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Friday, February 28, 2014

Peter L Shively Who Lived In Henry County And Wells County, Indiana

Peter L Shively
From Album Of Dennis/Nancy Shively
Our genealogy is enhanced when we can find pictures or personal items of our ancestors.  Dennis and Nancy Shively who live in Oklahoma were very fortunate to have kind people share photo albums which contained the ancestors of Dennis.  One of these ancestors was Peter L. Shively. In a New Castle, Henry County, Indiana newspaper a letter written in 1884 by Peter Shively was shared with the readers.  Peter had recently moved from Henry County to Wells County, Indiana.
The New Castle Courier, Friday, February 15, 1884, Page 8, Column 5:
Wells County
Peter L. Shively’s New Home and How He Likes It
As some of my friends might care to know of my whereabouts and surroundings, I ask to communicate with them through the columns of the Courier.  I was born and raised in the vicinity of New Castle, and moved to this neighborhood last October, the first move I ever made; not a very long one either, but far enough away to break up old associations and require the formation of new friendships and acquaintances.  I find the people here very cleaver and sociable, and am well pleased in that respect.
The country is level and requires a great deal of ditching, which is being done as rapidly as practicable. Wheat and corn gave short yields last year. A large amount of Kansas corn was shipped in for seed, and it is safe to say that no more such corn is wanted.  Its yield reminds those who planted it of the Illinois farmer who felt moved to exclaim:  “Jesus my all to heaven is gone, I have the fodder, but where’s my corn.”
The failure of last year appears to be stimulating the farmers’ energies if not to their stock, and an immense amount of tiling will be laid this spring.  Great efforts will me made to get in a full crop.
Last fall some of my friends said to me, “You are not going to the Wells county swamps.” “Why not.” I was raised in the swamps of Henry county, and being a kind of swamp owl, would feel lost on high land.  Wells county is behind Henry county in some respects.  If we had gravel here as Henry county has Wells county would equal Henry in a few years.  We have a few pikes, but they are expensive, the Bluffton & Salimore pike, for instance, costing $2,700 per mile.  All of our pikes are free.
The price of land ranges from $20 to $60 per acre, the average price being $40 to $45, and much offering.  The country is being cleared rapidly; logging and wood chopping is the order of the day.  One man, Amos Hassour, the station agent, has shipped over 2000 cords of wood to Ft. Wayne, besides a big lot of bolt timber to Bluffton, all from this station.  Poneto, which is located about thirty miles south of Ft. Wayne and is made up about as follows. Two general stores with drug store attachments, they say, a white rat in the cellar; two groceries, one smithshop, express and telegraph office, and one doctor, who complains of nothing to do and spends his leisure time shooting at a mark, or a chicken, at a nickel a shot.
I can be found if wanted one-half mile north and one mile east of Poneto, where the latch-string hangs out to old friends.
                                                                                                 P. L. Shively
Poneto, Ind., Feb. 7, 1884

Philip Shively and Abigail Back who resided in Monongalia County, West Virginia were the grandparents of Michael Shively who lived in Henry County, Indiana. Michael Shively was born 1807 and died 22-April-1900 in Delaware County, IN.   Michael’s parents were Michael Shively and Catherine Toothman and it is most probable that from records they were not married. Two Shively researchers, Venita Foster and Pat Douglas, shared information many years ago in regards to this issue.  From the Monongalia County Court Minutes the child, Michael, was bound to his grandfather, Philip Shively and then in later records to Michael Toothman (possibly Catherine’s father). In the New Castle Democrat Weekly, May 11, 1900 the newspaper obit for Michael mentions in early boyhood he went to Hamilton County, Ohio, making his home with an uncle, Mr. Cameron. Michael was married 1st in 1832 in Hamilton County, OH to Keziah LaBoyteaux.  Keziah died on 12-Nov-1860.  He married 2nd on 12-Apr-1862 in Henry County to Amanda Baughn who died on 29-Mar-1878.  Michael married 3rd on 3-Feb-1880 in Henry County to Mrs. Elizabeth Sweigart who died on 4-Jan-1884.  Michael is found on the 1850 through 1870 census records in Henry County, IN, Henry Township.  In 1880 he is in Liberty Township.  Michael is buried in Batson Cemetery, Liberty Township.  The cemetery is located on CR #500E, about 1/2 mile south of SR #38.  The cemetery was set aside as a neighborhood burial grounds in 1844 by Thomas Batson.  Also buried here are 1st wife Keziah and 2nd wife Amanda. His children included:  Catharine born ca. 1833, Peter born  ca. 1834, Daniel born ca. 1838, David born ca. 1841, Naomi born ca. 1843, Mary Ann born ca. 1848, Adaline born ca. 1854.
The following information is known about the children of Michael Shively (born ca. 1807). Catherine married Franklin Roof on 23-Mar-1854, Henry Co. and died 6-Aug-1918 in Poneto, Wells County, IN.  Peter married 1st Martha Ann and married 2nd on 15-Mar-1871 in Henry Co. to Susannah Stretch.  Daniel married on 6-Aug-1854 in Henry Co. to Ann Trowbridge.  David died 3-Jan-1905 and married on 10-Jan-1867 in Henry Co. to Jane E Moore.  Naomi died 3-Jan-1914 in Henry Co. Mary Ann was married 30-Dec-1869 in Henry Co. to William May. Adaline was married on 2-Mar-1871 in Henry Co. to George W. Runyon.

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