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Friday, May 1, 2015

William Shively (Sheivley) And Christian Shively (Shivley) Who Lived In Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

The following is a work in progress.  The work is an example of how the surname Shively can be spelled in many different ways.

The following newspaper obituary was extracted from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA, Sunday, August 7, 1910, Page 6, Columns 6-7:
William M. Shively
William M. Shively, a brave solider of the civil war and well known in Bellevue, where he lived many years, died yesterday at the Soldier's Home in Erie.  He had been taken to Erie on the advice of physicians only three weeks ago.  For years before his death Mr. Shively, who was 78 when he died, lived with his brother, Capt. C. F. Shively, in Orchard avenue, Bellevue.  He was born in Pittsburgh, enjoyed a good schooling, and when the war broke out enlisted in the One Hundred and Eighty-seventh Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers.  He was wounded in the explosion of a mine in the war, but recovered and remained in the army, serving three years.  After the war young Shively went to work in the Byers mill, becoming boss roller.  He worked there 15 years.  He was not married, and Capt. Shively is the only surviving member of the immediate family.  Comrade Shively will be buried at the Soliders' Home.  Cant. Shively, who is 70 years old, will attend the funeral.

The PA death certificate was found for William Sheivley.  He was born on 3-Mar-1837, Pittsburgh, PA and died 5-Aug-1910 Erie County, PA.  He was buried on 7-Aug-1910 in the Veterans Memorial Cemetery at the Solider's Home in Erie, PA (Section E, Row 12, Grave 11).

William Sheivley has a Civil War listing in the pension index.  His widow is listed as Sarah Sheivley.

C. F. Shivley is located living on Orchard Avenue on the 1900 Allegheny County, PA, Ross Township census.  In the household is C. F. Shively born Dec 1840, age 59, wife Katie born Sep 1843 age 56, daughter Anna M born Nov 1867 age 32, son-in-law Bert Coyle born May 1875 age 25, daughter Eva born Sep 1876 age 23, granddaughter Anna born Oct 1896 age 3.    Listed living on Orchard Avenue on the 1910 Allegheny County, PA, Ross Township census is Christopher Shivley age 70, wife Philopene age 68, daughter Anna age 40, daughter Evaline Coyle age 31, and granddaughter Anna age 13.

The PA death certificate was found for Christian Shively.  He was born 3-Dec-1839 in Pittsburgh, PA and died 2-Aug-1930 at the Pennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home Hospital in Erie, PA.  He was buried on 6-Aug-1930 in Bellevue, PA.

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