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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Posie Luster Shively And Wife, Sara Frances Bridges, Of Franklin County, Virginia

The unique name of this Shively male caught my attention.  The story connected with Posie (Posey) Luster Shively may not be the most pleasant but it is still great family history.

Posie Luster Shively was born on November 14, 1889 in Franklin County, Virginia. He was the son of John Edward Shively and wife Ruth A. Sigmon.  Posie was married to Sara Frances Bridges in Franklin County, VIrginia on 22-Oct-1908. Sara was the daughter of Harvey James and Lillie Naomi Bridges.  Children of Posie and Sara Shively included:  Alice born 24-Jul-1909 died July 1986 in Roanoke County, Virginia and married to Tonkery Washington Slone; Alma born ca 1912; Morgan William born 22-Apr-1915 died 28-Mar-1967 and married to Hazel Louise Eanes; Bessie Inez born 1-Apr-1967 died 6-Jan-1967 and married to Henry James Sigmon; Muriel born 7-Jan-1920 died 6-Jul-2005 and married to Charlie Thomas Parrott; Kermit born about 1922.

From the history recorded in the newspaper events it appears there were problems between Posie Shively and his brother-in-law Lewis Bridges.  The following information was extracted from:
The Bee, Danville, Virginia, Monday Afternoon, September 11, 1922, Page 1, Column 1:
Dual Homicide In Franklin Co.
Family Fued Terminates In Fight In Road
Lewis Bridge and Daughter Cut by Brother—Lacy
Shoots Him Dead.  Also His Brother-in-Law Near Callaway.
Rocky Mount, VA., Sept. 11 --  Franklin County yesterday was shocked by a terrible crime when it became known that Lewis Bridges, a prominent citizen of this place and a man of high character, had surrendered to the authorities on the charge of killing his brother, Lacy Bridges, and his brother-in-law, Posey Shively, at Jamison Mill, on the public road near Callaway, this county on Saturday evening.
According to the accused man’s version, the killing was in self-defense and was impelled when the two men appeared and after having savagely attacked him with a knife, cutting him and then inflicted serious wounds on Helen Lewis, his sixteen year old daughter, who was with him.  Lewis Bridges drew his revolver and shot and killed both men without further compunction.
Bridges came to Rocky  (continued on Page Three)
(Page 3)  Mount yesterday and placed his affairs in the hands of H. N. Dillard. The cause of the shooting as understood here was a long standing grudge between the men which will be developed at the trial.
Lewis Bridges has not been arrested.    He was reported today at his home, having expressed willingness to appear in court whenever his presence is needed.  No warrant has been issued against him.
It is proposed to call a special grand jury to make an enquiry into the shooting, this to be held on Friday.
According to Bridges, his brother and brother-in-law waited for him in the road and attacked him without provocation.  One of them hit him on the head with a rock and made an ugly wound.  He was also cut as was his little daughter who was with him.  In the shooting affray both Shively and Bridges were instantly killed, their bodies being found in the road.
It is reported that the grudge which the two men held against Lewis Bridges was that he would not associate with them, and had for several years been somewhat distant toward them.

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