This site was created by Larry Shively who is researching the history of the Shively families. The goal is to have a site where all Shively researchers can share and ask questions in regards to their Shively lines. The largest majority of the Shively family records are located in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. There are early records of Shively's also in Virginia and Kentucky. There are not many established Shively lineages back to Europe. There are documented lineages to Switzerland and Germany. Through the sharing of information from all of our research it is desired that all can learn about our Shively families.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Research Guide For The Family Of Lewis H. Schiveley (Shively) And Wife Emeline M.

      A query was received requesting information on the family of L. H. Schiveley and wife Emeline.  Following is information found for this Schiveley family; at times also spelled Shively in the records.  Please note this information is the result of a quick search of the information available on the Internet and is only intended to be a guide for those working on this lineage.
    The family of Lewis H and Emeline M Shively are located on the 1850 Bartholomew County, Indiana census, town of Columbus.  Listed are Lewis H Shively, age 23, a cabinet maker and born in PA.  Also listed are wife Emeline M age 21 born in NY, son Albert age 4 born in KY and daughter Catharine M age 3 months born in KY.   The family has moved by 1860 and is found on the Marion County, Indiana, 7th ward of Indianapolis, census.  Listed are L M Shively age 36, a mill wright, born in PA, wife Emeline age 30 born in NY, son Albert age 13 born in KY, daughter Kate age 10 born in IN, son Lewis R age 5 born in IN, and son Charles age 3 born in IN.
     From a transcription done by Cheryl Zufall Parker of the June 23, 1846 issue of the newspaper, Franklin Examiner, it appears Lewis H Shively may have served in the war against Mexico.  The company that was formed went into camp at New Albany, Ind (Floyd County) and was assigned to the Third Regiment of the Indiana Volunteers.
     By 1870 several notable changes have occurred with this family.  The name of Lewis Shively is not found living with his family, the family has moved to California and the surname begins to appear as Schively and/or Schiveley.  From the 1870 Nevada County, California, Meadow Lake Township, we find Emeline Schively as head of the household.  In the household are Emeline Schively age 40 born in NY, son Albert age 24 born in KY, son Lewis age 16 born in IN and son Charles age 14 born in IN.    From the History of Nevada County by Thompson and West, page 226 it appears that daughter Kate Schively was married in 1866 to R. D. Paschen. 
     The last record found is from a land record for Mrs. E M Schiveley.  The date of the information is February 2, 1874 and lists her as a widow residing with family.  The property is most likely in Truckee, Nevada County, California and is listed as Lot #4 on north side of High St. bounded on north by J.J. L. Peel (JP), on east by R.D. Pashcen #3, on south by High St., on west by John Millet #5.
     Regarding son Albert Schiveley(Shively) a record of his marriage to Mary E. Duncan on July 13, 1874 was found in the San Francisco Evening Bulletin, Page 3, Column 3.  Albert Schiveley and family are found on the 1910, 1920, and 1930 Inyo County, California, town of Bishop census records.  Children found from these records include son Albert Duncan Schiveley and daughter Lottie Schiveley.   Albert and Mary are buried in the West Line Street Cemetery in Bishop and information from the tomb stone list Albert Redstone Schiveley born 28-Mar-1846 died 25-Dec-1938 and Mary D Schiveley born 31-May-1855 died 18-Sep-1954.
     Kate, the daughter of Henry L Schiveley(Shively) and Emeline, is located on the 1870 and 1880 Nevada County, California census records.  She is listed with her husband R. D. Paschen.  From the two census records it is learned that R.D. Paschen and wife Kate had at least the following children: Nettie born 1867, Lewis H born 1869, Venetta born 1872, Emma A born 1877 and Richard D born 1879. 
    Brothers Charles and Lewis Schiveley are listed in the same household in 1880 in Tulare County, California, Visalia Township and both are listed as being born in Indiana.    Additional records for Lewis Schiveley were hard to locate and the following entry may explain.  From the cemetery records for the Sierra Mountain Cemetery, the Masonic Section, is listed an entry for Louis R Schiveley, born August 24, 1855 died December 5, 1881 (Block 8, Lot 39).
     Charles H Schiveley is located on the 1890 “Great Register” for Tulare County, California, the 1900 Butte County, California, Ophir Township census,  and 1910 Alameda County, Oakland Township, city of Oakland census.  In the Tulare County Marriage Book B, Page 438 is a record of the marriage of Charles H Schively and Elizabeth A Robinson.  From the Visalia Cemetery, Tulare County, California records is a listing for Charles H Shively (may have died about June 1, 1927) and Elizabeth A Shively (may have died about January 15, 1915).
