age aged citizen and pioneer of the city, died at his late residence, corner Cherry and Lynn streets, Sunday at noon in the 87th year of his age, after a short illness. Although not in robust health owing to his advanced years, a stroke of paralysis which he suffered last Thursday was the immediate cause of his death.
Mr. Shively was born in Buffalo Valley, Union county, Pa., Oct. 5, 1816, married to Christina Engler, Dec. 31, 1844, who died Sept. 15, 1892. To them were born eight children, six of whom are now living ---Catherine Kuns, Amelia Walborn, Samuel, Sophia Hufford, George and Sherman, also there are surviving 24 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
The funeral services will be held at the residence Wednesday at 2 p.m., under the auspices of Fort Stephenson lodge, No. 225, F. & A.M., of which he was for many years a member. Rev. D. H. Bailey will officiate and interment will be made in Oakwood.
For the approaching Pioneer picnic Mr. Shively had started to prepare a paper, but death stepped in and relieved him of his assumed duty. He was well and favorably known to many residents of town and country as a good and upright man, hard-working, industrious citizen, kind husband and father, and by his death, the family and a large circle of friends and acquaintances have occasion to mourn deeply.

Much appreciation to the staff of the Rutherford B. Hayes Library for extracting the following newspaper obituaries.  The following obituary was extracted from the Fremont Weekly Journal, Wednesday, September 16, 1892, Page 3, Column 2:
Death Of Mrs. Henry Shively
Mrs. Christina Shively, wife of Henry Shively, died at her home, corner of Lynn and Cherry streets, in Fremont, Ohio, Thursday morning, September 15, 1892, aged 68 years and 6 days.
Mrs. Shively's maiden name was Christina Engler. She was the daughter of George and Magdalena Engler, and was born in Baden, Germany. In September, 1834, she came with her parents to this country and settled in this county, where she ever afterwards resided. Four brothers and four sisters survive her.
She was married to Henry Shively in 1845. Eight children were born to them. A son, Joseph Franklin, died a few years since, and one child died in infancy. Her husband and six children survive. The children are: Katie, wife of John Koons; Amelia, wife of Israel Walborn; Samuel H. Shively; Sophia, wife of Wm. Hufford; George E. and Sherman Shively.
Mrs. Shively had been a member of St. John's Lutheran Church since her youth, and lived an exemplary, useful Christian life. Her death is deeply mourned by a large circle of relatives and friends.
The funeral services will be held from the residence Sunday at 10:30 a.m., Rev. G. Mochel, pastor of St. John's Church, will officiate. The interment will be in Oak Wood Cemetery.

Located in the Fremont Daily News, Sunday, September 20, 1892, Page 5, Column 3:
Christina, spouse of Henry Shively, a daughter of Geo. and Magdalena Engler, departed from this life at her home of Lynn and Cherry streets in Fremont, Ohio, Thursday morning at one o'clock, Sept. 15, 1892, at the age of 68 years and 6 days.  She was born Sept. 9, 1824, in Fehrstaedten, Baden, Germany. She was baptized in infancy, and thus received into the grace of God. In Sept., 1834, she came with her parents to America, and lived with them in Sandusky Co., Ohio. Having been instructed in the religion of Christ by Rev. H. Lang, deceased, and upon confession of faith she was confirmed by him in St. John's church Mary 24, 1863, and thus received into the Evangelical Lutheran Church, of which she was a member to her death. December 3, 1844, she entered the holy estate of matrimony with H. Shively, Rev. H. Lang performing the ceremony. God blessed them with 8 children, 5 sons and 3 daughters.  She was preceded by 2 sons, 1 brother, 2 sisters and 5 grand-children. Leaves her husband, 3 sons, 3 daughters, 3 sons-in-law, 2 daughters-in-law, 15 grand children, 4 brothers, 4 sisters and many other more distant relatives. Funeral services were held Sunday morning at the residence in German and English, Rev. G. Mochel officiating. Interment at Oakwood.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Samuel H. Shively And Wife, Anna W. Hubbell Who Lived In Sandusky County, Ohio

Samuel H Shively Death Certificate
Samuel H. Shively was born 23-Feb-1855 in Fremont, Sandusky County, OH and died 8-Nov-1829 in Fremont, Sandusky County, OH. Samuel was the son of Henry Shively and Christina Engler.  He was married in Lucas County, OH on 8-Sep-1881 to Anna W. Hubbell.  She was born on 25-Sep-1860 in Lucas County, OH and died on 28-Sep-1836 in Sandusky County, OH.

