This site was created by Larry Shively who is researching the history of the Shively families. The goal is to have a site where all Shively researchers can share and ask questions in regards to their Shively lines. The largest majority of the Shively family records are located in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. There are early records of Shively's also in Virginia and Kentucky. There are not many established Shively lineages back to Europe. There are documented lineages to Switzerland and Germany. Through the sharing of information from all of our research it is desired that all can learn about our Shively families.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My First Shively Family Genealogy Blog

Family Of Henry Rice Shively

   The Shively families have been fortunate to have researchers who have preserved their work for future generations.  A few of those published genealogy records include:  Schaublin (Shively) Families from the District of Waldenburg, Baselland, Swizerland by George W. Andrews, 1978;  The Family of Jacob Schaublin and Maria Martin, Waldenburg, Switzerland, 1650 and Their Shively, Shiveley, Shivley Descendants, A History Compiled By Our Families and Friends, Editor A. Shivley Freed; Descendants of Christian Shively Of Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co. and Later York Twp., York Co., Penna.,  Arthur G. Black, 1941;  Descendants of Henry and Mary Banta Shively by Lottie Compton McDowell, 1972 and Henry Shively and John Wesley Shively, Sons Of Jacob B. and Anna Mavity Shively of Duois County, Indiana by Margaret Shively Smith and Helen Shively Satzler, 1980.  
        From these family histories I have learned that the Shively families did not let fear of the unknown stop them from bettering themselves.  We have documentation of the families leaving Europe and arriving in America as early as 1738 and 1749.   It is known that Shively's were in Kentucky between 1780 and 1790 when it was still a wilderness.   
     There are still many of the Shively historians who are independently doing research and documenting their work.  With the advances in technology and our ability to share information it has been my desire to create a Shively Family Genealogy blog for the purpose of sharing.  It is desired that this blog be used by anyone interested in researching the Shively surname.    The more we share information the more that can be accomplished.  If you are searching for a Shively ancestor or have information on a line that you want to share please contact me.   I am including links to web sites that have been helpful to my past research.
       I am indebted to cousin F. J. Luke for the picture of the family of Henry Rice Shively.  In the picture clockwise starting at the top are:  Wesley Barton Shively, Herschel Thomas Shively, Shelby Owen Shively, Vincil Elbert Shively, and Mary Rose Shively.  Herschel Thomas Shively was my grandfather. He and the brothers and sister are now deceased.  I continue my Shively research for him, the memories he has left, and our future generations.


  1. This looks fantastic Larry! Good job!

  2. What a lovely blog! I have spent so much time researching the Shively Family...looking for a maiden name of a Emeline Shively married to L.M. Schively. Mr Shively was born abt. 1824 in PA, I can't find anything for him prior to 1860, I can't even find his 1st name, his 1st child was born in KY and the rest were born in IN. He was not present in the 1870 census, however his wife and children were...I realize this is a lot of work just to find the surname of his wife, but I am so entrenched in the Shively history now, I am intrigued! Do you have any suggestions? I have searched the links that you have posted on your blog, and every tree I can think of (with the various spellings of the name) appears that older census records for PA, for Shively, show Head of Household name and simply the amount of children under and over 20, no names...I'm stumped....any suggestions?


    Claudia Golden
    (Ancestry link