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Saturday, May 7, 2011

1820 Ohio Census

 The state of Ohio was admitted to the Union in 1803.  Many of our Shively families can be found at one time or another in this state.  On the 1820 Ohio census records there are at least twenty-one Shively families listed.  This article is a guide to help those doing research on the Shively families in early Ohio.  Information from the “Descendants of Christian Shively of Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co. and Later York Twp., York Co, Penna.”, 1941, by Arthur G. Black and “Schaublin (Shively) Families from the District of Waldenburg, Baselland, Switzerland”, 1978, by George W. Andrews was used to help determine the lineages.  Thank you to Alice Shively Freed and Imogene Sawvell Davis who also gave support to this project.
 From the Arthur G. Black information we know the Shively families in Columbiana County were descendants of Christian Scheibly (Shively) baptized 25-Dec-1718 in the village of Oberdorf, District of Waldenburg, Canton of Baselland, Switerzland and Esther Naffin (Naff or Neff). Christian died ca. 1773 in York County, PA.  Their son John Shively born 24-Jul-1748 married Eve.  John was never heard from again after an Indian raid in 1781. Three sons of John and Eve are found in Columbiana County, OH in 1820.  Christian Shively and Conrod (Conrad) Shively are listed in Middleton Township and it is believed that the third son is the John Shively listed in Fairfield Township.    A grandson of Christian Shively and Esther is listed in Knox Township.  Daniel Shively in Knox Township is the son of Christian Shively and Catherine Sophia Smith.  Daniel married first Mary Boyer and second Sally Metz.      The lineage of Jacob Shiveley in Fairfield Township and John Shiveley in Middletown Township could not be established.  If you have information from your research regarding these families, and would be willing to share, the information could be included in a future issue of the newsletter or blog.
  Daniel Shively baptized 29-Jan-1730 married Barbara Tschumi.  Daniel and Barbara left Frederick County, VA and lived in Washington County, PA. Daniel died ca. 1808 in Jefferson County, OH and Barbara died ca. 1822/1823.  The Daniel Shiveley listed in Wayne Township, Jefferson County, is most likely their son.   The lineage of William Shiveley in Wayne Township could not be established. 
       From the George W. Andrews information we know that Ulrich (Schaublin) Shively was baptized 8-Jan-1722 in Baselland, Switzerland and died in Frederick County, MD.  Ulrich married Elizabeth Thomas who was baptized 6-Apr-1727 in Zeglingen, District of Farnsburg, Baselland, Switzerland.  Their son, Isaac Shively, is listed in Jefferson Township, Montgomery County, OH.  Isaac married Elizabeth Bossler.   Jacob Shively, who is also listed in Jefferson Township, Montgomery County, is the son of Isaac Shively and Elizabeth.

 Jacob Shively is listed on the Highland Township, Muskingum County record.  This Shively family descends from Loudon County, VA.  Jacob was born 29-May-1766 died 16-May-1837 Muskingum Co, OH and married Ann Hopkins born ca. 1767 died 4-Feb-1851 Muskingum Co, OH.   The lineage of John Shively in Highland Township could not be established but it is believed that he is probably the son of Jacob Shively and Ann.
 The Twin Township, Ross County record lists Jacob Shively. Jacob Shively is the son of George Shively and Rebecca Riley.  George Shively was born ca. 1758 in VA and died ca. 1815 in Ross County.    Jacob was born 27-Apr-1797 Loudoun Co., VA and died ca. 1885 in Ross County.  He married Eleanor Fernandis.      Rebecca Shively in Union Township is the wife of George Shively and mother of Jacob Shively listed in Twin Township.
 Elizabeth Snyder Shively, listed in Nimishillen Township, Stark County was the second wife and widow of Jacob Shively.  Jacob was born ca. 1747 and died 3-Feb-1814 in Stark County.  He was married first to Elizabeth Ulrich and then second to Elizabeth Snyder.  (Note: George Andrews recorded that “the treatment of Jacob Shively, as having married twice, is an interpretation which as yet lacks positive proof”.)   Ullery Shively, son of this Jacob, is listed in Osnaburg Township. Ullery (Ulrich) married Christina Shideler. .   Daniel  Shively listed in Osnaburg Township is the son of Ulrich (Ullery) Shively and Christina Shideler.    Jacob Shively, who married Barbara Thomas, is a son of Jacob Shively and brother to above Ullery Shively.  Barbara Thomas Shively, widow of Jacob, is listed in Paris Township.  Daniel Shively is the son of Jacob Shively and Barbara Thomas and is listed in Paris Township.
 In Austintown Township, Trumbull County is Frederick Shiveley who married Elizabeth Flick.  Frederick is the son of Peter Shively who married first Elizabeth (last name unknown) and second Christina Linn.    The lineage of Jacob Shiveley could not be established.  If anyone has information on Jacob please share with the other Shively researchers. 

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