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Friday, August 24, 2012

Harvey Hefelbower Shively, From Cumberland County And Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

Harvey Hefelbower Shively was born in March 1871 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  He was the son of Simon Shively (born 14-Apr-1833 died 10-Oct-1896) and Rosanna Hefelbower (born 13-Sep-1829 died 17-Dec-1907).  Simon Shively was the son of David Shibley (Shively) who was born 30-Oct-1805 Perry County, PA died 30-Mar-1876 Cumberland County, PA and wife Elizabeth Clay who was born 17-Aug-1805 died 3-Sep-1854.  

The family of Simon and Rosanna Shively are listed on the 1880 Cumberland County, Newville Borough, PA census.  In the household are Simon age 47, wife Rosana age 50, daughter Florence Bell age 16, son William David age 14, daughter Laura Katherine age 13, son Harvey H age 8.  Florence Shively was married 23-Oct-1888 to John Milton Landis.  William Shively was married in May-1899 to Salina Susanne Hess.  Laura was married in 1897 to Amagiah L. Weaver.

The marriage for Harvey H. Shively and Ella R. Michael is located in Dauphin County, PA Marriage License Docket Volume 2 M, 1906.  They were married on 25-June-1906.  Harvey was 35 years old, parents Simon and Rosa, his 1st marriage, and occupation of carpenter.  Ella was 34 years old,  her 2nd marriage with her previous husband having died "6 years ago".    Their marriage was recorded in The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA, Wednesday, June 27, 1906, Page 6, Column 4:
Harvey Shively and Miss Ella R. Michael, both of this city, were married on Monday evening at the parsonage of Salem Reformed Church by Rev. Ellis N. Kremer, pastor.  They left shortly after the ceremony on a trip to Philadelphia, New York and Buffalo and on their return will reside in this city.

In The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA, Saturday, April 25, 1914, Page 15, Column 2:
Man Wants Any Kind Of Job And Carpenter Work To Do.
                                                          H. H. Shively, Lucknow, PA

The following article appeared in The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA, Saturday, August 28, 1920, Page 1, Column 7:
Searching For Brother Lost For Five Years
William D. Shively of Longsdorf whose brother has been lost for five years, yesterday addressed an appeal to THE PATRIOT asking that he be given aid in his search.  His brother is Harvey H. Shively.  He was last heard from in Harrisburg about five years ago.  He was working here then as a carpenter.

In a related article from The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA, Thursday, January 13, 1921, Page 11, Column 2:
Seek Lost Brother
A "lost" brother, Harvey H. Shively, has been sought for over a year without success by relatives.  His brother, William D. Shively, who died on January 4 and was buried last Friday had long searched him.  William Shively lived in Dickinson and was ill only two hours before he died.  Other survivors are his wife and a son, Lester; and two sisters, Mrs. J. M. Landis,  of Brooklyn, and Mrs. A. L. Weaver, of Newville.

In Steelton, Dauphin County, PA in December 1915 Nicolo Kotur and Joso Bakic got into an argument.  Joso Bakic was found dead outside of the boarding house where they lived.   There are numerous articles in The Patriot relating to this murder.   In The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA, Tuesday, February 15, 1916, Page 1, Column 4  an article appeared that lists Harvey Shively as being present at the trial.  Not only was he present but as the article states he was pulled from being a spectator to being a member of the jury.  The article records:
At this point court adjourned.
Two spectators who entered the court room early yesterday afternoon did not get home last night.  They are Harvey H. Shively and William Metzgar, who were locked up with the rest of the jurors as the “guests” of Sheriff Caldwell.  They were picked from the audience after the regular panel had been exhausted. The other ten on the Kotur jury are:  John M. Madden, Millersburg, foreman; Joseph G. Beckwith, Seventh ward, city; George E. Eldridge, Ninth ward, city; Charles K. Hess, First ward, city; Henry W. Snyder, Ninth ward, city; Joseph Lutz, Thirteenth ward, city; Walter Liebfield, Derry township; Alpha Fraut, Steelton; John Dubbs, Hershey; and A. B. Gardner, city.

From the following article it is recorded that Harvey Shively and  fellow jurors found Nicholo Kotur guilty of first degree murder:
The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA, Thursday, February 17, 1916, Page 1, Column 3:
Guilty Of Murder In First Degree
Kotur, Angered At Verdict Of Jury, Becomes Sarcastic In Remarks
Nicholo Kotur will be the first person from Dauphin county to die in the electric chair, unless means can be found by his lawyers to stay the penalty for murder in the first degree, the verdict returned by a jury late yesterday afternoon after little more than an hour’s deliberation.  He was convicted of killing Joso Bakic, a fellow-countryman, in a Steelton boarding house last December 22.
As the jurors, one by one, solemnly pronounced the word “guilty” the first trace of emotion he has shown since his arrest stirred in Kotur.  The three days’ trial was utterly devoid of anything dramatic on his part, and the impression grew that he was ignorant of English.  But at its conclusion the doomed man sprang to his feet.
Hot With Anger
“Thank you, Mr. Jurors,” he cried in accents that rang clearly over a tense courtroom.
His voice vibrated and his face colored with hot passion.  Hs head dipped quickly in the mockery of a bow.
Under the scorn and hatred blazing in his narrow eyes a few jurors turned red.  Then he strode toward (continued on Page 12, Column 6)  the door was was led back to his cell across the alley, composed once more.  On his way he remarked simply to Deputy Sheriff Hoffman: “Good-bye, everybody.  I go chair all right, all for notting.”

Nicholo Kotur was given a second trial and in December 16, 1916 he was found guilty once more.  From The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA, Tuesday,  October 2, 1917, Page 5, Column 3:

Kotur Paye Death Penalty In Chair
Nicolo Kotur, convicted of the murder of Joso Bakic at Steelton on Christmas 1915, yesterday paid the penalty in the electric chair at the Center County Penitentiary.  He was electrocuted at 7:10 a.m.

Could it be that Harvey Shively being involved in this trial had something to do with the fact that he seems to have "been lost" to his family?  Harvey and wife Ella are listed on the 1910 Dauphin County, PA, city of Harrisburg census. Harvey or Ella could not be located on the 1920 census records. It appears that Harvey H. Shively may have relocated to Jefferson County, OH.  Located on the 1930 Jefferson County, Ohio, Village of Toronto, Island Creek Township, 405 Main Street is an entry for Harvey H Shively, age 50, widowed, occupation Carpenter, Furniture and in the household is John Armour, a roomer, age 61, single, occupation as a Laborer for a steel mill.  There is an Ohio death certificate for a Harvey Shively, age 66, who died in Jefferson County, Ohio on 1-July-1937.  He is listed as living in the "Jefferson County Home".  The informant for the information on the death certificate was L. W. Adrian, Superintendent of the Jefferson County Home.  Harvey's birth information and parents were listed as unknown.  

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