Listed on the 1880 2nd Ward, City of Fremont, Sandusky County, OH census is the household of Henry Shively age 55 a carpenter, wife Amelia age 50, son Samuel age 26 an architect, son George age 19 a carpenter, son Sherman age 15, daughter Amelia age 27 and daughter Sophia age 23 a dress maker. On the 1900 2nd Ward, Fremont, Sandusky County, OH census is the household of Samuel H. Shively born Feb-1855 age 45, wife Anna W. born Sep-1861 age 38, married 19 years having born 5 children with 4 of those living, son Leroy H. born Aug-1882 age 17, daughter Gertrude M. born Dec-1884 age 15, daughter Laura M. born Feb-1893 age 7 and son Chester H. born Sep-1895 age 4. Listed on the 1910 Fremont, Sandusky County, OH census is the family of S. H. Shively age 54, wife Anna W. age 48, daughter Gertrude M. age 25, daughter Laura M. age 17 and son Chester H. age 14.

Extracted from The News-Messenger, Fremont, Ohio, Friday, November 8, 1929, Page 1, Column 2:
S. H. Shively Dies Suddenly
S. H. Shively, 74, prominent architect of Fremont, and a leading citizen, died quite suddenly this noon at the family home, 1308 west state street, of a heart attack, following an extended illness with heart trouble. He had been confined to his bed the last four weeks and, while his condition was serious, his death, however, came unexpectedly.
The body was removed to the Ochs mortuary to prepare for burial and will be taken back to the late residence this evening. No funeral arrangements have yet been made.
Samuel H. Shively was born in Fremont on February 23, 1855, a son of Henry and Christina Engler Shively, early pioneers of the city. He always resided in this city, growing to young manhood here, and on September 8, 1881, marrying Miss Anna W. Hubbell of Maumee, O. Their wedding was solemnized in the Methodiest church of that place and the groom brought his bride to Fremont for her future home.
Mr. Shively was the father of five children, four of whom survive him, together with his wife and mother. One daughter, Ida, died in infancy. Those living are R. H. Shively of Scranton, Pa; Mrs. P. L. Bollen, Mrs. Dawson Eisenhour and C. H. Shively, all of Fremont. There is one grandchild, Miss Elizabeth Shively of Scranton, Pa., together with one sister and one brother, Mrs. Sophia Hufford of Fremont, and George E. Shively of McCoy, Ore.  A very large relationship will also mourn his death.
Mr. Shively had been a leading architect in Fremont for almost half a century. It would have been 48 years in December that Mr. Shively opened his office in this city, and it has never been closed  a day. At the time of his death, his son, C. H. Shively was associated with him in the business, having been his father's partner for the last 12 years. Together they designed all of the new school buildings of the city and have the contract for the new junior high to be erected next spring. Mr. Shively also designed the new additions to the Fremont high school building.
Other structures designed by him were the handsome new St. John's Lutheran church, St. Mark's Lutheran church, St. Ann's Catholic church, St. Joseph's school and countless other buildings, both of a public and private character. He was a skilled artist in his profession, and his work always stood the test of time. The son, C. H. Shively, plans to carry on the work begun by his father and will continue at the Shively office.
Mr. Shively was a Mason by lodge affiliations, and his funeral will likely be under Masonic auspices. He was a kind and devoted husband and father, in his home, and, although much in the public eye, by reason of the important work of his profession, he still was a very retiring and unassuming man. He had hosts of friends who will regret to learn of his death and who will offer sympathy to the bereaved family.

Located in The News-Messenger, Fremont, Ohio, Thursday, October 1, 1936, Page 2, Column 1:
Mrs. Anna Shively
Last rites were conducted at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday for Mrs. Anna Hubbell Shively, 76, widow of S. H. Shively and mother of Chester H. Shively, well known Fremont architect, who passed away suddenly Monday morning in her home at 1308 west State street. Services conducted by the Rev. S. T. Walker, pastor of the Hayes Memorial Methodist church, were held from the residence. Interment was in Oakwood cemetery.
Pallbearers were: Albert Britton, of Toledo; Sherman Hufford, Alfred Worman, C. B. Wisborn, W. H. Weinhardt and Stanley Wolfe, all of Fremont.
Among the large attendance of friends and relatives at the funeral were Harry Smith, Sr. and Harry Smith, Jr., of Cleveland; Quincy Britton, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Britton, Mrs. Jeanette Much, Miss Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Bartelle, and Harry Harvey, all of Toledo; Mrs. S. T. Jordan, Mrs. Millard Hire and Nelson Jordan, of Sandusky.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

