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Friday, August 7, 2015

George Schaible (Shively) And Wife, Katherine Helfra Beidleman (Biddleman), In Luzerne County, PA

The subjects of this weeks Shively blog are a work in progress. Any additional information that can be added to this family will be welcomed as records found were limited. 
George Schaible (Shively) was born ca 1825 in Germany.  He was married 6-January-1868 in Wilkes Barre, PA to Katherine Helfa Beidleman (Biddleman). She was married first to Jacob Beidleman.  Jacob Beidleman and Katherine had two sons, Joseph Henry Beidleman born 30-Aug-1855 and Martin William Beidleman born 11-Mar-1856.  A Civil War Pension for the children of the veteran, Jacob Beidleman, was submitted by the widow and her second husband George Schaible (Shively). 

At the left is a document from the Civil War pension papers.  This document supports the relationship between the surname Schaible and Shively:
State of Pennsylvania
County of Lucerne           Personally appeared before one Prothonotary for said County George Schaible to me known to be entitled to credit and on oath declared he is the identical Person named as Guardian of minor children of Jacob Beidleman late of Co. G 47th Reg Pa Vols and named in Pension Claim No 162.806.   That no widows claim has ever been made in this case previous to this one.  That his Attorney made a mistake in spelling claimants name in the original Papers.  He spelled it George Shively. It should have been spelled by him George Schaible. George Schaible is a German name and in English is pronounced the same as Shively.  The signatures of deponent to former Papers and to these will be found to be the same.    George Schaible

Located on the 1870 City of Scranton, Lucerne County, PA is the family of George Shivelly age 45, born in Germany, works in black smith shop; wife Catherine  age 34, born in Germany; Henry Bediman age 15, making cigars; Martin Bediman age 14, making cigars; and John Maddigor age 16, making cigars, born in Germany.    No other census information could be found for George Schaible or George Shively.

A PA death certificate for Martin William Biddleman was located.  He died in Newton Township, Lackawanna County, PA on 7-Feb-1930.  He was a widower and his wife was listed as Helen Burgon.  His parents were Jacob Biddleman and Katherine Helfra.  He was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Lackawanna County.  

The following was extracted from The Scranton Republican, Scranton, PA, Wednesday, August 17, 1892, Page 5, Column 1:
George Shively died of old age at the Hillside Home at 9 o'clock yesterday morning.
It is not known if this is George Schaible (Shively).  If it is the same he would have been 67 years of age in 1892.

No additional information could be found on George Schaible (Shively), Katherine (Catherine) Helfra Beidleman, Joseph Henry Beidleman or Martin William Beidleman.

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