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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Earl Shively, Son Of Henry Shively And Catherine Sarabelle Salade, Ohio County, West Virginia

The following article was located in The Wheeling Register, Wheeling, West Virginia, Tuesday, December 1, 1896, Page 5, Column 3:
Died From Lockjaw
Yesterday afternoon, Earl, the sixteen-year-old son of Henry Shively, pressman at the Staats Zeitung, who lives at No. 87 Zane street, died of lockjaw.  About two weeks ago he accidentally ran a rusty nail in his foot.  The matter was not given the proper medical attention at the time and in a short time afterward the wound healed up sufficiently to permit the boy to go out and walk around.  There was no thought that the matter would terminate seriously, but several days ago he was taken very ill and physician sent for.  He grew worse, however, until a few days ago his jaws became perfectly locked and rigid.  Not a particle of food could be passed through his mouth and death came as a relief to his sufferings.

Located in The Wheeling Register, Wednesday, December 2, 1896, Page 4, Column 6:
SHIVELY – On Monday, November 30, 1896, at 4:20 p.m., Earl, oldest son of Henry C and Belle S. Shively, aged 15 years and 11 months.  Funeral services at parents residence, No. 77 Zane street, this (Wednesday) afternoon at 2 o’clock. Friends of the family respectfully invited to attend.  Interment at Penninsula cemetery.

The family of Henry and Belle Shively are recorded on the 1900 Ohio County, Wheeling, West Virginia census record.  Listed in the household are: Henry born February 1859, wife Belle born March 1855, son William born February 1884, son George born February 1894, and daughter Myrtle born April 1887.  Henry and Belle were also listed on the 1910 and 1920 Ohio County, West Virginia census records.

Ohio death certificates were located for both Henry Shively and Catherine Sarabelle Salade Shively.  Henry C Shively was born 16-February-1860 in Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio and died on 11-May-1941 in Bellaire, Belmont County, Ohio and buried in the Penninsula cemetery. Henry’s occupation is listed as a printer. His parents are listed as Daniel Shively born in Cambridge, Ohio and Hannah Moore born in Cambridge, Ohio.
Catherine Sarabelle Salade Shively was born 10-March-1854 in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia and died on 4-March-1941 in Bellaire, Belmont County, Ohio and buried in the Pennisula cemetery.  Her parents are listed as John Salade born in Germany and Christina Hendrix born in Germany.

West Virginia death records were located for both Daniel Shively and Hannah Jane Moore Shively.  Daniel Shively was born on 27-May-1815 and died on 29-November-1898, Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia and buried in the Penninsula cemetery .  His parents are listed as John born in PA and Mary born in PA.   Hannah Jane Moore Shively was born on 23-May-1829 in Greene County, Pennsylvania and died 25-October-1909 in Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia and buried in the Penninsula cemetery.  Her parents are listed as Samuel Moore born in “Old Virginia” and Elizabeth Sharff born in “Old Virginia”. 

Daniel Shively was the son of John Shively born 1788 died 11-September-1868 in Guernsey County, Ohio and Mary Sphar born about 1795 and died 6-May-1882 in Claysville, Guernsey County, Ohio.

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