George W. Shiveley, 1st Wife Sarah A. Gibson And 2nd Wife, Eliza Jane Arbuckle Who Lived In Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Oliver Shiveley, Sr Death Certificate
George W. Shiveley was born ca. 1837 and died 27-Feb-1892 in Beaver County, PA. He married 1st Sarah A. Gibson who was born ca. 1842 and died in 1872. George married 2nd Eliza Jane who was born ca. 1837 and died 21-Sep-1902 in Beaver County, PA.  George Shiveley and Sarah Gibson had at least the following children: 1) John B. born 10-May-1866 and died 5-Jul-1940, 2) William born 1869 and died 15-Jan-1927 and 3) George born 1871. George Shively and Eliza Jane Arbuckle had at least the following children: 1) James Arbuckle born 3-Jun-1873 and died 8-Jan-1957, 3) Marmer or Marion born 1878, and Lawrence born 16-Sep-1881 and died 5-Apr-1881.  Living in the household of George and Eliza Shiveley on the census records is Oliver Shiveley born 13-May-1875 and died 4-Jul-1963.  On his death certificate his parents are listed as George W. Shiveley and Sarah Ecoff.  

George Shiveley enlisted on 8-Jul-1861 at Granville, Tippecanoe County, IN in the 19 Indiana Infantry and was discharged on 4-Apr-1862 with a disability listed as asthma. He enlisted on 25-Aug-1862 at Pavonia, Richland County, OH in the 7 Ohio Infantry and was discharged on 12-Jan-1863 on a disability. On the 1860 Huntington County, IN census is George Shiveley age 21 and a brick maker. On the 1870 Bridgewater Borough, Beaver County, PA is the household of George Shiveley age 29, wife Sarah age 27, son John B age 4 and son William age 2.  George is listed as a brick moulder.  On the 1880 Beaver County, PA census is the household of George Shivelay age 42 a brick moulder, wife Eliza J age 40, son John age 14, son William age 11, son George age 9, son James age 7, son Oliver age 5 and son Mariner age 2. Listed on the 1900 Bridgewater Borough, Beaver County, PA census is the household of Eliza Jane Shiveley born Jul-1839, son Oliver born May-1876 and son Lawrence born Sep-1881.  

Many thanks of appreciation are given to the staff at the Beaver County Historical Society for assisting in finding the Beaver County obituaries for this research.  Eliza Jane Shively left a will  which was probated in Beaver County on 1-Oct-1902.  The following newspaper obituary for Eliza Jane Arbuckle Shiveley is as follows:
(From Thursdays Daily)
Mrs. Eliza Jane Shively
Mrs. Eliza Jane Shively, widow of the late George W. Shively, of Bridgewater, died at her home in Mulberry street, Wednesday Sept. 21, 1902 at 1 p.m. in her 65th year. Mrs. Shively had resided in Bridgewater most of her life. She was a daughter of James Arbuckle. She was a member of the First M. E., and is survived by her sons, James, Oliver, Lawrence and Marmer and step-sons, John, George and William. Two sisters, Mrs. Hartley resides in Idaha and Mrs. Mericher in California.  Funeral services will be conducted at the First M.E. church Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment at Beaver cemetery.

The following obituary was found for Oliver Shiveley, Sr:
Oliver Shiveley, Sr.
Oliver Shiveley, Sr. of 314 Fifth St., Beaver, died unexpectedly Thursday morning in his home of a heart attack.
He was born May 13, 1876 in West Bridgewater, a son of the late George and Sara Ecoff Shiveley, and was a resident of Beaver for 43 years.
Mr. Shively was a retired employe of the Kidd Drawn Steel Division of H. K. Porter Company in West Aliquippa.
He was also a member of the First Methodist Church of West Bridgewater.
Surviving are his wife, Melva Atkins Shively; two sons, Oliver H. Jr and DuWayne C. Shiveley, both of Beaver; and three grandchildren.
Friends will be received in the J. T. Anderson, Jr. Funeral Home, 205 College Ave., Beaver this evening from 7 to 9 and Saturday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m.

Extracted from the Beaver County, PA newspapers is the following:
Bridgewater's Oldest Resident Dies, Was Prominent In Community Affairs
James Arbuckle Shiveley, 83, 599 Market street, Bridgewater, who had the distinction of being Bridgewater's oldest resident to have been born there and never left, died this morning in Beaver Valley hospital after a short illness.
A son of the late George and Eliza Jane Shiveley, he was born June 3, 1873, and retired three years ago after working for the Keystone Bakery for 53 years. Secretary of the Bridgewater school board for 34 years, Mr. Shiveley, was a member of the Methodist church there, its official board and served as president of the Beaver Valley Holiness association for nine years.
Survivors are a daughter, Miss Blanche Shiveley, at home, and two brothers, Oliver, of Beaver, and Marion, of East Liverpool. His wife, Mrs. Ida Masters Shiveley, died in 1948.
Friends will be received at the residence after 7:30 o'clock tonight.