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Friday, June 13, 2014

Michael, Jacob And John Shively, Heirs At Law Of Michael Shively Taylor County, KY And Monongalia County, WVA

On the 1791 Nelson County, Kentucky Tithable List for the William Skaggs Co. which includes areas of present Green and Taylor Counties is listed the group Richard Dean, John Shively, Michael Shively and Jacob Shively.  Several researchers are working on this entry and looking for the connection of those listed. 
From the records it is known that John Shively was married on 10-October-1794 in Washington County, KY to Susanna Hayden who was the daughter of William Hayden and Susanna Buckman. On the October 1792 Nelson County, KY tax list John Shively is listed over 21 which would mean he was born before 1771. John died sometime before 1811 when a deed located in Breckendridge County, KY Deed Book C, Page 135 records "this indenture made the seventeenth day of September one thousand eight hundred and eleven between John Shepherd & Susanna Shepherd his wife, late Susannah Shively widow and relict of John Shively deceased".  
Michael Shively was married on 6-January-1797 in Washington County, KY to Nancy Payne. On the October 1792 Nelson County, KY tax list Michael Shively is listed over 21 which would mean he was born before 1771.  Nancy Payne Shively is listed on the 1850 KY Mortality Schedule and she was born 1775 died May-1850.
Jacob Shively was married 17-September-1799 in Green County, KY to Sophia Davis.  Jacob was living in 1850 and from the census information he was born about 1772.  The October 1792 Nelson County, tax list records Jacob being between the ages of 16 and 21. The will of Jacob Shively was recorded in April 1851 in the records of Taylor County, KY.
1803 Power Of Attorney
The 1803 deed to the left was recorded in Green County, KY Deed Book 4, Page 43 which lists Michael Shively and Jacob Shively heirs of Michael Shively.  The deed follows: "Know all men by these presents that we Michael Shively and Jacob Shively heirs of Michael Shively Deceased both of Green County and state of Kentucky do make constitute and appoint William Kelso of Breckenridge County and State aforesaid our True and Lawful Attorney for us and in our name to sell assign and transfer all our right and title to a certain tract of land lying and being in Fayette County and State of Pennsylvania on the waters of Georges Creek  And to do all other lawful acts for affecting the premises aforesaid Notifying and Confirming all that our said attorney shall do therein by virtue hereof.  In witness whereof we hereunto set our hands and seals this 10th day of August 1803.           his mark  Michael Shively
                                his mark Jacob Shively
Kentucky Green County      I John Barrett Deputy Clerk for James Allen Clerk of aforesaid County do hereby certify that the within Power of Attorney was acknowledged by the said Michael Shively & Jacob Shively to be there act and deed and that the same is truly recorded in my office       In Testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and affix the seal of my said office this 10th day of August 1803.  John Barrett

On 8-July-1788 in Monongalia County, VA Land Grant Book 4, Page 3  is recorded the following:

 "To All to Whom these Presents shall Come, Greeting:  Know Ye, That by virtue and in consideration of a certificate in right of settlement given by the Commissioners for adjusting the titles to unpatented lands in the district of Monongalia, Yohogania and Ohio and in consideration.....paid byJohn Shively into the Treasury of this Commonwealth there is granted by the Commonwealth unto the said John Shively heir at law of Michael Shively deceased a certain tract or parcel of lands containing 302 acres by survey bearing date of the 17th of August 1786 lying and being in the County of Monongalia on Scot's Millrun waters adjoining lands of Abram Harding ...his settlement made in 1774 and bounded as follows.......8th day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and 88 and of the Commonwealth the 13th

John Shively sold this 302 acres to Abraham Harden in 1792 as recorded in Monongalia County, WVA Deed Book 125, Page 178-180:   This indenture, made the 15th day of March in the year One thousand seven Hundred and Ninety-two between John Shively of Nelson County and State of Virginia of the one part and Abraham Harden of Monongalia County and State afsd of the other part.   Witnesseth that the said John Shively for and in consideration of the sum of two Hundred pounds Lawfull money of afsd State to the said John Shively in hand paid to the said Abraham Harden before the sealing and delivering of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, him the said John Shively hath granted, bargained, sold......unto the said Abraham Harden and his heirs a tract tract of land lying and being in the fast County of Monongalia, Granted to the said John Shively by a deed from under the hand of the Hon. Edmund Ranolph Esquire Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and bearing date of the Eighth day of July one thousand seven hundred and Eighty Eight, Three hundred and two acres of Land by survey bearing date the Seventeenth day of August One Thousand seven Hundred and Eighty Six and Bounded as follows.....
Land Plot Adjoining Land Michael Shively And Abraham Harding
The Shively DNA project has confirmed that the John, Michael and Jacob Shively lines descend from a common ancestor.  From the above historical facts it appears that the father of John, Michael and Jacob Shively was Michael Shively. Those working on this line would like the input from other reseachers who might have information regarding the Michael Shively who it appears is the father of John, Michael and Jacob Shively in Taylor County, KY.

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