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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Frank S. Shively - Native American Indian Ancestry

For the first time while searching the census records it has been discovered that there is a record of one of the Shively lines having a documented Native American lineage. The following record is found on the 1900 Idaho census record in Nez Perce County  and recorded on the Nez Perce Reservation with a date of 4-June-1900:
           Head of Household                               Date of Birth     Age
2-2       SHIVELY, Frank        Indian    Male    4-Nov-1877        23       Single

Born           Father Born     Mother Born        Other Name       Tribe of This Inman
Montana       Indiana             Montana        Frank S Shively            Crow

Tribe of Father      Tribe of Mother     Has This Indian Any White Blood
     White                     Crow                             1/2

Living in Fixed of Movable Dwelling                   Occupation
            Fixed                                                Clerk Indian Department
(Supervisor District 43, Enumeration District 148,  Original Sheet 1A, Stamped Sheet 275)

From the 1910 census record for Yellowstone County, Montana and Rosebud County, Montana there is a duplicate record for Frank S. Shively. The Crow Reservation is found in both counties hence the reason for duplicate entres. The Rosebud County entry was easier to transcribe so this source is cited below:     
Crow Indian Reservation      5-May-1910 Supervisor District 2 Stamped Sheet 162             Enumeration District 218
                                                                           Marital             Father  Mother
                            Relation   Sex  Race   Age     Status    Birth  Birth     Birth
Shively, Frank S                    M    Indian   37   M1-7yr      Mont  Utah    Mont
              Lucy        Wife          F    Indian   24    M1-7yr     Mont  Mont   Mont
                        4 children born – 4 children living
              Serenus S  Son       M     Indian    5     Single     Mont  Mont   Mont
              Ethel M       Daug     F     Indian    4     Single     Mont  Mont   Mont
              Esther T      Daug    F      Indian    3     Single     Mont  Mont   Mont
              Frances M   Daug    F      Indian    2     Single     Mont  Mont   Mont
The 1910 census record shows that Frank S Shively and Lucy had been married for seven years.  They had four children and all four children are living in 1910.   Attempts were made to find more information on this wife and children but at this time no other genealogy information could be found.

The Montana Crow Land Patents are a source of information:
Patentee Name                    Date                 Doc. Number        Accession Number
Shively, Frank S                 1/06/1910           108251-09               100400
Shively, Lucy Hawk            1/24/1910           112546-09               106020

Additional information found includes the following article from The Anaconda Standard, Sunday Morning, January 25, 1903, Page 11, Column 3:
To Be Wedded To-Day
Special Dispatch to the Standard.
Billings. Jan. 24. -- A marriage license was issued to-day to Frank S. Shively of the Crow agency and Miss Lucy Hawk of Ballantyne.  The couple will be married in Billings to-morrow. Mr. Shively is a graduate of the Carlisle school and at present is chief clerk to Agent Reynolds of the Crow Indians.

The following was extracted from The Billings Gazette, Tuesday, June 15, 1943, Page 3, Column 1:
Illness Fatal To Crow Indian
F. S. Shively Dies At Local Hospital
Frank Samuel Shively, 68, Crow Indian, died Monday at 12:05 p.m. at a local hospital of pneumonia.  He had been a patient for the last eight days.  Before coming to Billings he was retired chief clerk at the Crow Indian reservation.  He lived in Hardin.
Mr. Shively was born in 1875 at the Crow mission, formerly located near Absarokee and later moved to the Hardin vicinity.  He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shively.  H and Lucy Hawk, who died in 1915 at Crow Agency, were married in Billings.
Except for the time he attended Carlisle Indian institute at Philadelphia, and was a football coach, Mr. Shively was a resident of Big Horn county.  Following his graduation, he became a professional runner and coach.  He attended business college in Philadelphia and later became football coach at Washington State university.
Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. B. H. Barnes of St. Xavier and Miss Frances Shively of Los Angeles, Cal., and five grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. at the Smith Chapel with the Rev. C. A. Bentley, past of the Baptist Mission at Crow Agency, officiating.  Burial will be in Mountview cemetery.


  1. Hi Larry,
    I think that Frank's daughter, Frances, may have married my grandfather, Rudy Aguilar, in 1936 in Missouri. I found a marriage application record on that shows Rudy Aguilar, 24 years old, married Frances Shively, from Crow Agency in Big Horn Montana. I also found a court document from 1973 regarding a land allotment case between Frances (now named Frances Shively Kevern) and the BIA over lands the Crow Tribe wanted. If this IS my grandfather, nobody in the family knew of this marriage or what may have happened. Maybe they just applied and never actually married. in 1973, when Frances was 63 years old and was married to Mr. Kevern, they had never had children. The court document also said she was planning on retiring and moving from Arizona to Yachata Oregon with her husband, Mr. Kevern. I hope this is helpful to you in some way.

    1. Kendra,
      Your e-mail is very interesting. I took a couple of minutes to do a quick search for you on some of the information from the e-mail.
      The Jackson County, Missouri marriage license are available on line. I googled and did find a marriage for Frances Shively and Rudy Aguilar from 6-March-1936. They were married by a Justice of the Peace.
      Rudy and Frances are in Los Angeles by 1940. The census states that in 1935 both were living in Kanas City, Jackson County, Missouri.
      From the 1930 census it appears that Frances Shively was attending the Haskell Institute which is a college for Native Americans. The college is located in Lawrence, Douglas County, KS which is only about one hour from Kansas City.
      I am not sure if there are California divorce and marriage records available on line but if so might give a clue about a divorce and Frances marrying Mr. Kevern.
      Hope this information helps.

    2. I found the following: In the Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada, Sunday, Dec 13, 1942, Page 18, Column 4: Actions Filed - Rudy Aguilar vs. Frances Aguilar
      Then in same paper, Column 5: Decrees Granted - Rudy Aguilar from Frances Aguilar