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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hunting For Our Roots - New Shively Genealogy History Book Compiled By Beverly Colvin Smith - Descendants Of John B. Shively, Taylor County, KY

John B. Shively Family History
A new Shively family genealogy book has been published.  The book is entitled "Hunting For Our Roots, The Shively And White Family", and is an outstanding compilation by Beverly Colvin Smith on the descendants of John B. Shively and Sarah "Sallie" Heaverin who lived in Taylor County, KY.  The information for the book was researched by Suzy Bracey and Beverly Colvin Smith.  The book is dedicated to Cordelia A. Shively White, Elijah C. "Lige" White and their son's Oliver White and Charles Shively White.  The book contains over 300 pages of many pictures and the Shively and White genealogies.    
For the Shively's the first ancestor mentioned is John Shively and wife, Susannah Hayden, whose marriage is recorded in Washington County, KY marriage records 10-Oct-1794.  They were the parents of Sarah "Sally" Shively, Henry H. Shively, John B. Shively, Susannah Shively and Ann Nancy Shively.
John B. Shively married Sarah "Sallie" Heaverin in Meade County.  They were the parents of the following chidden:  Robert W. Shively born 8-Jan-1826, William Thomas Shively born 8-Mar-1830, John Henry Shively born 29-Apr-1832, Elizabeth Jane Shively born 24-Mar-1834, James Martin Shively born 5-Feb-1836, Stephen Mitchell Shively born 26-Jan-1837, David Alexander Shively born 29-Dec-1838, Mahala Shively born 11-Feb-1841, Samuel Shively born 25-Feb-1842, Joseph H. Shively born 17-Nov-1844, Perry Sylvester Shively born 4-Oct-1848 and Susan Mary Shively born 10-Sep-1850.  
Perry Sylvester Shively
There are many Shively researchers that are working on the genealogies of the descendants of John Shively and Susannah Hayden.  This new book by Beverly Colvin Smith is very important to the research of these Shively lines because it is the first book which has been published for the documentation of these lineages.  Many of the children of John B. Shively and Sarah "Sallie" Heaverin left Taylor County, KY after the Civil War. Several of these Shively descendants have done genealogy research but have not published their work.  Well documented works include the Robert W. Shively descendants who live in Shelby County, MO; William Thomas Shively descendants who now live in the Omaha, NE area; John Henry Shively descendants who live in the Crawford County, KS area; and Stephen Mitchell Shively descendants who live in Marion County, KY and the state of Washington. This book is further very important because it adds to the work on the above John B. Shively children and documents the lineage of son, Perry Sylvester Shively. Perry Sylvester Shively remained in Taylor County, KY and is an important link to Taylor County for those families who moved away. 
It is important to note that this book has been compiled by Beverly Colvin Smith who lives in Campbellsville, Taylor County, KY where the John B. Shively family lived.  Your editor of this blog has worked on this Shively line for over 40 years.  I highly recommend this new book to any Shively researcher and especially those with lineages starting with John Shively and Susannah Hayden.
If interested in obtaining a copy of "Hunting For Our Roots" please contact Beverly Colvin Smith, 49 June Drive, Campbellsville, KY 42718.  You can contact her by e-mail at:                  She presently has copies available for $25 per book plus $5 for handling/shipping.


  1. My father and his father are Shively. We have Shively's in California, Montana, Minnesota, south Dakota, and my little family is now in Kentucky.

    1. Kentucky Kat, If time permits please send me an e-mail at The Shively's would like to know more about your Shively's. There are a good number of Shively genealogy researchers that have Shively families that were and still are in Kentucky. Thanks....Larry