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Friday, January 25, 2013

Dr. Samuel S. Shively Who Lived In Wyandotte County, Kansas

Newspaper articles can supplement our family histories with stories that give our ancestors “character”.  The subject of the 9-November-2012 Shively blog was Samuel S. (S. S.) Shively who lived in Wyandotte County, Kansas.  The following newspaper article was extracted from The Kansas City Times, (Kansas City, MO), Saturday, June 9, 1894, Page 3, Column 1:
From Kansas City, Kansas
Two Armourdale Doctors Have A Lively Fight
One Knocked Down Twice – Both Of Their Hats Hit The Pavement
“When doctors disagree the patient gets the worst of it” is a proverb whose sense was violated in a difference of opinion between Armourdale physicians yesterday.  This disagreement resulted in a very lively set-to at the corner of Fifth and Minnesota avenue at 5:30 o’clock in the evening.
The belligerents were Drs. E. M. Doyle and S. S. Shively.  They are both 200-pounders, and each wore a plug hat at the beginning of hostilities.
The trouble originated over some professional testimony which Dr. Shively had just given in Justice G. W. Betts’ court, where a malpractice trial was in progress.  Only a few words were passed between the burly physicians when blows ensued.  Dr. Doyle made the pass and knocked his antagonist down on the pavement.  Dr. Shively’s glossy silk tile was sent rolling down the street, but its owner was soon again on his feet and sparring like a professional pugilist.  He made several vicious lunges at Dr. Doyle and finally struck that gentleman in the mouth, loosening a tooth and causing the blood to flow.  The impact between Dr. Shively’s fist and Dr. Doyle’s mouth jarred the last named physician’s hat loose and it went the way of its predecessor.
Several wild blows from each side followed, and a great deal of physical force was exhausted on the warm atmosphere.
Finally Dr. Doyle led out with his right and landed on Dr. Shively’s temple and that gentleman again went to earth.
By this time a crowd of perhaps 100 persons had congregated, and two policemen put in an appearance.
As Dr. Shively arose he squared himself for another round and told his professional enemy to “come on,” but the friends of each many interfered and stopped the fight.  Each of the doctors was told to go home at once on pain of arrest, but they hung around for half an hour before doing so.
When they did start for Armourdale it was by different car lines.  Each doctor has sworn to “lick” the other if it requires the rest of his natural life to perform the feat.
Dr. Doyle is an Irishman about 40 years old, while Dr. Shively is of German descent and over 50 years of age.

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