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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Benjamin Franklin Shively From St. Joseph County Michigan

A Shively cousin received a calendar from the Fleet Reserve Association for 2012. For the month of December there is a view of the U.S.S. Arizona memorial which shows the name of B. F. Shively.  A request was made to see if any information on B. F. Shively could be found.   B .F. Shively's full name was Benjamin Franklin Shively and he was the son of Harry Wilbur Shively and Agnes Martha Albright.  
Benjamin Franklin Shively was a fireman, 1st class, U.S. Navy on the U.S.S. Arizona when the ship was attacked in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  He was on the casualty list and is buried in the Riverside Cemetery, Three Rivers, St. Joseph County, Michigan.  
Also buried in the Riverside Cemetery are his parents.  His father, Harry Wilbur Shively was born on 4-March-1886 in VanBuren County, Michigan and died 12-Aug-1976 in St. Joseph County, Michigan.  His mother, Agnes Martha Albright Shively was born 24-Sep-1888 in Rock County, Wisconsin and died 3-Dec-1966 in St. Joseph County, Michigan.
The family of Harry and Agnes Shively are located on the census records  in 1930 Lockport Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan and 1920 Kalamazoo Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan.  From these records it is known there were at least the following children:   Louise born ca. 1915, Wilbur born ca. 1917, Benjamin born 1919 and James born ca. 1923.
Harry Wilbur Shively is found on the 1900 census records in the household of his parents, Benjamin F Shively born October 1834 and 2nd wife Hattie May Doolittle born June 1863.  The family is located in Laurel, Cedar County, Nebraska.  
Benjamin F Shively born in 1834 was the son of Benjamin Franklin Shively, Sr (1799-1844) and Barbara Asherman (Eshelman) (1809-1887).  Input from Shively researchers indicate that  Benjamin Franklin Shively, Sr may be a twin to Christian Shively (1799-1827).  Further it is believed that Benjamin and Christian were sons of Jacob Shively and Barbara Thomas. The Shively researchers continue to look for documentation to prove this lineage.


  1. I was recently in Hawaii and viewed the USS Arizona. My name is Steve Shively and I noticed there was a B F Shively on the wall of the sailors that died. My Dad was in WW2 and had five buddies that died on the Arizona. They all went in on the buddy plan and my Dad almost joined them but decided to go into the Army Air Corps which was the beginning of the Air Force. I dont know if we are related in any way but I found something that was a pretty good coincidence. My Dad was born in 1923 like james and his sister Maxine was born in 1919 like Benjamine. My Dad Wayne just died a few months ago and never would really talk about the war. He was out in the Pacific for the duration of the war. My Grandfather Elmer was born in 1896 in Indiana. Anyway most likely somewhere down through history our two families were related...

    1. Hello,

      My name is Jeremy Shively and served in the U.S. Navy from 2002-2007. My family is from Illinois and I was wondering if I was related to Benjamin Franklin Shively since all of his family was from Michigan and Wisconsin. Would be cool to check out. My father is Walter Eugene Shively born July 3, 1957 in Illinois.

    2. Jeremy, I would really like to work on your Shively genealogy to see if you are related to Benjamin Franklin Shively. I really need one more generation back meaning I need to know the names of the parents of your Dad, Walter Eugene Shively. If you can give me the names of your grandfather and grandmother Shively I will see what I can find.

  2. What proof & verification do you have that Ben Franklin Shively Sr. was the son of John & Elizabeth Dersham Shively? I have documentation which might indicate his father as Jacob & Barbara Thomas Shively. I've also heard that there may be a link to Martin as BF Shively Sr.'s father. I am descended from BF Shively Sr, BF Shively Jr. & Emaline Orilla Hill, William Austin Hill Shively & Eleanore Francis Wendorf, Ralph Homer & Edna Vivian Sword Shively, their daughter Nancy Dawn Shively Haas. I'd be very interested in learning what you know. Thank you. My tree is on, and you can contact me. MicheleStrang77

    1. The Shively researchers would be very interested in learning of your documentation regarding Ben Franklin Shively, Sr being the son of Jacob Shively and Barbara Thomas. From the works I have seen done on Jacob Shively and Barbara Thomas I do not have a son named Ben Franklin Shively. You descend from this line and I believe your research is very important to all the Shively's who descend from this family.
      The documentation used included: 1) 1916 Michigan Death Certificate for Benjamin F. Shively lists Ben Jr parents as Benjamin Shively and Barbara Asherman 2) Lewisburg, PA - John Shively's Will dated 14-June-1854, probated 17-Dec-1862 (Will Book C, Page 43) lists all children except son John who died in 1826 3) Lewisburg, PA - John's executors sell (Book R, Page 184) 4) Union County, PA, (Deed Book K,, Page 120) where John Shively and wife, Elizabeth see land to Abraham Dersham 5) Union County, PA Probate Book C, Page 43....John Shively's children listed....a Benjamin is included in names.
      If you do not have the above documents these were the sources I found listed that helped me establish the lineage I mentioned.
      I do the Shively blog for the love of the Shively history and where many of these Shively lines are not my direct lineage I have to rely on many resources of information. I do make mistakes but try to have resources available to prove my decisions when sharing information.
      Please continue to keep the Shively researchers informed because I believe it is important that the information we pass on to future generations needs to be accurate.

    2. Thank you, Larry. One quick catch I found in just what you've listed above: 2) John Shively's will dated 14 Jun 1854, etc. Benjamin Franklin Shively Sr. was born in 1799 and died in 1844. If John's will is dated 1854, that's 10 years after his son would have died. I think BF Sr. is the son of Jacob & Barbara Thomas, and was a twin to Christian b: 7 Sep 1799. The document I have I received from a distant cousin I found through our Ancestry DNA match. He received it from a woman, Mrs. Eva Peart of Utah, over 30 years ago, back when she would have had to review documents in person, or request copies. I have not yet verified her sources she has listed, but all the dates match up. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I am unable to view documents other than via Ancestry, and many other websites. The document I have is .jpg and I'd like to email it to you. I have been trying for 20 years to give BF Sr. parents/siblings, and I've seen so many others on Ancestry, especially, that just arbitrarily link what someone else has linked, without verifying sources. I have two distant cousins that have also done research, going to Salt Lake, going to OH, PA, IA, IN, etc., and both of them thought BF Sr. could be the son of Martin, Jacob or John. I have ruled out Martin. If you could put me in touch with any Shively researchers who are descended from BF Sr., I'd greatly appreciate it. My email is Thank you.

  3. I responded to this thread some months ago but not understanding how the blog works, I might not have done it correctly.

    Benjamin Franklin Shively From St. Joseph County Michigan was my uncle. I never met him because he left for the Navy before I was born in June, 1941.

    I am James Louis Beck - named after James Shively (my uncle) and Louise Shively (my mother). I have an older brother who remembers Ben and one remaining cousin on the Shively side who knows all of the details of that branch of the Shively family. I will alert both to this blog.

  4. Mr. Beck, The Shively researchers are thrilled to have your response. I know that Michele (see note above) will be especially excited. I do not believe your earlier replies made it on to the blog site and we are glad you tried again! Connecting cousins is the reason I do the blog and am especially pleased you have replied. Thank you again