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Friday, August 26, 2011

Yvette Shively Of Astoria, Clatsop County, Oregon

Yvette Shively
Found in The Denver Post, Friday, February 23, 1906, Page 6, Columns 2-3:
Heiress From Oregon On Vaudeville Stage
Yvette Shively of Astoria, Now Appearing at the Orpheum, Makes a Hit With Her Good Voice and Pleasing Appearance
The daughter of a prominent pioneer family of Oregon, Miss Yvette Shively a youthful singer, is appearing this week at the Orpheum, and though the young woman is an heiress in her own right, the adventurous blood of her ancestors leads her to seek fame upon the stage.
Miss Shively is known to the vaudeville world as the "Pride of Astoria," the title of her turn, and an appropriate title it is.
Astoria, Ore., is the home of the Shively family. John M. Shively, grandfather of Miss Yvette Shively, opened the first United States postoffice west of the Rocky mountains in October, 1847, at Astoria.  He brought with him the first mail that came west of the range.
This historic consignment of mail was delivered to him at Independence, Mo., April 27, 1847, by Col. Sterling Price, then commanding officer at Santa Fe, N.M., and was brought to Oregon by Shively himself.  Mr. Shively received his commission from Postmaster General Cave Johnson.  The building occupied by this pioneer postoffice still stands in Astoria and is occupied by a great aunt of Miss Yvette Shively.
Miss Shively's father, C. W. Shively, made the first steamboat trip ever taken on the Columbia river, in 1861.
At the death of her grandfather, Miss Shively's father was left $200,000, the young woman receiving a generous share of it.  But she was not contented to settle down to life in an Oregon town, and after spending a few years in the cultivation of her voice, appeared in vaudeville.
Besides her wonderful voice, Miss Shively has an excellent figure and a pretty face.  Because of her typically Western beauty she was chosen as a model for the noted picture, "The Western Girl," the work of a San Francisco artist.

The Evening News, San Jose, California, Tuesday, March 27, 1906, Page 5, Column 5:
Fortune Inherited By Actress
Louisville, Ky., March 27 -- Miss Yvette Shiveley, a vaudeville actress, who is in Louisville this week, has just come into an inheritance of over $100,000.  Next Saturday she will leave for her home in Portland, Ore.
Rare experiences have come to her in the past eight weeks.  Scolded because she had spent her allowances on the races, she ran away from Mills Seminary at Oakland, Cal. and joined the first theatrical company she found, which happened to be a burlesque, in which she reigned as the star for three weeks.
"I suppose I have been spoiled by the extravagance of my parents," she said, "and then some of us girls began to bet on the races.  When my father learned about it he reprimanded me, and I decided to leave school.  They did not know for some time that I had left, and they cut off my allowance.  About a month ago they sent the money to return, but I spent it."
"Now they have sent me a ticket and I am going to start home immediately after the performance on Saturday night.  I did not know what burlesque was, or I would never have gone into it;  but it was the first opportunity that presented.  If I ever do anything on the stage again it will be in the legitimate.  Yes, it is true that I have come into a fortune."

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Posie Luster Shively And Wife, Sara Frances Bridges, Of Franklin County, Virginia

The unique name of this Shively male caught my attention.  The story connected with Posie (Posey) Luster Shively may not be the most pleasant but it is still great family history.

Posie Luster Shively was born on November 14, 1889 in Franklin County, Virginia. He was the son of John Edward Shively and wife Ruth A. Sigmon.  Posie was married to Sara Frances Bridges in Franklin County, VIrginia on 22-Oct-1908. Sara was the daughter of Harvey James and Lillie Naomi Bridges.  Children of Posie and Sara Shively included:  Alice born 24-Jul-1909 died July 1986 in Roanoke County, Virginia and married to Tonkery Washington Slone; Alma born ca 1912; Morgan William born 22-Apr-1915 died 28-Mar-1967 and married to Hazel Louise Eanes; Bessie Inez born 1-Apr-1967 died 6-Jan-1967 and married to Henry James Sigmon; Muriel born 7-Jan-1920 died 6-Jul-2005 and married to Charlie Thomas Parrott; Kermit born about 1922.

