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Friday, August 22, 2014

Thomas Shively And Wife Catherine Seigle Who Lived In Ingham County, Michigan

Thomas Shively was born ca 1822 in Ohio and died 4-Mar-1904 in Ingham County, Michigan. (When researching this lineage the surname is spelled Shively, Shiveley and Shivley in the records). He was married to Catherine Seigle (Siegel) who was the daughter of Fredrick Seigle and first name unknown Sadler.  Catherine was born 1-Sep-1824 in Germany and died 24-Apr-1899 in Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan.  Thomas and Catherine Shively are buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan.

Thomas and Catherine Shively are listed in the 1850 Union township District No. 48, Hancock County, Ohio census with sons Daniel age 5 and Levi age 1.  The family is recorded in the 1860 Meridian, Ingham County, Michigan census as Thomas Shiveley, age 38, wife Catharine age 35, son Daniel age 14, son Levi age 12, daughter Elizabeth age 9, daughter Sarah age 7, son John age 5, son George age 3 and daughter Alice age 4 months and John Wirts age 38.  The family is listed on the 1870 1st Ward of Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan census with additional children being daughter Alice age 9, son Andrew age 7 and daughter Frances age 5.  In 1880 Thomas and Catherine are still living in Lansing Ingham County, Michigan.

There is a report of a law suit recorded in the National Reporter System -State Series, The Northwestern Reporter , Volumn 136, June 7-August 12, 1912, St Paul, West Publishing Company, 1912:  "The case involved a claim presented by Joseph W. Stockwell against the estate of Mary E. Reid, deceased.  The claimant and deceased were formerly husband and wife, having been married on the 5th day of May, 1879.  The lived together until some time in the year 1900.  They were subsequently divorced on a bill of complaint filed by the wife on January 7, 1901, in the circuit court for Benzie County, in chancery.  At the time of the decree of divorce was granted, claimant had been arrested and was thereafter tried in the circuit court for the county of Genesee for the crime of conspiracy and sentenced to the state prison at Jackson on or about the 22nd day of January, 1903.  In the month of May, 1905, Mary E. Stockwell was remarried to a many by the name of Reid with whom she lived but a short time; she having been killed in the month of August of the same year leaving a last will and testament.  
The law suit involved the issue of an insurance policy from the Royal Arcanum Insurance Association.   The claimant offered testimony showing that Thomas Shivley, the father of deceased, was insured in the association above stated.  The date of the policy was September 2, 1881, and the amount was $3,000.  The original beneficiary was Catharine Shivley, the wife of the insured.  The beneficiary was changed November 28, 1886 to Andrew J. Shively, son; and again in August, 1891, to Catharine Shivley two-thirds, and Andrew Thomas Shivley, grandson, one-third.  It was changed again November 7, 1894, to Andrew T. Shivley, grandson, $1,000, Mary H. Stockwell, daughter, $2,000.  It was changed on March 27, 1895, to Mary E. Stockwell, daughter, $3,000.  That was the last change, and Mary E. Stockwell was the beneficiary at the time of the death of Thomas Shivley, which occurred March 4, 1904.     The report is full of good genealogy information.

From the Ingham County, Michigan death certificate for Catharine Seigle Shively it is listed she was the parent of 13 children, with 7 children living in 1899.  Additional information on nine of the thirteen children include:  1) Daniel born 27-Oct-1845 died 5-Apr-1874, buried in Mount Hope Cemetery.  The tombstone reads "s/o Thomas & Catherine Shiveley, loved one, "a loved one has gone from our circle, on earth we will meet him no more.  He has gone to his home in heaven, and all his afflictions are 'oer"  2)  Levi born 1848 died 1923 who married Carrie A last name unknown born 1848 died 1939 buried in Mount Hope Cemetery 3) Mary Elizabeth born 1851 died 1905 buried in Mount Hope Cemetery 4) Sarah E died Aug-1905 married 1st Joseph W. Stockwell, 2nd Mr. Reid   5) John W born 18-Mar-1855 died 10-Jul-1913 in Gilmore, Benzie County, Michigan   6) George N born 1857 died 1930  7)  Alice Martha born 23-Aug-1859, died 24-Jul-1939 in Flint, Genesee County, Michigan, married 12-Jun-1882 to John C Reichert  8) Andrew J born 1862 died 1891 and 9) Frances A born Jun-1866, died 1935, married 24-Dec-1885 to Thomas Henry Sedina. 

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