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Friday, December 27, 2013

Civil War Pension Of Samuel Shively - Claimed By His Mother, Barbara Kibler Shively Spellman

Samuel Shively was born in Ohio ca. 1844.  He was the son of Abraham Shively (born ca. 1815, died 24-Dec-1861) and Barbara Kibler (born ca. 1817, died 16-Dec-1899).  His mother, Barbara, married a second time on 14-Sep-1871 in Allen County, Ohio to David Spellman. Barbara Kibler Shively Spellman filed for divorce from David Spellman in Allen County, Ohio in 1891. Abraham Shively was the son of Jacob Shively, born 1793 and died 1861 in Allen County, Ohio and Anna (last name unknown) who was born 1789.  Abraham Shively descends from the Durs Schaublin line of the Canton of Baselland, Switzerland.  Records of the children of Abraham Shively and Barbara Kibler are found, for the most part, in Allen County and Hardin County, Ohio.

The children of Abraham and Barbara Shively were: Adam born 1840, Isaac born 1842, Samuel born 1844, Daniel born 1846, Lucinda born 1849, Caroline born 1851, Solomon born 1852 and Jemima born 1855.   Abraham and Barbara are listed on the 1850 VanBuren Township, Hancock County, Ohio census record.  The family moved to Allen County, Ohio where they are found on the 1860 census record in Richland Township.   In 1870 Barbara and the children remaining at home are found in Jackson Township, Allen County.

Civil War records show that Samuel, Adam and Isaac served on the Union side in Company G, 57th Infantry Regiment,  of Ohio.  Adam and Isaac are both recorded as enlisting on 9-November-1861.  Adam mustered out on 12-June-1865 at Camp Chase, Ohio.  There is a Civil War pension file by Adam's wife, Lavina, for their "helpless child" Daniel R. Shively.  Isaac mustered out on 15-December-1864 at Louisville, KY.   Samuel enlisted on 27-October-1862.  He died "of disease" on 28-February-1863 at Young's Point,  LA.  Samuel's mother, Barbara, filed for a Civil War pension under his name.  Daniel enlisted in the 130th Indiana Infantry and served in the ranks for a period of three years.  He was twice wounded, an injury to his head causing him pain up to the day of this death.

Back portion of post card mentions Samuel Shively

At the left is the writing contained on the back of a post card which contains the pictures of Jemima Shively and her brother Daniel Shively.  "Jemmia Shivley before married. Dan Shivley in Civil war.  3 other Brothers in Civil War - Isaac, Adam, Sam Shively in Civil War - (Sam died in Civil War, died of measles - buried on southern soil)

Extracts from the Civil War pension claim by Barbara Kibler Shively Spellman:
War of 1861        Claim For Mother’s Pension           WC127812
Brief in the case of Barbara Shively, Mother of Samuel Shively, Pri. G. 57th Ohio Vol., resident of Allen County, and State of Ohio
Post Office address:  Herring, Ohio
Declaration And Identification In Due Form
Proof Exhibited
SERVICE:  The Adjt. Gen. Reports muster Oct. 27, 1862 and death February 28, 1863, at Young’s Point, La., of chronic diarrhea.  Surgeon General reports death by congestive fever.  Officer testifies soldier entered hospital for measles and diarrhea contracted in line of duty.

Competent witnesses testify that soldier was son of claimant, that he left no widow nor child, that her husband died in 1861, that she has and had no property nor means, that from the time of husband’s death solider provided claimant a home, furnished her food and clothing and entirely supported her, and after enlistment give her $100.

AGENT:  Robert Mahaffey, Herring, Ohio
Admitted April 9, 1869, to a pension of $8.00 per month, commencing February 28, 1863

Mother’s Claim For Pension
The State of Ohio, County of Allen, SS
On this 10th day of June, A.D., 1868, personally appeared before me Cha M Hughes, Probate Judge, a Court of Record within and for said County, Barbara Shively, aged 48 years, a resident of Ada, in the County of Hardin, and State of Ohio, who, being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefits of the provisions made by the act of Congress approved July 14, 1862.  That she is the widow of Abraham Shively, deceased, and mother of Samuel Shively, deceased, who was a Private, in Company G, commanded by Captain Wilson, in the 57th Regiment of Ohio Vols, commanded by Colonel Wm. Wungen in the war of 1861, who died at Youngs Point, La of measles February 28, 1863 while in the line of duty in the service of the United States.

