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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who Is Michael Shively That Might Be The Father of John, Jacob and Michael Shively

     Early Kentucky records for the counties of Washington, Hardin, Green and Marion provide the names of three known Shively men.  From years of research and the Shively family DNA project it is known these men were related.  It is further believed that they were brothers.  The DNA of their descendants has matched the Shively’s who were in the Louisville, Kentucky area and Monongalia County which is now West Virginia.
     The names of these three are John Shively, Jacob Shively, and Michael Shively.   Who was their father?    Unfortunately these Shively descendants haven’t found a family Bible to provide the answers but there are many other clues that can be found that indicate their father may have been Michael Shively. Research has been and is being done by very talented Shively family genealogists on this lineage.  
     What are some of the clues that might indicate the father of John, Jacob and Michael Shively was Michael Shively?  Probably the most important clues come from land records.  From the Monongalia County, WVA deeds and land grants it is recorded that John Shively heir at law of Michael Shively, deceased is granted a certain tract of lands containing 302 acres by survey. This transaction is dated the 8th of July 1788. John Shively sells this 302 acres to Abraham Harden recorded in Monongalia County, WVA Deed Book 125, Page 178.  This deed is dated 15th day of March 1792. There is a document that also connects Jacob Shively and Michael Shively to a Michael Shively.  In the Green County, Kentucky Deed Book 4, Page 43 is the following power of attorney:  “Know all men by these presents that we Michael Shively and Jacob Shively heirs of Michael Shively deceased both of Green County and state of Kentucky do make, constitute and appoint William Kelso of Breckenridge County and state aforesaid our True and Lawful Attorney for us and in our name to sell, assign and transfer, all our Right and tittle to a certain tract of land lying and being in Fayette County and State of Pennsylvany on the waters of Georges Creek…In witness thereof we hereunto set our hands and seals this 10th day of August 1803”.  An important fact from the land records is that the death of Michael Shively has occurred by 1788 per the above Monongalia County information.
    Some Shively researchers suggest that the father of John Shively, Jacob Shively, and Michael Shively is Michael Scheiffle (Shively), the immigrant who arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 27, 1738 on the ship, the St. Andrew.   The known children of Michael Scheiffle (Shively) were: Eva Dorothea,
born 9-March-1740, baptized 10-August-1740, John Christian Schauffle, born 25-October-1746; John Schaufele, born 14-April-1749; John Jacob Scheiffle, born 9-July-1751; and Joh. Heinrich Scheifele, born 27-January-1759.  From other sources is listed a son, John Phillip Shively, born 1753.
     Of these known children of Michael Scheiffle (Shively) there are established lineages.  John Christian Scheiffle and John Jacob Scheiffle are found in the records of Jefferson County, Kentucky.  John Heinrich Shively is found in the records of Shelby County, Kentucky and then later Orange County, Indiana. John Phillip Shively remained in Monongalia County, WVA.    The descendants of Eva Dorothea and John Schaufele are not known.  
     Years of birth for the three Kentucky Shively men (John, Jacob and Michael) are estimated.  The 1850 Taylor County, KY census lists Jacob Shively at age 78, which would estimate his date of birth as 1772.   From the 1792 Nelson County Tithable List it is recorded that John Shively and Michael Shively are 21 years of age but Jacob Shively is under 20 (this info matches the birth date of 1772 for Jacob Shively as he would be age 20 in 1792).  This would estimate dates of birth for John Shively and Michael Shively as prior to 1771.
     With these recorded clues then who do you think is the father of John Shively, Jacob Shively and Michael Shively in Kentucky?   Is their father Michael Scheiffle (Shively) who was the immigrant said to be born about 1718 in Germany?   Is the Michael Shively possibly a son of Michael Scheiffle (Shively)?

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