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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Benjamin E. Shively Who Lived In Jefferson County, Kentucky and St. Louis, Missouri

While doing research for the St. Louis, Missouri area the name of Benjamin E. Shively was located.  Benjamin E. Shively was born in Kentucky and was the son of Benjamin F. Shively and Margaret J. (last name unknown). The grandparents of Benjamin E. Shively were William Henry Shively (1786-1866) and Nancy Earickson (born 1791) of Jefferson County, Kentucky.  The following newspaper article was extracted from The Republic, St. Louis, MO, Sunday morning, March 21, 1897, Part III, Page 2, Column 4:
Fireman Shively Injured
About 8:30, after the Gaus Plaining Mill fire had been gotten under control, several firemen were standing on an adjoining building playing a stream of water on the burning building.  Benjamin Shively of truck No. 2 was standing near the edge of the building.  He suddenly lost his balance and fell to the ground, a distance of about 25 feet.  He was picked up and taken to the North End Dispensary, where it was found that he had sustained a fracture of his right foot and was severely bruised about the head and shoulders.  His injuries are not serious and he was taken in an ambulance to his home at 901 North Garrison avenue.

Benjamin E. Shively is listed with his parents on the Jefferson County, Kentucky, 1st Ward of Louisville in 1860.  Listed are B F Shively born in KY, age 40, a pilot; wife Maggie born in KY and age 32; daughter Margaret born in KY and age 14; daughter Ann P, born in KY and age 10; son Ben born in KY and age 8; daughter Annie age 5 and daughter Maggie age 2.   Benjamin was found on the 1900 City of St. Louis census record but note the dates of birth and ages are different than the info in the 1860 census record.  Listed on the 1900 City of St Louis census record is Benj born Sept 1861, age 38; sister Albina born March 1859, age 41; sister Margaret Stauf born July 1865, age 34; and nephew Conrad Stauf born Oct 1889, age 10.  

Listed in the 1885 Gould's city directory for St. Louis, page 1068 are:
Shively, Benjamin E.  clk. residence 2618 Wright
Shively, Margaret   widow of Benjamin F  residence 2618 Wright

Additional dates of death for the family were extracted from the St. Louis, MO death records:
Shively, Benjamin T. (note from other records middle initial was F.) died 2-Sep-1882, address 2618 Magnolia, buried Calvary Cemetery
Shively, Margaret J. aged 62, died 6-June-1888, residence of her son, Benjamin E. Shively, No. 2618 Wright street, buried Calvary Cemetery
Shively, Albina, died 24-Sep-1905, buried Calvary Cemetery
Shively, Benjamin E., died August-1912, buried Calvary Cemetery

The following death notice was located in The Republic, St. Louis, MO., Thursday morning, June 7, 1888, Part 1, Page 5, Column 5:
SHIVELY.--On Wednesday, June 6, 1888, at 12:40 o'clock p.m., Mrs. Margaret J. Shively, aged 62 years.
The funeral will take place Friday, 8th inst., at 2 o'clock from residence of her son, Benjamin E. Shively, No. 2618 Wright street, to St. Teresa's church, thence to Calvary cemetery.  Friends are invited to attend.

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  1. This Benjamin Shively is a grandson of Christian Shively of Jefferson County, Kentucky.

    The following was taken from Way's Packet Directory 1848-1994 compiled by Frederick Way, Jr. page 61 and 62. 0716 BRILLIANT SW p wh b. Cincinnati & Madison Packet Co., Capt. Charles David, master. She was chartered to the U. S. on several occasions to transport troops Cincinnati to Louisville and elsewhere. Soon sold to M.S. Mepham and others, St. Louis, and ran south. She burned at New Madrid, Mo., Oct. 16, 1865. Had landed there to deliver a lady passenger at 6:00 A. M. in a dense fog. Backed out and hardly had headway when fire was discovered. The watchman had been putting oil lanps away in the locker, blew one out, and it exploded. Pilot Ben Shively landed the boat and some 65 passengers got ashore, many in nightdress.

    1850 Census of Jefferson County, Kentucky District 2

    330/331 Shively Benjamin 33 m Farmer KY
    Margaret 23 f KY
    Mary 05 f KY

    From Early Marriages Book IV May 1842 -- July 1849 by the Filson Club
    50 Shivley, Benjamin F. ; bd. Patrick Campion L. & B. 4-9-1844
    Campion, Margaret Jane; m. Mary Campion, c. p. by M. 4-9-1844
    Patrick Campion J. McGill