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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moses Shively And Wife Elizabeth Wentle Of Oliver Township, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania

Family Bible Of Elizabeth Wentle
This blog was created for the sharing of our Shively research.  It was also created for those who have questions and are looking for information on a Shively line to be able to see if others are working on the same lineage.
James Shively from Kansas City, Missouri is working on his Moses Shively and Elizabeth Wentle line.  If there are other researchers who are working on this Shively line he would like to make contact with you in order to work together.
Moses Shively is listed on the Pennsylvania census records from 1850 to 1900.  Moses is listed  in the Union County, Pennsylvania probate records (Book C, Page 43) in the records of John Shively of Hartle Township, Union County as "grandson Moses, son of my daughter Elizabeth".  In the Descendants of Christian Shively of Warwick Township, Lancaster County...,by Arthur Geiger Black, Moses Shively is mentioned as "Moses Shively, Oliver Township, Mifflin Co., Pa, eldest son of Elizabeth Shively, (now Elizabeth Valentine) and grandson of John Shively, late of Hartley Township, Union County, PA".
One of the mysteries that James Shively is trying to resolve is trying to find a record that lists the father of Moses Shively.  From the sources mentioned in the above paragraph his mother is named but no reference can be found naming his father.   James Shively has participated in the Shively family DNA project and the results did not match the Christian Shively participants. Therefore the concern that Elizabeth Shively may have born Moses out of wedlock and Moses given the surname Shively at birth.
Moses Shively married Elizabeth Wentle.  They had 5 children:  Thomas Charles Shively born 19-Nov-1854 and married on 24-Jan-1882 to Anna Houston, Scott Shively born 30-July-1856, Mary (Nannie) Shively born 14-Sep-1859 died 8-May-1882, Rachel Eliza Shively born 3-Aug-1866, and Nana born 6-May-1870.  
Mary Shively is listed with her father, Moses Shively on the 1900 census. They are located in Oliver Township, McVeytown Borough, Mifflin County, PA.  From the research of James Shively he records: "Mary Shively was born Sept. 14, 1859 in Oliver Township, Mifflin, Pennsylvania and was the third child and oldest daughter of Moses Shively and Elisabeth (Wentle) Shively.  Her siblings were Charles Shively (my great x4 grandfather), Scott Shively, Rachal Eliza, and Nancy Shively, and one other unknown child. She is first documented in 1860 in Oliver Township, Pennsylvania with her parents and two brothers and her age is given as 1.  Some time around 1867 Mary was placed in an Almshouse or Alms house.  She is listed on the supplemental schedule Numbers, 1 to 7, for the Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes on July 19th, 1880 as spending two years in an Alms House where it is said she suffered from dementia where it said that her present attack lasted 2 days and has had a total of nine.  The form says that she was an epileptic.  She was only 8 years old when she was boarded there.   Mary is listed as spending two years in the Alms House and was released in 1869.  In 1870 she is listed living with her father, Moses, in Oliver Township and in 1880 she is is the same township living with her father, Moses, and mother, Elisabeth.  What happened between 1880 and 1900 is a mystery beyond being listed on the rolls of two churches; the Mcveytown Presbyterian Church in 1884 with her father Moses and in the Presbytery Church of Huntingdon in 1895.  In 1900 Mary is listed with her father, Moses, in Oliver Township, Mifflin County, PA where Moses is listed as having been born in 1803 and Mary is listed as having been born in 1869 (both of ages listed on this census record are wrong).  Moses must have passed away between 1900 and 1910 because Mary is next listed as single and a "boarder" in the home of Elmer E. Stine and his wife Ella and daughter and in 1920 she is still in the same household listed as "hired".  The last census record for Mary is on the 1930 census of Derry Township in an Alms House.  She is listed as being 70 and single and living in a home with 37 other "inmates".  The Alms House was a place for the poor and insane."
James Shively would appreciate any additional information on this Shively lineage.  You can find some of his research  at       If anyone has the cemetery records for Mifflin County, PA and can locate the records for Moses Shively or daughter Mary this information could help.  Once a date of death can be established for Moses Shively a search for a newspaper obit can be done.    If you comment to this blog James Shively will be able to read your replies.

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