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Sunday, October 30, 2016

William Shively And Wife Nancy Demoss Who Lived In Lee County And Marion County, Iowa

Help is needed with the the research regarding William Shively and wife Nancy Demoss who lived in Iowa.  If anyone would have additional information on these families a Shively reasearcher working on the lineage would appreciate your help. Following is what information can be found.

William C. Schively, age 24, and Miss Nancy Demoss, age 17, were married in Lee County, Iowa by Lyman Young, JP on 27-Jan-1848.  Located on the 1850, 28 Division, Lee County, Iowa census is the household of William Shivley age 25, wife Nancy age 19, and son John age 1.  The household listed before William Shivley is Peter Demoss age 27, wife Arenia age 23, daughter Polly age 6, son Thomas age 5, daughter Nancy age 3 and daughter Mahala age 1.  Listed on the 1860 Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa census is the household of William Shively, wife Nancy age 26, son John age 11, daughter Mary J age 9, daughter Lucy age 4.  Found on the 1870 Polk Township, Marion County, Iowa is the household of William Shively, wife Nancy age 37, son John age 20, daughter Mary Jane age 16, daughter Lucinda age 14, daughter Charlotte age 10, son James age 9,  Marion County, Iowa census is the household of William Shively age 56, wife Nancy age 48, son James age 18, and daughter Prudy age 16. Listed after William Shively is the household of Charles Demoss age 46, wife Elizabeth age 47, son John age 24, son Charles age 22, daughter Mary age 17, son George age 14, son Othe age 12, and three other sons.  Nancy Shively is listed as a widow on the 1900 census.  She is located in the household on the 1900 Kane Township, Pottawattamie County, Iowa census at 1105 South 6th Street, Council Bluffs – Nancy Shively born Oct 1831, age 68, widow having given birth to 12 children with 5 living, son James born May 1865, age 35, single, Mary Kennan born Feb 1851, age 49 also a widow and her daughter Daisy Kennan born July 

From the census records 7 of the 12 children of William Shively and Nancy Demoss could be identified.  They are 1) John born 1849 2) Mary Jane born 1851 3) Lucinda born 1856 4) Charlotte “Lottie” born 1860 5) James born 1861  6) Prudy born 1864 and 7) Emily born 1866.  In 1900 Nancy tells the census taker that 5 of her children are still alive. For this article 3 of the 5 could be located.  They are 1) James Shively 2) Charlotte “Lottie” Shively who married James R Frame in Marion County, Iowa on 24-Dec-1881.  James and Lottie left Iowa and moved to Colorado  3)  Lucinda Shively who married David Robinson in Marion County, Iowa on 20-Jan-1875.  David and Lucinda “Lucy” may have lived most of their life in Marion County, Iowa.  

Nancy Demoss Shively died 10-Aug-1908 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa and per this county’s historical society was buried in Fairview Cemetery, Plot Sec. 6 Lot 6, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Please share any additional information you might have regarding these Shively or Demoss families.  Looking to learn who the parents of William Shively might have been, more information regarding the children of William and Nancy Shively, and more information on the parents and siblings of Nancy Demoss.

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  1. Hello, I do not have much information but I am a descendant of David Underwood and Rosanah Jane, who can be found in the US Federal Census for Lee County, Iowa in 1850. Although I do not know Rosanah's maiden name at this time, I do know that she was previously married to a man with the surname Shively, as in David Underwood's will (probated in 1854 in Lee County, Iowa and available on, he leaves part of his estate to his stepson William Shively. I suspect that we both descend from Rosanah, each from one of her marriages.