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Saturday, October 8, 2016

William Beaser Shively I And Wife Caroline Gould Winemiller Who Lived In Humboldt County, California

Shively, California (formerly known as Bluff Prairie and Paradise) is an unincorporated community in Humboldt County, California. It is 2.25 miles north-northwest of Redcrest, California  and about 40 miles south of Eureka, California on the right bank of the Eel River. William B. Shively was an early pioneer in this area and is the individual the community is named after.  An article on William Beaser Shively can be found on the Shively Blog written on Saturday July 23, 2011.

The Shively researchers are very fortunate that the great grandson of William B. Shively I, John W. Hoeft, has shared his research.  The blog this week is from Mr. Hoeft’s research for which he must be given the credit and big thank you of appreciation.

William Beaser Shively I
William Shively was the first son born 29-June-1829 in Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio to Daniel and Elizabeth Shively.  William had three brothers and a sister. The 1859 census listed William as a Wagon Maker. William and his brother, James, traveled from Ohio to California via wagon. They first arrived in Chico, CA then to the gold fields in Weaverville, Trinity County, California.

On 11-July-1853 William Shively appeared before a Justice of the Peace in the Weaverville Township of Trinity County, California and claimed 160 acres of land in Humboldt County, CA.  On 16-July-1853 the land was recorded by Lewis K. Wood, the recorder for Humboldt County, CA. At 8 ½ AM on 16-July-1853, Book A, Pages 331 and 332, James L. Shively acquired 160 acres at the same time and date.  The land was located at “Eagle Prairie” on the Eel River.

From the recording of land in Humboldt City (Eureka) both Shively’s traveled along the Eel river to Dugan’s Pool, crossed Grizzly Bluff and followed the trail southwest along the Blueslide trail to Eagle Prairie. Upon arrival at Eagle Prairie the brothers felled numerous trees and built a log cabin in the foot hills.

It appears that before 1860 James Shively left for Nevada County, CA. He met and later married Sarah A. Pollard in 1865.

William had grown potatoes and wheat on his property. In 1865 he met a widow with two sons, Charles A. and Joseph F. Winemiller. William married Caroline Gould Winemiller on 25-February-1865 in Humboldt County.  Caroline was the daughter of John Bean Gould, another Humboldt County pioneer. The Shively’s had two children at Eagle Prairie before moving down river to Bluff Prairie. The Shively’s had three children while living at Bluff Prairie.

William was involved with lumber, farming and fruit raising all of his life.  After Caroline’s death William moved to Pepperwood, CA.

William died on 13-August-1894.  He was buried at Hydesville Cemetery next to his wife.

William Beaser Shively I was born 29-Jun-1829 Steubenville, Jefferson County, OH and died 13-Aug-1894 Pepperwood, CA. He is buried at Hydesville California Cemetery. William Beaser Shively I married Caroline Gould Winemiller on 25-Feb-1865. (Caroline Gould had married 1st Joseph Winemiller. They had two sons, Charles A. and Joseph F. Winemiller). Caroline Gould Winemiller Shively was born 1843 in Illinois and died 6-Apr-1888 in Bluff Prairie, CA.

William B. Shively II Taken 1900, Eureka, CA
Children of William Beaser Shively I and Caroline Gould Winemiller Shively include: 1) Abbie Elizabeth Shively born 15-Oct-1865 Eagle Prairie, CA died 19-May-1950 Eureka, CA; married 1st Jasper W. Corning, married 2nd George H. Bland, married 3rd Avon Edwards 2) Daniel Potter Shively born 14-Dec-1867 Eagle Prairie, CA died 29-Dec-1940 Reno, NV; married 1st Mary Eda Sears, married 2nd Alice Rosetta Anderson (Ellis), married 3rd Angeline Marie Baker  3) William Beaser Shively II born 22-Nov-1872 Bluff Prairie, CA died 27-Sep-1940 Eureka, CA; married 1st Winifred Belle Spaulding, married 2nd Adelia Dora Greenlaw  4) Ernest Wesley Shively born 4-Jun-1876 Bluff Prairie, CA died 5-Aug-1921 San Francisco, CA; married 1st Alice R. Wheeler, married 2nd Ada Evelyn Sherburn 5) Maud Evelyn Shively born 26-Jun-1881 Bluff Prairie, CA died 8-May-1932 Crescent City, CA; married 1st Edward Calkins, married 2nd Beecher Jess, married 3rd Charles H Frye. 
Charles Budds
William and Caroline also indentured (adopted) the following Native American children of the Wiyot Tribe living  in the Eagle Prarie, CA area: 1) Ben, possibly Brigham – nothing is known about Ben. The 1860 census indicates his age as 9 years old which would put his birth about 1851  2) Charles Budds born in Eagle Prairie about 1851 to Indian Pete, died 21-Mar-1916 Bluff Prairie, CA, buried Bull Creek, CA, Shively Family Burial Plot. (After William B. Shively’s death in 1894 Charles Budds lived with Charles Winemiller. In 1900 Charles Budds lived with Daniel Shively on his ranch in Bluff Prairie, CA. Eventually Charles lived with William B. Shively II on the family ranch until his death in 1916).


  1. This is all very interesting reading. I have recently discovered that I am likely a descendant of Wm. B Shively. With a twist. Two of my ggg-grandmothers were Native American women born in Humboldt County. One in 1855 and the other in 1868. Bertha, born in 1855, is the most likely connection given her year of birth. DNA shows that I share a likely 3 x's ggg-grandparent with a brother and sister who are direct descendants of Wm. B. Shively. As an added bit of mystery, this Bertha married a man named Frederick Wilder of Maine, whose mother was a Brigham (Bridgham) and one of his sons was named Ben. Now, I am not yet aware of any connection through that last bit, just an interesting genealogical mystery at this point. Thank you for the great read :-) Marianne

    1. Marianne...Please send me an e-mail at Thank you.

  2. In the 1860 census, Charles is listed with William B Shively, but Brigham is listed under Charles W Richards, 36,born in Pennsylvania. Listed under Richards are two other young Native Americans, Samuel, 15, and James, 19. My Great-Great -Grandfather James A. Harris also lived in this household. He would go on to marry Abigail Ann Gould, Caroline's sister. The men seem to have been batching in the same cabin in 1860.