      No records could be located for this Schiveley  (Shively) family prior to the 1850 census.  A suggestion for those working on this lineage would be to explore the possibility this family might be kin to the Schiveley families found in Floyd County, Indiana.  Floyd County is located across the Ohio River from Jefferson County, Kentucky.   The surname Shively was very well established in this area of Kentucky and Indiana and may explain why the family was recorded as Shively in these early records.  

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who Is Michael Shively That Might Be The Father of John, Jacob and Michael Shively

     Early Kentucky records for the counties of Washington, Hardin, Green and Marion provide the names of three known Shively men.  From years of research and the Shively family DNA project it is known these men were related.  It is further believed that they were brothers.  The DNA of their descendants has matched the Shively’s who were in the Louisville, Kentucky area and Monongalia County which is now West Virginia.
     The names of these three are John Shively, Jacob Shively, and Michael Shively.   Who was their father?    Unfortunately these Shively descendants haven’t found a family Bible to provide the answers but there are many other clues that can be found that indicate their father may have been Michael Shively. Research has been and is being done by very talented Shively family genealogists on this lineage.  
     What are some of the clues that might indicate the father of John, Jacob and Michael Shively was Michael Shively?  Probably the most important clues come from land records.  From the Monongalia County, WVA deeds and land grants it is recorded that John Shively heir at law of Michael Shively, deceased is granted a certain tract of lands containing 302 acres by survey. This transaction is dated the 8th of July 1788. John Shively sells this 302 acres to Abraham Harden recorded in Monongalia County, WVA Deed Book 125, Page 178.  This deed is dated 15th day of March 1792. There is a document that also connects Jacob Shively and Michael Shively to a Michael Shively.  In the Green County, Kentucky Deed Book 4, Page 43 is the following power of attorney:  “Know all men by these presents that we Michael Shively and Jacob Shively heirs of Michael Shively deceased both of Green County and state of Kentucky do make, constitute and appoint William Kelso of Breckenridge County and state aforesaid our True and Lawful Attorney for us and in our name to sell, assign and transfer, all our Right and tittle to a certain tract of land lying and being in Fayette County and State of Pennsylvany on the waters of Georges Creek…In witness thereof we hereunto set our hands and seals this 10th day of August 1803”.  An important fact from the land records is that the death of Michael Shively has occurred by 1788 per the above Monongalia County information.
    Some Shively researchers suggest that the father of John Shively, Jacob Shively, and Michael Shively is Michael Scheiffle (Shively), the immigrant who arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 27, 1738 on the ship, the St. Andrew.   The known children of Michael Scheiffle (Shively) were: Eva Dorothea,
born 9-March-1740, baptized 10-August-1740, John Christian Schauffle, born 25-October-1746; John Schaufele, born 14-April-1749; John Jacob Scheiffle, born 9-July-1751; and Joh. Heinrich Scheifele, born 27-January-1759.  From other sources is listed a son, John Phillip Shively, born 1753.
     Of these known children of Michael Scheiffle (Shively) there are established lineages.  John Christian Scheiffle and John Jacob Scheiffle are found in the records of Jefferson County, Kentucky.  John Heinrich Shively is found in the records of Shelby County, Kentucky and then later Orange County, Indiana. John Phillip Shively remained in Monongalia County, WVA.    The descendants of Eva Dorothea and John Schaufele are not known.  
     Years of birth for the three Kentucky Shively men (John, Jacob and Michael) are estimated.  The 1850 Taylor County, KY census lists Jacob Shively at age 78, which would estimate his date of birth as 1772.   From the 1792 Nelson County Tithable List it is recorded that John Shively and Michael Shively are 21 years of age but Jacob Shively is under 20 (this info matches the birth date of 1772 for Jacob Shively as he would be age 20 in 1792).  This would estimate dates of birth for John Shively and Michael Shively as prior to 1771.
