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Friday, December 19, 2014

James Shively And Elizabeth Hunsberger Who Lived In Chester County, Pennsylvania

A Shively researcher has requested help on finding additional information on James Shively and wife Elizabeth Hunsberger who lived in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Their names on the death certificates for two of their children is all that is known about them.

The death certificate for Mary Mahalah Shively Sheeder who was the daughter of James Shively and Elizabeth Hunsberger was located in the Pennsylvania Death Certificates.  She was born 19-Mar-1833 in Chester County, PA.  She married Samuel Sheeder (Sheader) in Chester County on 29-July-1854.  Mary died on 19-Apr-1914 in Chester County, PA.  She was buried n East Vincent Cemetery.  

The death certificate for Franklin J Shively who was the son of James Shively and Elizabeth Hunsberger was located in the Pennsylvania Death Certificates.  He was born 1-Oct-1836 in East Coventry, Chester County, PA.  He married 1st Sarah Trout who died in 1840 and 2nd on 25-Feb-1892 to Catharine Davidhuser Hilkert. Franklin Shively died on 24-Aug-1907 in Montgomery County, PA.  He was buried in Pottstown Cemetery.

William T. Shively was a son of Franklin Shively and Sarah Trout.  He was born on 11-Apr-1872 and died 1-Aug-1963.  He was married to Sarah Engle. William T Shively was a clothing merchant.
William T. Shively
The following newspaper obituary for William T. Shively was extracted from The Pottstown Mercury, Pottstown, PA, Friday, August 2, 1963, Page 1, Column 1:
Ex-Clothier W. T. Shively Dies At 90
Mosheim's Treasurer Began Career In 1888
Former Executive Preferred Selling
William T. Shively, the dean of Pottstown clothiers, died Thursday morning in the Elizabethtown Masonic homes. He was 90.
Mr. Shively, a guest at the Masonic homes since Nov. 2, 1960, died at 8:40 a.m. after a short illness preceded by a "general weakening".
A Pottstown native and longtime 517 North Charlotte street resident, Mr. Shively entered the home two and a half years after the death of his wife, Sarah (Engle) Shively, March 6, 1958.
Mr. Shively, treasurer of S. Monsheim and sons, a former High street men's clothier, for the 30 years prior to his retirement in 1952, was a clothing salesman for the firm most of his life.
He began as a 16 year old errand boy in the store, then owned by the late Samuel Mosheim, on Aug. 23, 1888 at $3 a week.  He sold almost from the start, although, he recalled later, "I was really hired as an errand boy".
Mr. Mosheim and he were the only two in the store when Mr. Shively was employed.  The store was situated on the South side of High street new the Hotel Shuler.
REMINISCING in The Mercury during the 30s about "gay 90" men's clothing, Shively chuckled about the ready made suits offered to Pottstown men at the time.
"They came only in three models", he remembered.  "There were only shorts, longs and stouts in suit sizes.  If you were of the "in between size", you just purchased the nearest size and pulled them in!"
Suits, when Mr. Shively entered the trade, sold at $10, "and if you wanted a real suit you 
William Shively
paid $15."
The Mosheim store moved to 207 High street in 1897.  Later Mr. Mosheim's sons, Maurice and Edward, entered the business.  After the death of Mr. Mosheim, the firm was incorporated in 1922.  Mr. Shively was one of the incorporators and became treasurer.  The store was sold at his retirement Oct. 28, 1952.
"But I'm still a salesman", he declared, some 15 years after becoming a store executive.
Mr. Shively liked to serve the public, a Mercury store in 1937 (his 49th year at the store) declared.  It added he didn't think there was any such thing as "a real mean customer".
"If they are that way you generally can lay your finger on the trouble by looking to the salesman.  He, nine times out of ten, made them that way".
An "INVETERATE cigar smoker" who enjoyed bass fishing, he was born in Pottstown April 11, 1873.  He was the son of the late Franklin J. and Sarah Shively.
Born on Chestnut street, his family moved to Fricks Lock when he was six years old.  He attended the old Riverview school there until he was 12 when the family moved back to Pottstown.  He completed his grammar school education here.
Mr. Shively began his 66 working years at 14, carrying papers for two years before starting at the clothing store.
Shively met his wife shortly after he became a clothing salesman.  She was then Sarah Engle, daughter of the late William and Matilda Engle, Stowe.
Although she and her future husband were confirmed in the same class at Emmanuel Lutheran church, they didn't become well acquainted until they met at a dance.  They were married Oct. 1, 1895.
Shively is survived by a son, C. Russell Shively, 268 Grace street; a grandson, Robert R. Shively, 858 Feist avenue, and two great granddaughters.
Funeral services will be tomorrow at 11 a.m. from the Schumacher and Reber Funeral home, 359 King street, with the Rev. Dr. Luther A. Krouse, pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran church, officiating.
Graveside services will be conducted by the Stichter lodge 254 F and AM.
Interment will be in Mt. Zion cemetery.


  1. Hi Larry, I found a bracelet at a thrift shop. The front is inscribed "Robert R. Shively- U.S. Navy" and the back with "Pat Freed". I stumbled on your blog trying to research this. Is this something of interest to you or your family?

    1. Just realizing this post had been made. I will try to find information on Robert R. Shively.

  2. I'm not sure how to follow the blog. Please help!! :)
    Kim Young nee Erold
    Granddaughter of Robert and Patricia Shively

    1. (Auto correct) Egolf

    2. Kim, on the right side of the blog below those who are following this blog is a blue box entitled "Follow". Click on the box and you should be able to follow this blog. If it won't let you just join you may need to have a google account. Are you related to the Robert R Shively that was in the US Navy in the comment above?

    3. I am his granddaughter. Patricia Freed (maiden name),was his wife, my grandmother. They're both now deceased. I'll find the link to follow. In the meantime, feel free to email me directly if you wish...