From the history recorded in the newspaper events it appears there were problems between Posie Shively and his brother-in-law Lewis Bridges.  The following information was extracted from:
The Bee, Danville, Virginia, Monday Afternoon, September 11, 1922, Page 1, Column 1:
Dual Homicide In Franklin Co.
Family Fued Terminates In Fight In Road
Lewis Bridge and Daughter Cut by Brother—Lacy
Shoots Him Dead.  Also His Brother-in-Law Near Callaway.
Rocky Mount, VA., Sept. 11 --  Franklin County yesterday was shocked by a terrible crime when it became known that Lewis Bridges, a prominent citizen of this place and a man of high character, had surrendered to the authorities on the charge of killing his brother, Lacy Bridges, and his brother-in-law, Posey Shively, at Jamison Mill, on the public road near Callaway, this county on Saturday evening.
According to the accused man’s version, the killing was in self-defense and was impelled when the two men appeared and after having savagely attacked him with a knife, cutting him and then inflicted serious wounds on Helen Lewis, his sixteen year old daughter, who was with him.  Lewis Bridges drew his revolver and shot and killed both men without further compunction.
Bridges came to Rocky  (continued on Page Three)
(Page 3)  Mount yesterday and placed his affairs in the hands of H. N. Dillard. The cause of the shooting as understood here was a long standing grudge between the men which will be developed at the trial.
Lewis Bridges has not been arrested.    He was reported today at his home, having expressed willingness to appear in court whenever his presence is needed.  No warrant has been issued against him.
It is proposed to call a special grand jury to make an enquiry into the shooting, this to be held on Friday.
According to Bridges, his brother and brother-in-law waited for him in the road and attacked him without provocation.  One of them hit him on the head with a rock and made an ugly wound.  He was also cut as was his little daughter who was with him.  In the shooting affray both Shively and Bridges were instantly killed, their bodies being found in the road.
It is reported that the grudge which the two men held against Lewis Bridges was that he would not associate with them, and had for several years been somewhat distant toward them.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lawrence Shivley And Wife, Hannah Pierce From Rock County, Wisconsin

Photo By Jenean Hamilton
From the History Of Rock County, Wisconsin, Western Historical Co., Chicago, IL, 1879, page 867:  LAWRENCE SHIVLEY, farmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Evansville; born in Pennsylvania March 6, 1824; went to Ohio in 1834, and came to Wisconsin 1848, locating in Mount Pleasant, Green Co., where he engaged in farming.  His whole possessions, when he arrived in Wisconsin, were a wife and 50 cents in money.  In 1867, he removed to Evansville, where he engaged in the business of stock broker, and grain and produce dealer, until 1872, when he moved to his farm in Union Township, where he has since remained.  He married, in Mahoning Co., Ohio, July 3, 1848, Miss Hannah Pierce, a native of Ohio; he has three children living - lost five.  He is the owner of 200 acres of land in Union Township, and 160 acres in Green Co.

The Ohio death certificate for Lawrence Shivley lists his parents as George Shivley and Susanah Best.  He is buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, Evansville, Rock County, Wisconsin. From multiple sources the following information was established for the family of Lawrence Shivley and Hannah Pierce.  Lawrence Shivley (also spelled Shively and Shiveley in the records) was born 7-Mar-1824 and died on 31-May-1906 Rock County, WI.  His wife Hannah Pierce was born 1-June-1831 and died 3-Mar-1916 in Rock County, WI.  Their children were:  Susan E. born 7-May-1849 and died 23-Mar-1865, buried in Maple Hill Cem; Ellen born 27-Jul-1851, died 12-Sep-1880, and married Edward W. Patterson; Sadie P. born 25-Apr-1854 and died 3-Sep-1857; Joseph H. born 22-Jul-1856, died 4-June-1917, and married to Delia Bridget Lamb; George W. born 8-Jan-1858 and died 27-Fe-1861; Catharine born 9-Nov-1861 and died 20-Feb-1862; John T. born 19-Jul-1864 and died 27-Mar-1865; Frank Lawrence born 7-Dec-1866, died 25-Jun-1894, and married to Agnes West.

In the Janesville Daily Gazette, Janesville, WI, Friday June 1, 1906, Page 5, Column 3 is the following obituary:                              Lawrence Shivley
(Special To The Gazette)     Evansville. June 1.---Lawrence Shivley died this morning at his home in this city.  Two weeks ago he suffered a paralytic stroke and never rallied.  He was born in Pennsylvania March 7, 1824, and came west when ten years old, coming to Wisconsin in 1848 and locating in Green county.  In 1867 he moved to Evansville and engaged in grain and produce business, since which he made his home here.  He was married to Miss Hannah Pierce in Ohio in July, 1848.  The widow and one son are left to mourn his loss.  The funeral services will be held Sunday at two o'clock under the auspices of the Masons.

