This site was created by Larry Shively who is researching the history of the Shively families. The goal is to have a site where all Shively researchers can share and ask questions in regards to their Shively lines. The largest majority of the Shively family records are located in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. There are early records of Shively's also in Virginia and Kentucky. There are not many established Shively lineages back to Europe. There are documented lineages to Switzerland and Germany. Through the sharing of information from all of our research it is desired that all can learn about our Shively families.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shively Family DNA Project

      In November 2004 a Shively Family DNA Project was started with the purpose of using the advances in science to further support the research that had been done on the Shively lineages.  The project results can be found at         
    The project has had 23 participants with the surnames of Shively, Shivley, Shiveley, Sheibley, and Branum.  Two participants, surnames Hively and Snively, joined the Shively project to see if there was a possible DNA match which there was not. 
   Seven of the participants have had Y-DNA-12 matches with two additional having mutations.  This group of participants descend from Michael Shively who has land records from 1766 in Frederick County, Virginia and later, 1778-1780, in Berkeley  County, Virginia.  One ancestor, Phillip Shively, stayed in Monongalia County, West Virginia and the rest migrated to Kentucky.  For the nine participants the documented ancestors included:  1) Phillip Shively died 1841 in Monongalia County, West Virginia who married to Appolona Abigail Back (Baugh,Pauch)  2) John Heinrich Scheifele (Shively) born 27-Jan-1759 in York County, Pennsylvania, died 14-June-1842 in Orange County, Indiana and married Mary Banta 3) John Christian Shively born 25-Oct-1746 Lancaster/York County, Pennsylvania, died 6-Feb-1826 Jefferson County, Kentucky married Mary Bashore (Basore,Baysor)  4)  Jacob Shively born ca 1772, died ca 1851 in Taylor County, Kentucky, married Sophia Davis on 17-Sep-1799 in Green County, Kentucky   5) John Shively died ca 1806 Breckenridge County, Kentucky, married Susanna Hayden on 10-Oct-1794 in Washington County, Kentucky.
     Three participants have had Y-DNA-12 matches.  This group is from the well documented Shively lineage of Durs Schaublin.  For these three participants the documented ancestors included: 1) Christian Shively born 1683 Oberdorf, Canton of Basel, Switzerland, died ca 1752 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, married on 14-Jul-1708 to Barbara Spithaler (Spitteler).  Barbara was born 9-Aug-1689, died 9-Jan-1759   2)  Martin Scheible born ca 1770-1774, died before 1810, married to Elzabeth Hoffer on 17-Apr-1798 at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster County, PA  3)  Benjamin Shively born 1799 and married to Barbara (last name unknown) who was born 1809.
         Three  participants had Y-DNA matches and this group was 1 mutation difference than the group immediately preceding this paragraph which might mean there is a possible connection to the above group.  For these three participants the documented ancestors included:  1)  Jacob Shively born 22-Feb-1751 on shipboard at sea, died 1-June-1824 Franklin County, Pennsylvania.   He married Barbara Linder born ca 1755, died 6-Dec-1824 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  Jacob's family settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and in 1805 or 1806 moved to Franklin County, Pennsylvania  2)  Daniel Shively born ca 1782 in Pennsylvania, died ca 1860 Adams County, Ohio, married Mary (last name unknown).  Mary was born ca 1790, died before 1860 in Adams County, Ohio.  One participant was one mutation from these three participants and most probable was related. The ancestor of this participant was:  John Shively born ca 1798, died ca 1808 Pendleton County, Kentucky, married to Hanna Boyd.
        A Franklin County, Virginia line had two participants who had Y-DNA-12 matches.  Both participants descended from John Shively born ca 1755, died 1834 Franklin County, Virginia. He married 1st to wife unknown and 2nd to Susannah (Crist) Gusler, the widow of Christian Frederick Gusler.
        There are four participants who have not yet had Y-DNA-12 matches but the lineages are well documented.  These participants are from the ancestors of 1)  Moses Shively born 1825 in Pennsylvania, married Elizabeth Wentle who was born ca 1825 in Pennsylvania (on they 1860 Mifflin County, Pennsylvania census)  2) Leonhardt Anton Sheiffele born 7-Feb-1842 in Stuttgart, Wurtemburg, Germany, died 11-May-1910 Youngstown, Ohio.  He married Mary M. Stroble on 10-Apr-1870 in Stark County, Ohio    3)  Peter Scheibly born 10-Apr-1742 Switzerland, died 7-Sep-1823 in Perry County, Pennsylvania.  He was married 1st to Anna Elizabeth Heinsen who was born ca 1747 and married 2nd to Christina Linn   4) John Scheible (Shively) born 18-June-1830, died 14-Apr-1869 Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and married 1st Eva Regina Frank and married 2nd Catherine Ann Kuhn.

     There are still Shively lines which have not had a DNA match.  If there is a male Shively descendant who is interested in the project the participants encourage joining the group and submitting a DNA sample.   The more participants the greater the chance of finding matches.   The more matches that can be established helps to  leave to future generations of Shively researchers our proof our of Shively lineage.


  1. my family are all shively/woods people. do u have any info on shivelys from Pennsylvania. My grandma is beverly shively, her parents names were kenneth shively & gertrude, she has brother named neil and 3 children, george, michelle & dan woods, she was married to george w woods, if you find anything plz lmk

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