     With these recorded clues then who do you think is the father of John Shively, Jacob Shively and Michael Shively in Kentucky?   Is their father Michael Scheiffle (Shively) who was the immigrant said to be born about 1718 in Germany?   Is the Michael Shively possibly a son of Michael Scheiffle (Shively)?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Widow's Civil War Pension For Lutitia Shively, Widow of John M. Shively

    The genealogist doing research now is fortunate that almost daily new information becomes available if utilizing the Internet for research.  There are numerous sites available with large databases.   On Footnote are found scanned documents of original war records as well as other research items.  Footnote is scanning the Civil War widow pension files and at present is only 2% complete.  The widow pension file for Lutitia Shively, wife of John M. Shively, was recently added.
     John M. Shively was born on 21-December-1828 in Orange County, Indiana.  He was the son of the Reverend Henry B. Shively and Mary Hunter.  He married Lutitia Buntin in Daviess County, Indiana (Marriage Book 1, Page 124) on 4-May-1852.   Henry B. Shively was the son of Henry Shively and Mary Banta.  Henry B. Shively was born 1-January-1799 in Shelby County, Kentucky.
    John M. Shively is listed on the 1850 and 1860 census records.  He died in 1863 so the information about him was limited until finding the pension information.  The pension is filled with details that help fill in gaps. In October 1850 John is still single and living at home in Daviess County, Indiana, Barr Township with his parents.  By 1860 John has married, had 5 children, and moved to Harrison County, Missouri, Union Township.  The 1860 census is important because it lists the five children of John and Lutitia, two who died young and are no longer listed on the 1870 census.    The children of John and Lutitia were; Isaac H born 30-Jan-1853, John W born ca 1854, Mary E born 5-Feb-1855, Martha A born ca 1858 and William S born 9-May-1860.
    Lutitia Shively and children Isaac, Mary and William are still in Harrison County, Missouri, Union Township in 1870.  By 1880 there have been several changes with the family.  Lutitia and sons have moved to Sedgwick County, Kansas, Sherman Township between 1870 and 1880.  Isaac had married Hannah (last name unknown) and had a son Jessie.  The daughter of John M and Lutitia married George B  Fuller and is found in Butler County, Kansas, Bruno Township. 
    From the 1895 Kansas State Census it is known that Lutitia is living in Sedgwick County, Kansas, Illinois Township with son, William S, who is now married to Adaline Coberly.  Adaline Coberly was the daughter of Isaac Neal Coberly and Mary Florine Sullivan.  In 1895, William and Adaline have two sons, Lloyd born Aug 1887 and Ernest born 18-Mar-1890.      Lutitia Shively’s son, Isaac H., died in Sedgwick County in 1892.    
    The two children of John M Shively and Lutitia Buntin continue to migrate west and by 1910 are found in Fresno County, California.   William S and Adaline Shively are in the 14th Judicial Township, Mendocina Precinct.  Lutitia  Shively is living with daughter, Mary E Shively Fuller, in the town of Fowler, California, Fourth Township.  Lutitia Buntin Shively died in Fresno County, California on 18-July-1910 and was buried in the Fowler Cemetery.
    John M. Shively served in the Civil War as a private in the 35 Regiment of Missouri Volunteers, Company A commanded by Captain Fitch. He entered service in September-1862 and at that time he states he lived in Eagleville, Harrison County, Missouri. John died on 22-March-1863 at Helena, Missouri from measles and other diseases unknown contracted while in military service.  Widow, Lutitia Shively, filed for a widows Civil War pension in Harrison County, Missouri on 28-April-1863.   Rebecca Adair and Sarah J Thompson  were witnesses to the signing of the pension form by Lutitia.
Considerable additional documentation was provided with the application for the pension.  In the documentation papers is a hand written copy of the marriage certificate for John M Shively and Lutitia. 
Included in the papers are signed statements regarding the birth of the children of  John Shively and Lutitia Buntin:
State of Indiana)
County of Davis)    Before me the undersigned a Clerk of Circuit Court within and for said Davis County personally came Elizabeth Shively who is well known to me and being by me duly sworn upon her oath states that she was personally acquainted with John M. Shively and Lutitia Shively and who left this County to move to Missouri in the year 1855.  That I was present when said Lutitia Shively was confined on or about the 30th day of January A.D. 1853 when she gave birth to a male child which was named Isaac H. Shively.  That said John M. Shively and Lutitia Shively lived together as husband and wife.  That Isac J. Parsons was attending physician when said Lutitia was  confined and that said Parsons is now deceased.   This officiant further states she has no interest either directly or  indirectly in any application by the heirs of said John M. Shively for a pension.