In the Janesville Daily Gazette, Janesville, WI, Saturday, March 4, 1916, Page 5, Column 6 is the following obituary:                 Evansville Lady Dies Last Night
Mrs. Lauren Shively Passed Away at Age of Eighty-five Years--Old
Resident of County
(Special To The Gazette)     Evansville. March 4.---Mrs. Lauren Shively, eight-five years of age, and old resident of this city and vicinity, passed away here last evening, her illness being a complication of diseases and the infirmities of advanced age.  Mrs. Shively is survived by one son, Joseph, and a sister, Mrs. Mellissa Badlwin of St. Louis, Mich.  The funeral is to be held on Sunday afternoon at two o'clock at the home, Prof. Crawford of Beloit College and also of the Congregational church of Beloit, officiating.  Interment will be made here.
Mrs. Shively was a native of Ohio.  Thirty-eight years ago she came to Rock county and settled near Evansville.   For the past twelve years she has made her home here.  Her maiden name was Hannah Pierce and she was married to Mr. Shively shortly after coming to Rock county.  He preceded her to the land beyond ten years ago.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Joseph H. Shively, Son Of John B. Shively And Sarah Heaverin

Wabash Valley Gen Soc Cem Com
Genealogy information has been collected and shared on the children of John B. Shively and wife Sarah Heaverin except for son Joseph H. Shively.  After doing research there are records for him that were found.  He lived in many different places which  contributed to making the research on him more difficult.
Joseph H. Shively was born on 17-Nov-1844 in Taylor County, KY and died on 29-Sep-1917 at the National Home For Disabled Volunteer Soliders in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.  He was buried in Calvary Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN.  (The above picture of his tombstone is a result of one of the many volunteers who contribute their time and photos to Find A Grave).
From information collected following is a time line for the areas where Joseph Shively lived:
Mannsville, Taylor County, KY to August 1865
Colfax, Jasper County, IA to 1872
Shelby County, IA to 1883
Brookville, Jefferson County, IA to 1887
Shelby County, IA to 1890
Lake Arthur, Jefferson Davis Parish, LA to 1892
Bowling Green, Warren County, KY to 1901
Admitted to US National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in 1901 (He may have entered the home in Danville, Vermillon County, IL and later transferred to the home in Dayton, Montgomery County, OH).
Joseph H. Shively was married 1st in Jasper County, IA on 7-Feb-1866 to Nancy Elizabeth Shipp. From research it is believed that she was the daughter of Albert Shipp and Mahala Pile.  Nancy Elizabeth Shipp was born ca 1848 and died 17-Jan-1874.  She is buried in the Greencastle Cemetery in Jasper County, IA.   Joseph and Nancy Elizabeth had 3 daughters: Corda Mae Shively born 14-Feb-1868 died 15-Nov-1907 and married to David Barton Penniman; Alma D Shively born 28-Apr-1870 died 20-Sep-1871 and buried in Greencastle Cemetery in Jasper County, IA;  Gertrude Shively born ca 1872 and married to Lowell H. Jones.   After the death of their mother in 1874 Corda Mae and Gertrude Shively lived in the household of John and Agnes Gochenour.
Joseph H. Shively married 2nd in Shelby County, IA on 2-April-1876 to Elnora E. Simpson, daughter of William Ward Simpson and Julia Ann Gregoire.  Elnora was born ca 1855 died 27-Nov-1915 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN.    They were the parents of two children:  Claude Houston Shively born 19-Feb-1876 and who is located census records in the state of AZ;  Helen A Shively born 1-Sep-1880 died 17-Aug-1957 Columbus, Franklin County, OH and married to Albertus Lafferty.
From the census records it appears Joseph H. Shively had different professions.  In 1870 in Jasper County, IA he is listed as a farmer.  In 1880 in Shelby County, IA he is listed as postmaster.  Interesting note that on the 1880 Shelby County census records he is the enumerator.  In 1900 he is listed in Warren County, KY as a hotel keeper.    From the admission records to the soliders home his occupation is listed as a telegraph operator.  
Wabash Valley Gen Soc Cem Soc
Joseph H. Shively did serve in the Civil War in Company H, 10th KY Infantry with his brothers, William Thomas, Stephen Mitchell, David Alexander, and Samuel (who was killed in the war and is buried in the Old St. Francis deSales Cem. in Taylor County, KY). Joseph Shively does have a Civil War pension which was obtained from the National Archives.
Joseph Shively and second wife, Elnora E., are buried in the  Calvary Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN.