This site was created by Larry Shively who is researching the history of the Shively families. The goal is to have a site where all Shively researchers can share and ask questions in regards to their Shively lines. The largest majority of the Shively family records are located in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. There are early records of Shively's also in Virginia and Kentucky. There are not many established Shively lineages back to Europe. There are documented lineages to Switzerland and Germany. Through the sharing of information from all of our research it is desired that all can learn about our Shively families.

Monday, May 9, 2016

On Vacation


  1. Larry,
    I am trying to find a way to email you on here but can't seem to figure it out so this was the next best thing. My father is Delvin Litzenberg and I am trying to learn more about his side of the family. I am particularly interested in any information you have on a Lyda Shively (Born 1861) who is the daughter of James Shively and Mary Maria Treece. I also noticed that in one of your articles, you mentioned the 50th wedding anniversary of Adam Litzenberg and Eliza Shively and listed those in attendance as follows "Mr. and Mrs. John Litzenberg, daughters Mary, Vivian and Dorothea, and son Delvin" To my knowledge, my dad's father's name was James Albert Litzenger, not John. Am I incorrect in this? Just trying to make sure I have all my facts straight as I know very little of my dad's side of the family aside from him and my half brother Don (Donald). I would love to correspond with you and get any information you can provide.

    Honor Christine Frazier (Litzenberg)

  2. Chris,
    I would like to correspond with you. My e-mail address is I will be home May 17. I will review the work I did on this family and see if we can find more on the Litzenger line.
    Larry Shively

  3. Hi Larry,
    I tried emailing you but haven't heard back yet so I wanted to check and see if you got my email. I am wondering if it might have gone to your junk mail folder since I am not a contact in your address book?? My email is