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Saturday, October 15, 2011

William Henry Shively From Franklin County, Virginia

The newspapers are a great source of information for the genealogist.  Many times information that is not recorded any where else can be gleaned from the newspaper articles.  An example is found in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Sunday, December 19, 1915, Page 7, Columns 5-7:
Taking Wedding Clothes Home When Killed By Train
Pamplin, VA., December 13.--Henry Shively, oldest son of W. H. Shively, was killed last night by a material train on the Norfolk and Western Railway, about two miles from here.  Mr. Shively, who was employed by Franklin Brothers as clerk in their store, started home about 6 o'clock, accompanied by Sam Price.  He carried a new suit of clothes, which was said to have been for his wedding, to have taken place soon.  When they reached Bet Davis Crossing, Price turned off the track for his home.   Just as Mr. Shively said good night, the train which had  approached unobserved, struck him.  His body was badly mangled, and death was probably instantaneous.  The remains were taken to his home, near Martinsville.  He is survived by his father and mother, a sister and brother.

William Henry Shivey was born in 1893.  He was buried in the Ward Feazell Cemetery in Ferum, Franklin County, Virginia.  His stone identifies him as W. H. Shively, 1893-1915,  and erected by Yokefellows class, Pamplin, Va.

William Henry Shively was the son of Walker Henry Shively born 11-Jul-1870 died 2-Feb-1947  and Martha Jane Feazell born 3-Jan-1871 died 13-Feb-1951.  The family is located on the 1910 Franklin County, Virginia census and listed as follows:  Walker H Shively age 38,  wife Martha J. age 39, son William H age 16, daughter Nora A age 14, and son Samuel R age 11.  Nora A. Shively married Gurnie Cook and Samuel Shively married Nannie Ethel Stone.

Walker Henry Shively was the son of William H. Shively born ca. 1842 and Mary (last name unknown) born ca. 1844.  This family is located on the census records in 1880 in Franklin County, Virginia, Long Branch District.  

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