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Saturday, May 14, 2011

John B Shively And Wife, Sarah Heaverin, Of Taylor County, Kentucky

Tombstone Of John B. Shively

The first written record for the Shively families in counties southeast of Louisville is found in Nelson County.  On the 1791 Nelson County Tithables, William Skaggs Company, in the same household are the names of Richard Dean, John Shively, Michael Shively, and Jacob Shively.  John Shively was married in Washington County on 6-October-1794 to Susannah Hayden, daughter of William Hayden and Susanna Buckman (Marriage Book 1, Page 6). Michael Shively was married in Washington County on 6-January-1797 to Nancy Payne, daughter of Johnathan Payne (Marriage Book 1, Page 18). Jacob Shively (born 1772) was married in Green County on 17-September-1799 to Sophia Davis, daughter of Rezin Davis and Nancy Phillips (Volume 1A, Page 49, Marriage 208).
JOHN SHIVELY and SUSANNAH HAYDEN -  John Shively and Susannah Hayden had five known children; John Shively born 14-July-1804 and died 12-August-1864 who married Sarah Heaverin, Henry H Shively who married Elizabeth Heaverin, Sarah “Sally” Shively who married Samuel Elder, Nancy Shively, and Susanna Shively.  John, Henry H and Susanna were baptized on 6-August-1807 at Holy Name of Mary in Calvary, KY.            John Shively and Susannah Hayden purchased 250 acres in Green County on the East Fork of Pitmans Creek in 1796.  In 1803 John Shively purchased six lots in Hardinsburg in Breckenridge County.  It is known that Susannah’s sister, Sarah “Sallie” Hayden who married Arnold Elder, had moved to Breckenridge County.     From deed records in Breckenridge County dated 1811 it is known that John Shively was deceased and that Susannah had married second to John Shepherd. 
JOHN B SHIVELY and SARAH HEAVERIN - John Shively and Sarah Heaverin were married in Meade County (Marriage Book A, Page 11). John B  Shively was buried in the Old St. Francis deSales Cemetery in Taylor County.  John B Shively and Sarah Heaverin had the following children: 1) Robert W Shively born 8-Jan-1826 died 18-Aug-1903 Charleston, Mississippi County, MO.  Robert married Rosalie M Rice on 6-Feb-1848 in Green County.  Rosalie M was the daughter of John Rice and Mary Ann Newton. Rosalie was born 11-March-1834 died 18-Dec-1897.  2) William Thomas Shively born 8-Mar-1830 died 23-Dec-1922 Omaha, NE, buried St Joseph Cemetery, Council Bluffs, IA. William married Teresa Elizabeth Hayden at Holy Name of Mary, Calvary, KY on 4-Oct-1853 in Marion County. Teresa was born 11-Jun-1838 died 26-Apr-1907    3) John Henry Shively born 29-April-1832 died 16-May-1908 Walnut, Crawford County, KS, buried St Patricks Cemetery. John married Sarah Magdaline Rice at Holy Name of Mary, Calvary, KY on 3-Jan-1858 in Marion County.  Sarah was born 3-June-1839 died 22-Jan-1916     4) Elizabeth J Shively born 24-Mar-1834 died 23-Dec-1912 buried St. Francis deSales Cemetery. Elizabeth married James Wesley Spurling at Holy Name of Mary, Calvary, KY on 2-Oct-1855 in Marion County. James was born 27-Mar-1833 died 19-Sep-1902.  She married second to John Thomas Newton on 27-July-1903 in Taylor County, KY. 5) Stephen Mitchell Shively born 26-Jan-1837 died 10-Jan-1917 buried Soldiers National Cemetery, Marion County.  Stephen married Beatrice Josephine Rice  at Holy Name of Mary, Calvary, KY on 9-Aug-1859 in Marion County. Beatrice was born 29-Mar-1845 died 13-June-1880. He married second to Matilda A Wise on 5-Sep-1882  6) David Alexander Shively born 29-Dec-1838.  David married Christina Melton on 9-Dec-1862 in Marion County.  Christina was born 16-Sep-1838 died 22-Mar-1927   7) Samuel Shively born 25-Feb-1842 died 11-Mar-1862 buried Old St. Francis deSales Cemetery   8)Joseph H Shively born 17-Nov-1844 died 29-Sep-1917.  Joseph married Nancy Elizabeth Shipp on 7-Feb-1866 in Jasper County, Iowa. She died 17-Jan-1871. He married second on 2-Apr-1876 in Shelby County, Iowa to Elnora E Simpson  9) Perry Sylvester Shively baptized in 1848 died 29-Jan-1934 buried St. Francis deSales Cemetery.  Perry was married on 25-Feb-1867 to Susan M Melton.  Susan was born 18-Feb-1847 died 7-Sep-1898 buried St. Francis deSales Cemetery    10) Susan Mary Shively born 10-Sep-1850 died 18-Apr-1903 buried St. Francis deSales Cemetery.  Susan married on 25-Feb-1867 in Taylor County to Joseph Benedict Melton. Joseph was born 18-Mar-1849 died 28-Sep-1918. Joseph married second on 8-Aug-1904 to Mary E Newton. Children that may have died young include James Martin Shively born 5-Feb-1836 and Mahala Shively born 11-Feb-1841, both baptized at Holy Name of Mary, Calvary, KY
            John and Sarah had five sons that served in the Civil War in Company H, 10 KY Infantry. They were William Thomas Shively, Captain, Stephen Mitchell Shively, Sargeant, David Alexander Shively, Private, Samuel Shively, and Joseph H Shively, Sargeant.  

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  1. Hello! I was researching our 100 year old home in Washington, DC, and came across the real estate listing from the original sale of the plot:

    It was sold to William E. Shively and Olive M. Shively in September of 1911 for $10 (it is the first entry in the Southeast section of sales). I was wondering if you could point me to any information on them. Thanks!

    Jessica Foley