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Saturday, December 3, 2011

George Rudy Shively From Jefferson County, Kentucky To Pettis County, Missouri

It interests me to think about how many of our ancestors did move and to think of what they had to endure prior to the days of moving vans and interstate highways.  One Shively ancestor that made a move was George Rudy Shively who traveled approximately 450 miles from Jefferson County, Kentucky to  Pettis County, Missouri sometime between 1860 and 1868.
George Rudy Shively was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky on 22-Jan-1847.  He was the son of Christian Shively and Susan Jane Rudy.  Christian Shively was the son of  Henry Shively who was the son of Christian Shively.  This Christian Shively was one of the early settlers in Jefferson County.    It is known that George Shively's uncles, Samuel Rudy and John  Fredrick Rudy, moved to Pettis County, Missouri and that George's mother, Susan Rudy Shively, may have wanted to be close to her brothers and followed them to Missouri.
George Shively and Margaret "Maggie" Wright were married on 22-December-1868 in Pettis County, Missouri.  Maggie Wright was born on 31-May-1850 in Cooper County, Missouri and was the daughter of Andrew M. Wright.   On the 1900 census George and Maggie note there were 3 children born to their union and two children were still alive.  The two children that survived were daughters,  Anna Jane Shively and Susan M. "Susie" Shively.  Anna Jane married Samuel W. Coleman and Susan M. Shively married Frederic "Fred" Benz.  
This Shively family seemed to stay in the Pettis County as there are records from various sources for their passing.  Susan Jane Rudy Shively Powell, mother of George, passed away on 1-September-1887 in Pettis County.   The brother of George, Samuel Shively was born 11-January-1845 in Kentucky and died on 1-December-1863 and buried in Salem Cemetery.  George Rudy Shively died 24-March-1914 in Pettis County.   Margaret "Maggie" Wright Shively died on 5-February-1920.  
George Shively is found on the 1850 and 1860 Jefferson County, Kentucky census records.  By 1870 he has moved to Missouri and is located on the Pettis County, Missouri census record.  George remains on the Pettis County census records in 1880, 1900 and 1910.

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  1. David R and Hannah Shively are buried in a small private cemetery south of Peru on Wallick road. It can be reached by walking a few hundred yards off the road.
    Tom Shively.