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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Naomi Shively, Daughter Of Henry Shively And Keziah LaBoyteaux, From Henry County, Indiana

Naomi Shively (Photo album of Dennis and Nancy Shively)
Naomi Shively, the daughter of Henry Shively and Keziah (Kesiah) LaBoyteaux, was born in Henry County, IN.  She was born February-1843 and died in Henry County, IN January-1912.  
The following newspaper article was located in the Goshen Mid Week News-Times, Goshen, IN, Tuesday, January 9, 1912, Page 3, Column 2:  Miss Naomi Shively, 68, of Newcastle, died of grief, following the death of her companion of a half century, Mrs. Sarah A. R. Boor.
The following census records give more detail on the life of Naomi Shively:  1870 Henry Co., IN, Henry Township, Newcastle; William F. Boor age 50, wife Sarah A. R. age 32, son Walter A. age 21, daughter Minnie L. age 12, son Orville L. age 10, domestic servant Naomi Shively age 26;  1880 Henry Co., IN, Henry Township, Newcastle; William F. Boor age 60, wife Sarah A. F. age 42, son Orville L. age 20, servant Naomi Shiveley age 36; 1900 Henry Co., IN, Henry Township, Newcastle; William F. Boor  born June 1819, wife Sarah A. R. born January 1838, servant Naomi Shiveley born February 1845; 1910 Henry Co., IN, Henry Township, Newcastle; Sarah A. Boor age 73 widowed, companion Naomi Shively age 66.  

The following article was extracted from The News-Times, Goshen, IN, Friday, November 3, 1911, Page 4, Column 6:
Cuts Off Son In Will
Mrs. Sarah Boor Wills Property To Nephew And Companion
Newcastle, Ind., Nov. 1----The will of the late Sarah A. R. Boor, prominent in the affairs of the Christian church in Indiana and of Bethany assembly, filed for probate in the circuit court, entirely cuts off her son, Dr. Orville Boor of Muncie, the will not even mentioning his name.  It is understood that Mrs. Boor became angered at her son when she gave $15,000 to the Christian Women's Board of Missions two years ago and he tried to prevent her from giving away the money.
The will gives the bulk of her property to W. E. M. Browne, a nephew, and provides for a companion, Naomi Shiveley.

An additional item regarding the will of Sarah A. R. Boor was located in the Indianopolis Star, Wednesday, November 1, 1911, Page 9, Column 5:
Son Files Suit To Set Aside Will Of Mother
Document Filed For Probate In Newcastle Cuts Him Off Without Cent
Newcastle, Ind., Oct. 31 -- Within twenty-four hours after the will of his mother, Mrs. Sarah A. R. Boor, which cut him off without a cent of her $50,000 estate and did not even mention his name, had been filed for probate in the Circuit Court, Dr. Orville Boor of Muncie, the only son and heir, filed suit to contest the will.  Boor asks the court to set the will aside on the grounds that his mother was of unsound mind when it was executed, that the will was unduly executed and that it was executed under the duress and by fraud and under influence.  Prof. William M. E. Brown, a nephew and music teacher of prominence of this city, is the principal beneficiary of the will and is made executor without bond, and he, with the other beneficiaries, Elizabeth Brown, a sister of Mrs. Boor, Naomi Shively, a companion, and the city of Newcastle to which Mrs. Boor willed her North Main street home as a public hospital, are made defendants to the suit.

This article was located in the Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, January 23, 1912, Page 4, Column 2:
Upholds Son's Contention
Newcastle Jude Grants Share In Estate Left By Mother
Newcastle, Ind., Jan. 22 -- By a ruling in the Circuit Court, Dr. Orville L. Boor, a Muncie veterinary surgeon, will share in the $50,000 estate of his mother, Mrs. Sarah A. R. Boor, who died here several weeks ago.  Dr. Boor was not mentioned in his mother's will, and brought suit to contest.  Judge Jackson upheld him, and the will, making numerous bequests, will not be probated.  The will gave the city the elegant Boor homestead for a hospital.  Some time prior to her death Mrs. Boor gave $15,000 to the Christian Women's Board of Missions, and later, when she began giving her property away, a guardian was appointed.  In the will Prof. W. E. M. Browne, a nephew of this city, was the principal beneficiary.

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