                                            Elizabeth Shively

    In the papers concerning the widows pension is an Application For Reimbursement from Mary E Fuller, daughter, at the death of her mother Lutitia Shively.    
                 State of California)
                 County of Fresno)    On the 21st day of September, A.D., one thousand nine hundred and ten personally appeared before me, a Notary Public, within and for the County and State aforesaid, Mary E. Fuller, aged fifty-four years, a resident of  Fowler, County of Fresno, State of California, who, being duly sworn according to law, makes the following declaration in order to obtain reimbursement from the accrued pension for expenses paid (or obligation incurred) by claimant for the last sickness and for the burial of Lutitia Shively who was a pensioner of the United States by certificate No. 22985 on account of the service of her husband John M. Shively as private in Co. “A” 35 Regt. Missouri Vols…………..Pensioners last sickness began in January 1906….Pensioner was nursed by Mary E. Fuller who states her mother lived with her constantly for the last 7 years….the pensioner died at the home of her daughter, Mary E. Fuller on 18-July-1910 and was buried in Fowler Cemetery, Fresno County, California.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Levi Shively And Rebecca Wallace Of Lawrence County, Ohio

Levi Shively and Rebecca Wallace
     A recent query was made by a family member looking for information on Robert Shively who married Marjorie Bonen.  A newspaper announcement of the wedding of this couple was located in The Star, Marion, Ohio, Wednesday June 2, 1943, Page 4, Column 2.    The information in the wedding announcement prompted a census search for Marion County, Ohio.  On the 1930 census of Marion County, Ohio, Marion City in the household of Henry Hecker was found the family of Fred Shively age 32, wife Margaret age 30, son Robert age 11 and son Richard age 7.  On the 1920 census of Marion County, Ohio, Marion City is listed the family of Fred Shively age 22, wife Marguerite age 20 and son Robert age 11 months. In this household is listed Henry Hecker age 19, and identified as a brother-in-law.   A search of the 1910 census records for  Fred Shively and his parents was successful.  Located on the 1910 Lawrence County, Ohio, Mason township was listed the family of Monroe Shively age 38, wife Annie age 40, son Freddie age 10, son Enos age 9, son Emery age 6, son Wallace age 4 and son Steward age 1yr and 11 months.  From the census records of 1900 Lawrence County, Ohio, Mason Township is located Monroe Shively born March 1872, wife Annie born August 1871 and son Fred born August 1899.  A couple of entries prior to this family is the family of Levi Shively born March 1845, wife Rebecca born October 1844, daughter Alice M born March 1874, son Alzo born June 1876, son Fred born March 1879, son William born February 1881, son Ora born 1883 and son Oliver born October 1887.  To further verify the lineage of this family located on the 1880 Lawrence County, Ohio, Mason Township is the family of Levi Shively age 35, wife Rebecca age 35, son Alonzo age 10, son Monroe age 8, daughter Alice age 6, son Alzo age 4, son Frederic age 1 and father-in-law Preston Wallace age 77.
       From an unidentified and yellowed newspaper obituary the following information can be learned about Levi Shively:  "Levi Shively was born in Columbiana county, Ohio, March 30, 1845 and died Jan. 23, 1912, age 66 years, 9 months and 23 days.    His parents moved to Gallia county when he was two years of age.  When he was eighteen years old he enlisted in Company L, 12th Ohio volenteer cavalry, and served two years and one month.     He was married March 2, 1868, to Rebecca Wallace.  To this union was born 9 children, all of whom survive him, except Alzo and an infant child deceased.    In 1868 he removed to Lawrence county near Wilgus, where he resided until his death.
        Mr. Shively was a man of strong character and a firm believer in all doctrines of right. This he sought to instill in the minds of his children.  His advice to them was ever of good and right, and especially did he encourage them to earnestness in church work and all public institutions for good.
       His illness was of long duration.  For six years he was unable to do any work, but for the last two months he was confined to his bed.  His suffering was long and severe, yet he bore it all with patience, and during his sickness he gave evidence of the hope he had in christian faith.
         He leaves to mourn his loss a wife and the following children:  Alonzo, Monroe, Alice, Fred, William, Ora and Oliver all of Wilgus, besides the following brothers and sister; David Shively of Alice, O., Mrs. Emily Coy of Vinton, Ohio, Mrs. Mary Clark, of Columbus, Ohio, and Andrew Shively of Baltimore, Ohio."