Jemima Shively and Daniel Shively
Jemima Shively was a brother to Samuel Shively.  She married Isaac Peoples.
Claim for pension State of Ohio County of Allen
No. 127.812
In the matter of pension claim No 127.812 of Barbra Shively now Spellman, mother of Samuel Shively deceased   Private Co G 57th Regt Ohio Inf Vols
On this the 29 Day of Jan 1892 personally appeared before me a Notary Public in and for said county and state aforesaid duly authorized to administer oaths
Isaac Peoples aged 37 years
Jemima Peoples aged 36 years
Whose post office address are Alger (P.O.) Hardin County, Ohio who being duly sworn in relative to above claim:  that they been personally and intimentely acquainted with Barbra Shively now Spellman for the past 18 years and (know) that they have kept claimant for the past 5 years and that the claimant is the mother of Jemima Peoples, on of the affiants and they also further declare and swear that the claimant has nothing financially to support herself with and she is weak and totally broken down and totally disabled from the performance of manual labor and that she is 75 years old and totally blind.  We also remember that she is the mother of Samuel Shively deceased who was a member Co. G 57 Regt Ohio Inft Vols.  We also remember that the claimant drew a pension at $8 dollars per month on the death of her son Samuel Shively deceased  Also one of the affiants  Jemima Peoples is a sister to the deceased soldier.  About 5 years ago David Spellman left the claimant and since that time she has been kept by us as she had no means of support except from what we gave her and other relatives and friends   we also know that the claimant is divorced from said David Spellman by the Court of Allen County Ohio therefore she is free and unmarried at this time and living with us and we are caring and providing for her support to keep her from going to the County infirmary.  We further declare that we know the facts by reason of keeping and taking care of said Barbra Shively now Spellman the claimant
Isaac Peoples
Jemima Peoples

Isaac Shively was a brother to Samuel Shively and served in the same unit as Samuel Shively.
Claim No 127.812                            State of Ohio   County of Allen  S.S.
Of Barbra Shively                             in the matter of pension
Now Spellman                                  Claim No 127.812  of
Mother of Samuel Shively               Barbra Shively now Spellman, mother of
deceased                                           Samuel Shively deceased late Private
                                                            Co. G. 57th Regt. Ohio Inft Vols
On this the 29th of January A.D. 1892 personally appeared before me a Notary Public in and for said Co and State duly authorized to administer oaths
Isaac Shiveley  Aged 49 years
Whose Post Office address is Herring P.O.       Allen County, Ohio   who is credible and entitled to Credit who states in regard to said Claim for pension that he is a son of claimant:  that he was a member of Co. G. 57th Regt Ohio Inft Vols that the deceased soldier died in front of Vicksburgh Miss in 1863 from measles. He also states this that his mother Barbra Shiveley now Spilman the claimant in 75 years old and feeble and blind and that she is totally disabled from the performance of manuel labor and totally unable to support herself without the aid of friends as she has nothing financially to support herself and if it would not be for her daughter she would be a charge for the County infirmary:  he also states the claimant drew a pension on her son who died at Vicksburgh Miss who was a member Co. G. 57 Regt O.V.I. at the rate of $8. Dollars per month on Certificate No. 127.812 at Cin & Columbus Ohio Agencies prior to remaring David Spilman and about 5 years ago the said Spillman left claimant destitute and she remains the same at this time: And from what he has learned the claimant has been granted a divorce from said David Spillman and is now a free woman: and single
He states he knows the facts from seeing his mother and living close to her ever since 1865.  He also states he has no interest either direct or indirect to the prosecution of this claim for pension
State Of Ohio               Isaac Shively late Private Co. G. 57th Regt Ohio Inft Vols
Co. Of Allen            Sworn to and subscribed to before me this 29 day of January. I also certify that I have no interest either direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim.  I also certify that affiant is a credible and entitled to credit
                                                                                          Jeremiah Bechtel
See certificate on                                                           Notary Public
file at pension office                                                      Allen County Ohio
Washington D.C.

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